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  1. Hello, After to do my first mission, it say me that i had fail the mission because i was late. And after checking my time of play i have 5230 days (a thing like that), but i had played only 30 minutes on this new profile. So ok, after this i try again to start a new mission, but i can see 0 mission!!! Just first mission with new account every time, and have 5000+days of play after 30 minutes and i can't do a second mission. How can i fix this? Because i can't play ....
  2. Hello, When i log myself on website it work well, but when i try to connect myself in the game it tell me a thing like "invalid email or password". But i use the same email and password like on the website! My ETS2 is linked to my account but it doesn't work. What can i do to make it work? EDIT: Problem solved, i just need to start ETSO with right steam account. Haha sorry
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