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  1. [BST] Rakib

    need asian server

    That Will be great for us who play from asian country. We can play lag free game and also with lower ping.. #tmp #we_need_asian_server
  2. Welcome Back Police Girls :love::love:



    1. Lorena*


      thank you!!!

  3. Thanks for the follow! :) 

    1. [BST] Rakib

      [BST] Rakib

      Welcome Dude

  4. what a profile pic of GM...



    btw whats up??

  5. congratulations 

  6. Thanks For the follow

  7. Thanks for the follow dude !:D

  8. [BST] Rakib

    Can't Getting more than 50km/h in Skoda

    i am happy...got the answer.
  9. [BST] Rakib

    Can I Stop The CB Radio Sound

    It's too much annoying to hear a lot of sound from cb radio in a high traffic area as like Calais,Duisburg... Can I stop this for a while when I was in high traffic???
  10. [BST] Rakib

    Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    As A Bangladeshi I alws preffer Red & Green...
  11. I want to ask a question... I was Banned For Permanent For my nametag on tmp... And the admin said to change the tag and make an appeal.. Then he will unban me.. I do the same thing and also unbanned.. We know that if a ban appeal is accepted the history of his punishment also removed from his profile.. But my question is as my appeal was accepted why not they remove the punishment history?? why it's show's on my punishment history?? I Want to know that..
  12. I have take an skoda on mp...But didn't get the speed more than 50km/h.. What is the solution for thar???
  13. Thanks Men For the follow...


    Have a nice.day 

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      You're Welcome. ^^

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