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  1. The speed limit in Simulation server is not 90Km/hr but 110Km/hr while joining the server it shows like that. You truck can go 110Km/Hr when you are not doing WOT jobs. This is more than enough to play in simulation server. If you want more speed then you can play on arcade Server where there is no speed limit at all. You can do jobs with high speed and more Kilometers. You should also understand the intention behind it. As This is a simulation game we should also feel the same way. TMP is trying to decrease accidents and trolls. Realistic players can play on simulation servers and if you wanna race you always have arcade anyways. For me there is no need for increasing in speed limit.
  2. We try to create maximum realistic as possible. We have our own speed limits during Convoy where we don't go more that 80 and 90 worst cases. Head over to https://www.falconites.com/ and join us Thank you
  3. I Don't think ads from website will be removed if you are patron on TMP. You can get your patron role in discord TMP. You will get different Rewards for different Pledges. Read More Here: https://www.patreon.com/truckersmp_official/ after you tak a pledge, you can connect your TMP and Discord here: https://www.patreon.com/settings/apps If you still need any information, you can read here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/179
  4. What i think is Promods maybe availble in One TMP server and others are like normal. Promods also require some good pc requirements and even with multiplayer now....so you need little beast to play smoothly. ProMods also Require all the Map DLCs to play. Initially everyone will be excited and imagine your game crashes when you go to busy areas. As this is the first time promods supports MP, so we need to see pros and cons on the go. Over all, this is a very big move from TMP and ProMods. This much awaited and much requested feature. TMP tried to get it in the past but didn't workout. Finally, We got the announcement and excited to play in multiplayer version of Pormods.
  5. I have 1,668 Hrs on Record and I love being part of this Trucking Family.
  6. A Welcome Convoy to Renault Rage T and we are ready for this Sunday on our Pink ribbon convoy by TMP 🚚


  7. We have a minimum requirement of 1 convoy per month. So If you can make then you can join us. Visit: http://www.falconites.com/ and apply to us. Thank you RoadKing - Owner Falcon Trucking VTC
  8. Truckers mp devs won't work on beta versions as it is not the final product. that makes some sense. All we have to do is give them enough time and wait till they release it.
  9. Must Try Routes - Thank me later 1) Milano Curvy Road till A14 Highway ( Base Map ) 2) Above Livorno - Curvy Road to Marmo Spa Company. The right side of A12 Highway ( Italy DLC ) 3) Casino to Pescara ( Offroad) (Take the rightmost, the U Shape ) ( Italy DLC ) 4) Palermo - CDE SRL Company ( Italy DLC ) 5) Bergen to Oslo and Bergen to Stavanger ( Tunnel Routes ) ( Scandinavia DLC ) 6) MVM Company Near Montpellier ( France DLC ) you will also find some interesting routes in France DLC. Go Roaming. 7) The Routes to Stein Company above Stavanger ( Scandinavia DLC )
  10. We have processed all our applications and most applicants will get an email within 3 days. I request you check your inbox and spam folder as well. If you still not received the email, then DM me the email and name that you applied with, we do investigate where it went wrong. Please don't write in a language we don't understand, we have to google it and sometimes it may give the wrong translation. Hope we have helped with your query. Thank you
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