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Experiencing kernel error or random crashes on TruckersMP Island? ×

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  1. Happy birthday, friend ?

  2. You don't have to set any betas - just select none. Your game should update to 1.32 automatically.
  3. So False


    You have slow game while running on openGL or DirectX? OpenGL tends to be slower than DirectX but that shouldn't be significant. Have you checked your graphics settings?
  4. Hi there! Lately we all can hear a lot about NodeJS and how it becomes more and more powerful - basically, there's no such a thing that couldn't be programmed using it. So I have a question - what do you think about it? Is this just a temporary trend or the future of programming? Do other high-level languages, like Ruby or PHP have any chance to resist Node's reign? Nowadays we can create mobile apps (React Native), desktop apps (Electron), web servers (Express), web apps (React/Vue/anything), IoT applications (Node + GPIO). And by the way JS as the language is fairly easy to learn and has many awesome extensions(e.g. Typescript). So is there still place for another high-level programming languages? Let me know your opinion .
  5. Hi! You need to download the new launcher installer from this link and then install it - it should be automatically support 1.32.
  6. Sprawdź, czy przypadkiem nie zresetowały ci się ustawienia graficzne.
  7. So False

    fix the bug

    Have you specified the correct path to the game directory when you've been installing the launcher?
  8. Have you tried running launcher as an administrator? It seems like it cannot download required mod. Maybe you have antivirus or firewall that's blocking it?
  9. By mail I presume.
  10. Well, time on the MP Server is centralised, so it won't match time in single player. Therefore you have to remember to finish the delivery before quitting MP (except WoTr), or you'll get no money from this job, because time runs up even if you're not in the game.
  11. Also, make sure that he doesn't use any extensions that may block JavaScript in the browser. Another option he may try is to install any other web browser and try again - maybe on the other computer, too?
  12. Does anybody know what happened with TruckersFM?

  13. Hi! TMP Website is hosted on OVH. I don't have any information about game servers, but I think each one is also a OVH Dedicated Server. They may have basic GPU for administration stuff but basically it's all about CPU, connection speed (10Gbps) and disks.
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