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  3. Hello, I am here to help you about you topic. Here is a fill list of rules that might be able to help you.


    The following save edits are permitted on trailers:

    Using parts from one trailer on another

    Using paintjobs from one trailer on another

    Mixing chassis and body from different trailers

    Using body accessories from shorter trailers on longer trailers

    Using cargo models from one trailer on another

    Using trailer wheels of different sizes

    Using non-default trailer combinations (trailers must have space between them and not clip into each other)

    Trailer combinations must only contain up to 3 cargo carrying trailers (dolly trailers do not count towards this). 3 full-size trailers are not allowed to be used in ETS2 due to the autokick system.

    The following save edits are not permitted on trailers:

    Duplicate accessories (including addon hookups), or multiple accessories of the same type

    Use of truck or car parts on a trailer

    Using body accessories from longer trailers on shorter trailers

    Using cargo weights below 0 (zero)

    Trailer combinations with more than 3 cargo carrying trailers

    Any save edit which adds an invisible hitbox


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    NeonLeon's #Truckerlife

    Love it, mate!
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    Further Feedback Changes: Game Moderation Management category

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    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    Some people are totally oblivious when there other people on the road. I work for Viva Trucking HH Department. There are some nice people who understand that you have to take wide turns etc. Some people just don't care and are rude. **This is my personal experience with other drivers.**