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  1. #2 also occurs when you moved the games into other locations/disks in which case it makes sense it can't start requested game when the linked game folder isn't correct.
  2. pls add Language Golang.org and sandbox demo area of play.golang.org. it's quite awesome. Heavily opinionated and typed language (no free will in linting, the language decides what's linted as 'right' or 'wrong', avoiding all discussions on the topic LOLZ). It packs a punch and definitely a serious rising star I'd say! In terms of hosting I think it is quite important to mention that Heroku is great with a free tier of low compute and low traffic apps being hosted which have a potential of actually running up some numbers depending on scale/size/compute. Also worth a mention is that for whomever has not used it before of fudges his/her way around it, that you can get 1 year of free Amazon EC2 hosting! I've done this before and completely wasted this on a 99.99999% uptime guild TeamSpeak Server. Just because I could.
  3. the peoples limit feels quite restricting in this new SCS multiplayer mode. Reminds me a lot of other games allowing "Private servers" to some extend. Makes me wonder if the quality is purely dependent on the hosts upload/download bandwidth and computing power or whether they actually spin up a little private server somewhere at no cost to the users logging into it, which actually would be quite neat but less viable long term. I think truckersmp offers a very unique experience in being able to queue up for getting on a boat to Calais. All kidding aside, the sheer size and scale I'm sure has been a challenge throughout and should be the bigger allure for more serious players. I can be all the way out in Estonia and come across the odd player now on TruckersMP while when I'd be on an 8 player server I'd have to make sure to stick with the convoy or have a bigger chance of being struck by Lightening. I hope to some extend that Truckersmp can perhaps find a way some day to have servers with traffic on that also synchronizes with all players equally, but I can only imagine the massive headache around solving that issue at scale. The roads do get a bit empty sometimes without the AI's stopping mid-turn at a traffic light for no reason at all. That being said, I also have experienced many solo hours in game where there barely is any traffic about anyway!!
  4. Hi Owen, Though not a C++ programmer myself, I have dabbled with some other languages in the past. As I was interested in getting my hands dirty one day with the SDK you can find for these SCS games I did have a full read through this tutorialspoint site and found it to be a good light start just to get some understanding behind initial setup for a development environment and the general syntax of the language. tutorials point C++ In terms of learning to program in general I think it'd be useful to also look at courses around object oriented programming(OOP), design patterns (e.g. book "“Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software"). Some of the paid sites will most likely offer some more quality instructional videos to more advanced concepts and best practices for a plethora of programming languages. E.g. coursera, pluralsight, linkedin learning etc. Hope this helps... bit of reassurance, if you manage to get to a point of somewhat being accustomed and comfortable about OOP and leveraging some common patterns to your own advantage learning other languages eventually becomes somewhat of a syntax learning exercise while abstract concepts generally will work regardless of the language used. Obviously each language has it's own specialisation/strong points, but you'll at least get by with most of them once you're caught up with the basics.
  5. Just felt like having a bit of a mess around practicing some random JS stuff using a simple API call and in place editing of a save game related file. Code in the spoiler is result of quarantine Sunday Basically what it's supposed to do: - get MP game time using the API - decrypt the (provided) info.sii file - update the info.sii file time Say you've been offline for a couple days and the MP Server clock been ticking away while your save-game time sat there statically in your file-system and you start the game, straight away your clock is behind the servers' and your little AI workers have not progressed at all. Now if you'd run this update script to pull the save-game time forward in your file-system to quite close to the server time prior starting the game, you'll have jumped forward in time and suddenly your AI workers will have completed their rides as current game-time is most likely beyond their completion time (theoretically anyway). What do you need? - You need follow and complete the guide found elsewhere in this forum to change the way save-games are saved. (change a value '0' into a '2' in your game config file pertaining to save-game format) - download the SII_Decrypt.exe you can find linked in places on this forum/website. This executable needs to be called by the script in order to decrypt it. - nodejs installed - node package 'got' installed ('npm install got'). This is a simple http library to make the API calls with. - save the code in a JS file (e.g. "index.js") Once saved in a file you should be able to simply call it as: node index.js The script out of the box assumes files are present in it's current directory where it is run. Default assumptions are the decryption executable filename (SII_Decrypt.exe), the info.sii filename (info.sii) and the output will be a new file called 'updated-info.sii' as not to override the original provided file. These values can be overridden by using flags. An example: node index.js -d decrypt.exe -i info-copy.sii -o my-new-info.sii where: -d name/location of the decryption executable (e.g. you might have renamed SII_Decrypt.exe) - i input filename - o output filename Full paths to absolute locations/filenames "should" also work (fingers crossed) as input, but has not been thoroughly tested or anything. (e.g. "C:\Users\Yourmum\documents\save-game-edit\info.sii") *** Disclaimer *** Again, for me it was just a bit about trying to get my head around some concepts as I go along learning stuff, fighting boredom and thought it might be fun for people to mess with, so why not share the fun! I feel some of the things set out might be extensible as well (e.g. programmatic updating of 'save.sii' in particular areas, like grabbing a list of cities from a flat-file and inserting them into a bunch of discovered dealers and recruitment agencies ). I realize it by no means represents a full project or clean/proper best practices coding ?, it was also not intended to be!
  6. yeah, that's definitely helpful.By looks of the SDK it might just be exactly what I meant!
  7. I was wondering what type of events can be captured from the game run time binary (through the TruckersMP client)? What am I interested in knowing? well..... When I play single player and have 'offenses' on there is a good amount of traffic violations that will register and sooner or later cause me to have consequences financially in the game. Examples: Speed violations, Wrong lane, Running red lights and collisions with AI (or in case MP other players!). I was wondering if these events could be captured from the game as it would allow for logging or emitting these events as a stream (e.g. to kafka or rabbitmq through pub-sub architecture)! This for example could help reconstruct traffic situations simply by looking at the aggregated events chronologically based on player IDs and potentially even help automate kicks or bans in clear cut (programmable) situations. All that while only burdening the clients computing/internet power and receiving the data separately from the MP servers as not to burden them with 10k users worth of event data! Retention of data could be solely focused around collision events and the involved parties. e.g. two players collided on a C-D road, collision speed for truck 1 is 90km/h, truck 2 90km/h but truck 1 was also registered in a 'wrong lane' event that hadn't ended yet at the time of collision. i.e. truck 1 was at fault ?️ sorry if this seems a dumb question, but absolutely in the dark about the realms of possibilities of getting situational data out of the game client. This seemed like the only right place to ask and speculate on this kind of topic ?
  8. Year and a half down the line after this question was first asked I can quite confidently say that having a basic to good understanding of JS and Nodejs combined with a bit of React and Redux and/or Apollo and graphql is definitely a much sought after skill, at least in my local area. It's still going quite strong for sure! Meanwhile I think if we follow trends on what sites like stackoverflow report, that languages like python and go are definitely gaining much traction for both front-end development as well as (dev)ops related roles. C# and Java and even Cobol are definitely going to stay around as well!
  9. not sure if anyone tried this yet, but depending on the answers I might give it a go someday soon: the in-game economy is kind of broken (especially when joining MP on a new profile) for the AI as the servers been up such a long time. This editing made me wonder whether it could be 'fixed' and getting them 'going' again by combining the api game_time call (integer currently around 14168713) with a replacement of each AI driver's job info start time with this more up to date time? job_info: <ref> { start_time: 14168713 } i.e. run a small script before starting the game to update the job start times, than start up the game and have the company actually working
  10. outstanding job! keep up the good work and thanks ever so much for this great mod of course!
  11. If it is DDOS shouldn't the company where server space is being rented take action against this? As Highspeed-dd said it has been a while and though DDOS attacks can continue for weeks, they usually only do for as long as they are successful. Clearly a job for the hosting company of the servers.
  12. I've had times where I set my GPS to a job, arrive there and see the trailer is not in the right place and/or position. Most likely would be damaged as well when connecting it to my truck. So here is what I did: before taking the actual job I drove out of town for a bit, turned around and drove back in. As I left the vicinity things despawn including the trailers, than when re-entering the vicinity the trailers spawn again nicely in their appropriate places with 0 dmg. The "rearrangement" of trailers used to be possible by having a player with trailer driving through all the parked trailers and despite the non-collision zone still getting caught on the drivers trailer at times. I've seen this happen before and I think it is quite horrible to start a job where you know there is already damage on the trailer you're picking up. I'm not sure if it is still possible for players to 'mess' with others peoples trailers in this way or if the non-collision zones have improved slightly now.
  13. keep going. things will get better!
  14. there is still plenty slots on EU2 and US1, just saying
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