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  1. Hello, Actually, you are correct. It is a known bug. Unfortunately, everyone will have to play the game as is until a fix has been pushed out.
  2. Hello, Have you tried reinstalling TruckersMP? I have two possible solutions; - Start TruckersMP as an administrator (Right-click on TruckersMP application, click Run as administrator) - Trouble Shoot TruckersMP and then run as administrator (Right-click onbTruckersMP application, click troubleshoot) Let us know if this works for you!
  3. Good luck with the new role :)

  4. Thank you for following me, I've followed you back. 

  5. F4ABB6E8D922FD88A000B30768419BBEC4A8A2F4

    Food For The Poor | #FFP2020 Event - Forza Trucking 

    After a 1, 500 Km drive, Forza Trucking with a total of 17 participant's left the Event with joy. We hope that those who continue to drive in the Event have fun as well! 

  6. Happy birthday 

  7. Thanks for the follow I've followed you back. 😊

  8. While having Discord open on your PC and TruckersMP, you can open Discord by 2 ways. 1) Press " ` + shift" to pull up Discord app. 2) "shift + tab" and move the mouse towards the screen youd like to open and click Discord. Hopefully these solutions works.
  9. Wow, I am very impressed by what I have read. Keep up the great work, can't wait to hear more about this!
  10. Hello, Have you tried running TruckersMP through troubleshoot / trouble shoot your internet connection? TruckersMP - Right click on TruckersMP application - Click troubleshoot Internet connection - Go to your windows settings - Click update and security - Click troubleshoot - Click "internet connection" - Then click "run troubleshoot" After doing one of this solutions, try loading up TruckersMP as administrator, hopefully this works.
  11. Didn't know this topic was still alive... my my my my
  12. I love this suggestion because I sometimes get tired of seeing the same interior of the Skoda. I'd like to have my little tennis ball handing from the rear view mirror and a few flags on the windows. This can bring a different look of the Skoda. +1
  13. Good morning  :)

  14. Good morning, everyone. 🙃

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      good evening  :)

  15. Good afternoon everyone. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving 

  17. Have a great Thanksgiving break 

  18. Thanks for the follow!

  19. Congratulations, good luck with your new role. 

  20. Congratulations, TruckersMP. I am so happy to hear this accomplishment. I really hope for the beat in the future and that this community keeps growing with goals.
  21. Congratulations dude :)

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