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  1. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Proposed TMP Policy - ONE Community Event Per Scheduled Day

    I really like this Idea as this would benefit both large scale events (300+ players) and smaller ones (ca. 100-150 people).
  2. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    How many times are you hit during a transport?

    Depends where I am driving, it can range from 0-5 hits
  3. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Which country you like to drive ? (DLC or not)

    I prefer driving in the UK due to the environment and the occasional laughs caused by the event of a driver thinking they are in mainland Europe and flying down the highway at 95mph on the wrong side.
  4. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    The Last Post Wins!

    VIVA Tropico
  5. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    The Last Post Wins!

    Cold Cherry Soup
  6. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  7. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  8. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because you used an emoji in the ban reasoning
  9. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    What do you have on steam, how about some good games?

    Ets2, ATS, GTAV, SimAirport, F1 2018
  10. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Ets2 Multiplayer Lámpa Mod

    A kitiltás elkerülése érdekében ajánlanám elolvasni a szabályzatot itt:
  11. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    What do you think about Daf DLC?

    It is a good dlc but I prefer the Scalia one
  12. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    I’d generally run the red light if I’m in a convoy and we are told to do so but when I’m driving alone I stop at them
  13. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  14. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    Game "Cities"

  15. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    A to Z game

    W as in Waterpolo