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    Graphics Design, Illustration, Event planning, Traveling, Photography, etc
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  1. We all still think of you 🕊️

  2. Happy Birthday ? Hope you have an amazing day ❤️

  3. Happy Birthday to the sky for you Sana! ❤️ We all still think of you

  4. Happy birthday sana!.. Hope you're doing great up there :HaulieLove:

  5. Happy birthday Sana ?

  6. Happy birthday sana ? 

  7. Happy Birthday ? 

  8. Happy birthday!!!??

  9. Happy birthday to you!

  10. Thanks for the positive memories, rest easy in the purple skies ✨


  11. Sana, I remember when I first joined Prime Logistics and I was introduced to you.  I loved you whenever you first started talking.  You were so happy, and the fact that you are gone hurts.  I was wanting to somehow show my gratitude for how much you helped everyone, including myself.  I hope you had a wonderful life and I hope you had a life full of joy, fun, and laughs.  You deserve all the love from the TruckersMP Community and more.  I want to rewind time and give you my gratitude.  I am praying for you and your family. You gave me some amazing memories, I did not get to know you much but I knew you had an amazing heart.  I will never forget you.


    With Love and Sorrow,

    Mirage ❤️ 

  12. Rest in peace sanamaria.

    You were one of my favorite streamer. The only one i was subscribed to. And you were on of the best admin for this game

  13. Rest in Peace SanaMaria You were a very good friend and I thank you for everything ??

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