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  1. It is none of your business whether something is going to happen or not. And secondly you are no game and have no right to judge on that. If this is my discussion, it is my and if you don't like it, stay out. I don't need your cencorship. Thank you.

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    2. [SK] - TeR*Zehnbauer

      [SK] - TeR*Zehnbauer

      Now that I know that it's according to the rules correct and completely right to “park“ in a non collision zone like the Ingame admin did, I will also do that in Scandinavia (tiny teaser: fun with double trailers ;)). In case I receive any kind of punishment, I will reference to these posts, since you are a community manager. Thank you @Rekoil_ for having made this clear.


    3. konfig0


      If you're going to intentionally crash people, you'll be punished for it. Digital didn't cause trouble to anyone.

    4. [SK] - TeR*Zehnbauer

      [SK] - TeR*Zehnbauer

      I said I'll park like Digital. You are interpreting again. Read what's written down Only! And since you said it's ok to park like this, I'll also do that. These sentences aren't that difficult to understand. I think I was pretty clear about that. Noone ever said something about “intentionally crashing people”.

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