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  1. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    [GAME]Tracking other player's speed

    it will be a useful option to find the speed hackers. By adding this we can find who are speed hacking and can report with solid proof.
  2. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    Disable console commands g_suspension_stiffnes

    It is similar to Jump hack. Should not be allowed in Multiplayer to change the values. I saw some people misusing it. This definitely worth implementation. +1 from me
  3. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    Move away or get closer to other players

    I agree with @FernandoCR [ESP]. Just concentrate on the road and you will not get distracted. It will use more Resource and low-end PCs will die. -1 from me aswell.
  4. It is our pleasure to inform you all that Falcon Trucking One Year event was a great success reaching the expectation. Expected 300 truckers and 200 truckers attended. Thank you, everyone, for making this a huge success. We really appreciate your time and effort to be with us till the end of the event. We have reached another milestone. Official Video is yet to come, Here is the CC made Video.
  5. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    [25th May 2019] RomaniaElit's 3rd Anniversary

    Good Luck with the event. we will be there.
  6. Bad weather is a big enemy to trucks, you are barely connected to the ground. Remember, something important is to be delivered.



  7. Happy Birthday Speedy :love:


  8. Man TGX Euro 6 convoy. Here is the video: 


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice video and convoy :wub:

  9. Here is the Video - Welcoming the New Man Truck, Man TGX Euro 6 Convoy.
  10. Happy Birthday, konfig!:):tmp:

  11. We have made some progress on skinning Official Truck and Ownable Trailers(Single, Doubles & B - Doubles) for single player lovers.
  12. New skins are joining soon....!


  13. [falconites.com] RoadKing

    New MAN TGX Euro 6 is out !

    For me, it's not that great. Just one more Truck like any other Man truck. There was a lot of customizations in Euro 6 Mod but in this is very less. Inside cabin is also disappointing.