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  1. I dont see how this helps? And To be honest the way I see it is that Your going to put your pc under stress even in "idle" time where your letting your pc Cool off a bit, wouldn't that just burn out your components quicker? Also I Cant help put feel Your enabling hackers to get in easier as your all connecting to one server and basically sharing your pc? Feel free to disagree, but this is my view on it.
  2. I Noticed it When They made the support for dx11, is this a bug for tmp devs or is it more scs based?
  3. I am Aware of the F1 Bug, And that guide is very helpful, thank you. However My bug is different, I Bring Up my steam overlay Which pauses ETS I then click off on my other screen to go look at something else like discord, Which minimises the game, When i click back on the Game from my task bar it bring it up But i can not get rid of the Steam Overlay By pressing alt+Tab Yet i can still then press f1 and hear all the in game sounds, as the game has unused itself But the steam overly is Stuck on. I am currently trying to Replicate this bug to show it as a video.
  4. I have Encountered this problem for a while now, When i Want to check discord or something while im On ETS in TMP, I Alt+Tab and minimise the game either by using the windows Key or clicking on my other monitor, However Maximising the game again, and alt+tab, The overlay is Stuck and The ETS pause Menu Disappears, But i cant move or do anything. Its Really Irritating as So far the only way i know to get rid of it is to Task manger Close ETS, because Trying to close the game from the task bar doesn't work. Is this a TMP issue or an SCS Issue, as Before the dx11 Update i didn't have any issues.
  5. Had A Lovely time doing Route 2/3 at Clara's Dream, Love the event, its so heart moving ❤️

    Just ended Route 2, With @Krewlex and @[VIVA] emma.x


    Just before the start of route 3 With @sanamaria❤️


    And finally a nice Group photo with some new friends i made from the event
    (In order of people left to right)
    @[VIVA] emma.x@AmieTheGamer@Candy Heart@sanamaria@VeLociTy XTRoLl
                                @Supreme_TMP                        @Jeronimeau



    1. VeLociTy XTRoLl

      VeLociTy XTRoLl

      Awesome pictures 😍

    2. sanamaria


      It was so much fun seeing you guys on the routes! This community can be so amazing!

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  6. Indeed this is what it looks like is happening with TMP. Also You say You want a simulation, may i Emphasise that both games have the word "Truck" in them, Euro Truck Simulator 2-American Truck Simulator. Yet You still let people use cars. You wanna make TMP a simulation, remove the ability to drive cars then, cause no matter how much you change the rules and make people angry, You are keeping the one thing that doesn't make TMP a simulation Trucking game.
  7. Like i have said before on road to Simulation 1, TMP is full throttle on that down hill slope in becoming the worst mod it can be. At first I didn't agree with things in "Road to Simulation 1" but we were forced to get used to it, which most of us did... Doing Jobs day in day out, and convoy alone just gets boring, sometimes you just need to go and have bit of fun drive down c-d road and have people crash into each other and get sent flying, or bump you trying to overtake. The result of these rule changes is starting to make the word "FUN" become impossible to find in TMP. These new rule changes are getting worse and worse, and I do hope TMP will realise this sooner rather than later, when this come back to bite them, because at the end of the day they are gonna loose more than half their player base if this is the "road" they continue on. There will be no idiots, what so ever and it will just make the mod very very boring. I aint a player that save edits alot, but I have a lot of friends that do, so I can understand how they feel about this new rule change,They are removing the Ability for people to Use there "imagination" to make their trucks their own. I Agree these rules are stupid. Also @Opa Knicknack I have no idea what the hell your vision is for TMP, but my god it isnt a fun one.... Oh and i suggest you put yourself in other peoples shoes, and consider how they are gonna be effected by this change.
  8. Unfortunately Truckers MP is on a steep slope down hill As far as I can see. Yes the Sim update made a lot of people dislike TMP, but most of us are used to it now. Then The console was limited in stopping trucks fly, it was really good for content creators of funny moments, but hey we got used to that now too. But to limit the Sky and Weather, That's just stupid. Those commands have nothing to do with people getting banned or increasing Danger to other players. They aren't even seen by the other players. I'm not one for using that command but I know Tones on Media people use that command to make their pictures look better. I have said this before and ill say it again now, the more and more TMP make changes people dont like the more and more people will leave, And I cant help but feel like Players and the community are being forgotten about, We should get a say in how we want to TMP to be as at the end of the day were're the players that play the mod.
  9. Anyone know how to get the light theme back on the forums?

    1. Digital


      Select 'Theme' at the footer of the forums.

    2. Candy Heart

      Candy Heart

      Ah Thx a bunch. much easier to read now.

  10. This topic has even got to ridiculous for me to add my comments. So I ain't gonna fight against this new update anymore, because tbh I've pretty much left tmp, in a week now I only go on it about 4/5 hours a week. As now my number one played game is minecraft java edition and I get so much fun out of playing that with my freinds. This is the road tmp took, and they personally rewined the game for me so all I can say is good luck tmp with keeping your player count high.
  11. @Killua // Ireland ^_^ That is 100% true. I soon hope they realise that they have made a huge mistake when more and more people complain about simulation 1 not actually being a sim server. just to all the trollers being on that server
  12. ETS was my most played game, now these horrible changes have come, I honestly find gaming boring now.
  13. @Hecki_Stafman This dont even make sence what your saying???
  14. I have like 1027 hours on Euro truck simulator 2, wanna know why its my most played game(or was). It was the funny crashes and the idiots they made the game actually fun. And with the 1.35 update omg I couldn't stop laughing the amount of people that would go flying. And that's what made the game fun, now its basically just nothing but boaring playing alone. Yes I can get a bit of enjoyment with driving about with my freinds but no where near as much fun as I had driving fast alone. I cant see why they just cant make a arcade server collision, and before anyone can say that's not not what tmp is about now, it would still be an arcade server as you wouldn't drive seriously on it like it was a simulation server. If some sort of change doesn't happen, me and many others will leave tmp for infinite truckers or HGVMP when they are released as we want a game that's fun not boring. Tmp will soon realise that if they dont make changes that many of there players will leave and the servers mostly the arcade servers will be empty.
  15. Fun for me was travelling at fast speeds and enjoying myself. The arcade servers are just boring. @Ru13z
  16. The 2 Arcade servers are basically useless. They are basically EU4 but with no speed limiter, what's the fun in that. I ain't one of the trolls I am a content creator and I have built up my youtube channel from the foundation. People saying this is a good idea "oh yea but that wouldn't make it a simulator game" Why did you change it to a non-simulation mod then, If you wanted a mod for simulation then why add a server with no speed limiter and collisions in the first place? I see how it's been changed as 1.35 has come out the update where Truck go flying, this is the thing I looked forward too when I came home from work. I will see if there will still be enough funny moments in TMP over the next few days if there isn't. I will just get bored and play another game, a lot of people will do the same.
  17. I will say that this is a good move for the people that want to drive the mod for the simulation. But for people like me who go on tmp to have fun and see all the funny things happen this is a stupid idea. I watch alot of the "idiot on the road" series on YouTube, I make my own even, and most of the content is from funny crashes etc. If there is gonna be no "fun" server, this will make tmp very boaring for those who enjoy seeming these funny moments. And when I say a fun server I mean one not speed limited and with collisions on.
  18. Races were only 5 minutes anyways, I dont get why you are complaining.
  19. Well done to the winners. It was a really nice event very well planned.
  20. If your complaining about waiting for 1.35 just dont. Ain't gonna make it come any faster
  21. Dx11 is only experimental it's not compulsory. I haven't touched the game in dx11. Still run it on dx9
  22. Well if you wanted to play on TMP you should have thought about not updating at all. Then you wouldn't be in this situation. The Devs can't work any faster, and all the salty people complaining about why it isn't updated yet isnt gonna help either.
  23. The thing is you people, don't know how to downgrade your game, I'm still on 1.34 and I can happily drive around on MP. You need to learn to not let your game update and put it back to the previous version. Then there would be no need to complain about not being able to play on TMP. I've seen numerous people in here complaining about the devs not having the update done yet....Just be patient or go on another game or even on SP. It's not that hard you know........
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