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  1. But i most cases you driving 90 probably wouldent be banned in the first place if the person driving 110 caused the accident. Which would likely be shown on the evidence given. But it is always good to record your driving, so that you can report people if they brake the rules or if you do need some sort of counter evidence.
  2. Sorry to tell you this, but that mostly dosent work. The appeal system is only for when there isent any evidence to your ban or if you can prove without a doubt that you did not do what you are banned for. Even if you did something by accident and you have a video that shows you did it by accident. Chances are that you are not gonna be released from your ban. If you did brake the rules, even by accident you will most likely still be banned. Cause accidents rarely happen unless you did something wrong. Maybe it was because you had a little too much speed round a corner or maybe your controller stopped working, but those are things that are still sort of your fault. The rules clearly state that you are responsible for the equipment you use to drive, and its your job to make sure its always working. Just like in real life, if you cause an accident, you will still face consequences. So usually the only way you get out of a ban, is if you can prove that you did not do what you are banned for.
  3. Just like in real life you cant just crash into someone and say sorry and then not have to face consequences. Thats just not how things work. And its the same here. If you crashed into someone even if it was not on purpose, then you most likely did something wrong. Either you where driving too fast of maybe you should not overtake on the CD road. The possibilities are many, and if you got reported for it then a moderator will look at it, and if you broke the rules you get a ban. There is differences to weather or not what you did was accidental (negligence) or intentional. But you also gotta remember that the more bad things you do, the longer your ban gets. I have seen people who say sorry but then at the same time was reported multiple times for different things. In that case you are clearly doing something wrong. And a sorry is just not good enough. Its good to be sorry if you mean it, but your sorry starts to loose its meaning when you are reported 4 times and you say sorry each time. Maybe you should then think about why you are crashing people, and then change your driving accordingly? Either way, rules are rules. A sorry dosent exempt you from the rules.
  4. So the rules are made the way they are to make sure they cover all we want them to cover. And i feel we have done that pretty well. They are not too complicated, and yet not so simple that people can find ways to get around the rules. Also why we have rule §1.1 - Account and Equipment. Which is made to make sure that you cant just say that someone else was playing or that your controller died. Is there a lot to read? Yes but there is also a lot of rules to cover to make sure the server is a nice place to be. And if you dont read the rules cause there is so much to read? well then thats your fault. You will still be banned if you brake any of the rules. But that is also why you can ask questions on the discord if you have any doubt about the rules. And we also have the rules translated into different languages so it will be easier to understand for some people. You can see that hare: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/704 Now i do agree that the save editing rules are not hard enough. That we see too many crazy edits. But its hard to make rules about that, cause there is so much to know and understand to make sure that people are actually braking the rules with their save editing. And the way the old rules was, was just too much. It was hard for moderators to understand and hard for the users to understand. But rule changes? Well you can always make suggestions in the suggestion forums. But i feel like the current rules has a good balance to it.
  5. I diddent take it as a miss credit. I was just sort of trying to say that, i am all for simulation, but we just have to deviate from it a little sometimes, simply to make sure that things goes more smoothly and to make life a little easier on drivers but also on staff.
  6. And you are totally right. But you are not a moderator, so you dont have to deal with the mess that Duisburg was before the no collision zone. The no collision zone solved so many headaches, did it created some where the no collision zone ends? Yes, but its not nearly as bad as it was before. If we cant stop people from driving up and down the CD road, we can at least make it better for the people who has to deal with that mess. It might not be super simulation oriented, but neither is the 110km/h speed limit, but that is just how it is. There is small compromises.
  7. So what you are suggesting is that if there is a huge queue in both lanes. You would go past that queue on the lines between the two lanes if there is room? That would be Inappropriate Overtaking. There might be room, but there is a queue and you are not supposed to overtake that queue (unless we are talking like a queue in one lane on the highway and you go past the queue in the overtaking lane, just dont overtake it and then try to get back in 5 trucks/cars down the road). Also because you dont know if someone up ahead moves a little or something and you then get stuck. You shouldent overtake a queue on the grass or in the oncoming lane either. If there is a queue you wait in line in that queue just like everyone else. It can cause a dangerous situation if you overtake a queue like that. And i could get you a ban for doing so.
  8. But as it says: Use a more automatic approach which removes the necessarity to support new map DLCs The Duisburg zone is extended to the gas station including; it corresponds to the city zone Which means that the system is now set up so it follows what SCS defines as a city zone. And apparently since we placed the fuel station there, it now counts along with the city zone. So yes we might have changed how the system works, but we have not defined where the zone goes, thats SCS's system that does that.
  9. As far as i know we did not extend the no collision zone. I think SCS did something and that then made the gas station be part of the zone. Now i dont know this for sure, but i would think that we just put a no collision zone on the city itself and then just have the game decide what is city and what is not as defined by SCS. And after an update the gas station was part of that. I think that is how it went.
  10. This will not be possible on Truckers MP. All time on the Truckers MP servers are synchronized on each server. So that means that if the in game time is 5pm then its 5pm for everyone. And so you cant change that time as it would mean that you would be the only one driving at night while everyone is driving at day. And that just wont work. If you want to change time and drive at night you can only do that on Single Player.
  11. Sure. But not if people just drove sort of normally. Where as if you are using a trailer mod that i cant see, no matter how nice you drive i might still hit you cause your trailer is way longer than it seems on my screen. And i have no way of knowing. Sure the drifters in wintermod is a problem but they can get a ban for that, but i cant know if you have a different trailer cause of some mod i dont have.
  12. I admire your persistence, because there are few people who can do this without retiring once in three years, so I feel a little surprised. You did a great job. Have a good life🥰


                                                              Best wishes from the Chinese players

  13. See with the winter mod not everyone will have to have the mod in order to play. And that is because its just a winter mod. Its just snow on the road. So if you have snow and i dont, it wont matter to me. But if you lets say have a different trailer and i dont have that mod? I cant see your trailer and so it might just look like a default trailer and so i would think its a default trailer and i might hit your trailer cause i cant see how long it is. And that would cause a whole heap of trouble when half the players use a trailer that the other half cant see. Which is why that when it comes to anything that is not just a cosmetic mod everyone has to have it. The other problem with all this is the fact that the server also has to have this mod. And so if a there is an update to the game and the mod stops working, we would have to remove the mod from the server and wait till the mod was fixed. Or if there was a bug with the mod after an update we would not be able to fix that bug since the mod is not ours. Its way too much of a pain and work to keep different mods working if we havent made them. And it would never be so that anyone could just download a mod and use it. Cause everyone else would like have to have that too. And if you constantly had to download a mod from somewhere to join a server we would loose quite a lot of players.
  14. TMP will likely never support mods like SCSMP will. The main reason is that everyone on the server will have to have the same mod. So just cause one person wants to use a truck mod then everyone else will have to have that mod too. Which is impossible when you have thousands of people like we do. Its the sheer scale of TMP that makes a lot of the things SCSMP can do impossible. But it also means that on TMP you dont have to only drive with a few friends and some dumb AI traffic. And we can and do host some very big events and you can be part of a big VTC and drive with all of the members of that VTC on TMP. There is very few things we cant do because of the size of TMP but there is quite a lot of things we can do like said here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/255 So i see a bright future ahead of TMP. And so i am sure the players will be back at some point when they get tired of playing with their few friends on SCS MP.
  15. You wonder why? It has nothing really to do with SCS. Well some of it has. Since SCS has made a few features, that we can implement then why not do it? And the other stuff? Well we are always working on improving the experience of TMP. A lot of it is also due to the fact that we have full time devs working on the project. Which has given more time to make these updates. And yes i know SCS Says they want to open servers at some point. But i still doubt that it is gonna happen. Not only will it be an expense that they will not make any money on, but they will also have to deal with all the trolls, just like us. And they dont have the more than 100 moderators to do that. We have almost as many staff here at TMP as they do at SCS. And i dont think they are gonna hire a whole heap of people just to run MP servers. What they are doing with the P2P MP is much better for them, as they wont have to do anything with moderation or servers and it really dosent cost them anything.
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