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  1. [VIVA] TruckerJ


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    Hi mate, Could you give me a link, please?
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    OKlay, thanks a lot!
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    Hello, I just saw this on a video on YT. I wonder if a person would be able to tell me how to get it? http://prntscr.com/nku1hr Thanks Josh
  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Congrats on the job, mate.

  7. Happy birthday, mate!

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      Thanks, mate!

  8. [VIVA] TruckerJ

    Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - Results!

    Congrats guys!
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    NeonLeon's #Truckerlife

    Love it, mate!
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    Further Feedback Changes: Game Moderation Management category

    Thanks for letting us know!
  11. [VIVA] TruckerJ

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    Some people are totally oblivious when there other people on the road. I work for Viva Trucking HH Department. There are some nice people who understand that you have to take wide turns etc. Some people just don't care and are rude. **This is my personal experience with other drivers.**
  12. [VIVA] TruckerJ

    Rule TMP Question ?

    Hello, I will give you the best of response that, I can provide you with. Q1: They are saying if you report a person and that you are making silly/immature reports then, you will not be allowed access to file a report. Q2: This means that the photos must be the first photo it can not be cropped. (Lightshot, etc..) This also means that things can not be inspected (Edited). Any more questions, I can help you with?