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  1. I dont really like the 1.37 update, Sounds are not really that interesting. If you want to use the openable windows that literally takes 4 keys from your keyboard which we have to sacrifice some other function. Engine sounds are also messed up. Lets hope they will fix them soon.
  2. Join us for celebrating 2nd anniversary [14th March 2020]
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  3. We are using this mod for free and cannot expect to be bug-free. SCS Releases Continuous updates that TMP has to look at that again. In Addition to these, people request a lot of features which they have to implement to make the user satisfaction. Of course, TMP will test each update before releasing it. If we expect a bug-free mod then it will not be released forever.
  4. VTCs means mainly convoys. Driving with friends on convoys will give you boost to play more other than doing boring solo jobs. VTCs provide Job logging, comparing them with other drivers, a custom fancy dashboard (not all VTCs) these are all like pretty much real life trucking company.
  5. Each map has its own scenic places to travel along. Comparing is not fair but if you want to pick only one then Scandinavia.
  6. Sometimes when we take photos we press F9 and it will disable the chat and the notofation for the lights on will not appear. when we drive in promods in Scandinavia it wont even get night at some places. So we dont need the lights to turn on. So this is a good feature not to get kicked out of the server, it tells user to turn on light by making a beep sound. +1 from me
  7. The skoda car has weak engine and very less mileage. I have got an idea of pickup truck where people can do cargo market jobs and can even do caravan trailer jobs.
  8. Congratulations TMP! It is not easy thing to keep the multiplayer mod running successfully for so many years, it requirs good leadership, hardworking staff. Thanks to all of the staff, players and supporters. This is great achievement. Keep it going!
  9. As of My Understanding you might have pressed F11 which will turn off tab and names of people around. When you press F11 again you will get it back. Coming CB radio, you will not hear your voice but others can hear, only thing you can notice is there will be volume icon appear when you press X to speak. Hope it will help you.
  10. Mods are not allowed in multiplayer. So there is no way you can use custom voice packs. If you want to use custom voices in single player then there are a lot of mods availbale. Go to Steamworkshop or ets2.it. Make sure you check the compatible version. Happy playing.
  11. kirkenes to company MS Stein is becoming another CD road. I went to that road yesterday in Truckers MP. It was so realistic feeling. Due to the challenges everyone likes to go there. I have seen couple of trucks falling from the top LOL
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