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  1. Sorry about that, I've actually updated the steam guide but also forgot to update it here! It's included right now!
  2. causevd

    How to pilot

    Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it. By the way do you know by any chance where we can look for pilots? For example I am driving a 125Tons cargo but none of my friends is online, like is there like a website where people sign up that they can be hired as pilots or? Cheers!
  3. Brief Explanation To be able to drive heavy cargos in multiplayer you need to have downloaded and installed both Multiplayer version and Single player version of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Below I will explain how to install multiplayer version as there's no need to explain on how to install single player version just because in 2 clicks you can install it. But remember! First you need to have installed Single Player and then install the Multiplayer version. Installation of ETS2 MP First of all we need to download the multiplayer client from the following link HERE When you go to truckersmp site you will notice a green button below that says "Download Now" , click on that and it will ask you to sign in. But if you don't have an account made feel free to do that so you can proceed with the downloading. After you've successfully registered and signed in, click on "Download Now" green button and download the multiplayer client. You can download it anywhere you want, just remember the path so you can install it later. Now we need to unzip or extract the .ZIP file. To do that simply right click and click "Extract to "client_21001". Open the folder and you will see inside a file named "Install TruckersMP". Double click it and install it. Now you will notice it that on your desktop you will have 2 icons. ATS MP and ETS2MP. (Just ignore ATSMP because we are trying right now on ETS2MP). Downloading the heavy cargo mods To be able to drive the heavy cargos in Multiplayer first of all we need to download some of them. From the links below you can download them. Just click on the left orange button to download. 50 Tons - DOWNLOAD 60 Tons - DOWNLOAD 70 Tons - DOWNLOAD 85 Tons - DOWNLOAD 90 Tons - DOWNLOAD 100 Tons Dump Trailer - DOWNLOAD 100 Tons Volvo Trucks - DOWNLOAD 125 Tons - DOWNLOAD Installing the heavy cargo mods After we've downloaded them from the links above copy and paste them into the following directory. C:\Users\causevd\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod Where you change "causevd" with your computer name. Loading the heavy cargo mods in the game After we have successfully downloaded and installed the heavy cargo mods we need to open the single player game from the steam. After we launched the game, click on the right side on "Mod Manager" Then on the left side you will see all of the cargo mods that we have previously installed. Select one of the cargo from the left side and use the arrow to move the mod to "Active Mods" on the right side After that you need to click on the bottom "Confirm Changes" to confirm the active mod. But remember that only 1 mod at a time can be active. So if you want to load another mod, use the opposite arrow to remove the mod first and then select another mod and use the arrow again to move to "Active Mods" and just confirm the changes. Simple as that. Now click on "Continue Game" go to "Job Market" click on "Freight Market", choose the cargo that is close to you, attach it with your truck. Saving the cargo job and running on the multiplayer After you've attached your trailer click Escape go to Save & Load click on Save Game and give it a name as you like it and after saving just quit the Single Player Game. Now open the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer and sign in with the credentials that you've used to sign up on TruckersMP (The site where we signed up to download the Multiplayer Game) and click Continue Game. Now it will pop up a window where it will ask you to load the game, just click the name that you used for saving the game and click Load. Another window will pop up where it will say Missing Dependencies , just click Continue and wait for it to load. After loading click on Drive and it will start connecting to the server that you've chosen. So, once you've connected on the server you'll notice that the weight of the cargo is not actually reaching more than 25T, that's because of the limits of the Multiplayer Game but still you are driving the 125T cargo or which one you've chosen. Best pulling truck Even though I am a big fan of Volvo. I've tested both Volvo and Scania and I must say that Scania is better in pulling and can handle better these heavy cargos. Brand: Scania Streamline Topline Engine: 730HP (537KW) Also for Chassis when driving with these heavy cargos I recommend using the "Chassis 6x2/4 Midlift". Driving these heavy cargos sometimes can be real problem if you have automatic transmission because it happens in the middle of the hill to switch gear where you needed most of the power and somehow fail to do that because of transmission acting weird. So what I suggest you is to switch to manual so you can easily control the pulling power of the truck. (If you set in 1st gear it will go slowly but without problems you can climb any hill). If you have any questions, feel free to post below and I will answer them. Thanks for reading and happy trucking! Video tutorial I've added a video tutorial where I've explained everything just in case if you are too lazy to read. Farewell Thanks for reading this guide and I hope I've helped you out a lot. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will gladly answer on all of them. Happy trucking!
  4. Thank you for bringing us good and better stuff. We appreciate it.
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