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  1. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    Update 1.35 release

    Truckers mp devs won't work on beta versions as it is not the final product. that makes some sense. All we have to do is give them enough time and wait till they release it.
  2. [falconites.com] RoadKing


  3. SCS Software Released 1.35 and truckers MP is working on it. Please be patient.
  4. Scania Trucks Transporting Volvo Trucks. from Rostock to Strasbourg
  5. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    Best Scenic Routes

    Must Try Routes - Thank me later 1) Milano Curvy Road till A14 Highway ( Base Map ) 2) Above Livorno - Curvy Road to Marmo Spa Company. The right side of A12 Highway ( Italy DLC ) 3) Casino to Pescara ( Offroad) (Take the rightmost, the U Shape ) ( Italy DLC ) 4) Palermo - CDE SRL Company ( Italy DLC ) 5) Bergen to Oslo and Bergen to Stavanger ( Tunnel Routes ) ( Scandinavia DLC ) 6) MVM Company Near Montpellier ( France DLC ) you will also find some interesting routes in France DLC. Go Roaming. 7) The Routes to Stein Company above Stavanger ( Scandinavia DLC )
  6. We have processed all our applications and most applicants will get an email within 3 days. I request you check your inbox and spam folder as well. If you still not received the email, then DM me the email and name that you applied with, we do investigate where it went wrong. Please don't write in a language we don't understand, we have to google it and sometimes it may give the wrong translation. Hope we have helped with your query. Thank you
  7. Hello @Handanovic you cannot Join Our convoys Directly. First, you have to join us. Head over to our website and apply http://www.falconites.com Thank you Road King Owner - Falcon Trucking VTC

    Check out Falconites recent convoy.:wub:




  9. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    Do you slow down, when you are being overtaken?

    Yes, Always I let the guys overtake by slowing down. I always like to enjoy the view and drive. It is not a racing game anyways.
  10. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    [GAME]Tracking other player's speed

    it will be a useful option to find the speed hackers. By adding this we can find who are speed hacking and can report with solid proof.
  11. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    Disable console commands g_suspension_stiffnes

    It is similar to Jump hack. Should not be allowed in Multiplayer to change the values. I saw some people misusing it. This definitely worth implementation. +1 from me
  12. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    Move away or get closer to other players

    I agree with @FernandoCR [ESP]. Just concentrate on the road and you will not get distracted. It will use more Resource and low-end PCs will die. -1 from me aswell.
  13. It is our pleasure to inform you all that Falcon Trucking One Year event was a great success reaching the expectation. Expected 300 truckers and 200 truckers attended. Thank you, everyone, for making this a huge success. We really appreciate your time and effort to be with us till the end of the event. We have reached another milestone. Official Video is yet to come, Here is the CC made Video.