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  1. 45858749_523214691530093_257415102064911

    How to fix "Can not inject core (initization of client failed)
    they had a problem, try to update!
     .NET Framework
    1. Open the launcher as Administrator.
    2. Click F1 and install update.
    or ...
    Re-install ETS2/ATS (Try to change the disk that game is installed.) and delete "TruckersMP Launcher"
    %appdata% (Navigate to C:\Program Files\) and "My Documents/Documents". 
    Go to  TruckersMP.com and install the new launcher. open as Administrator and instasll update.

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    2. berat07113


      sıdenedim ama geçmiyor aynı hatayı veriyo


    3. raul13891


      what a bad plan I wanted to buy the other game but if I can not play it either, it has no case

    4. Mr.Psychopath


      they had a problem, try to update!
      the problem is solved!

  2. Mr.Psychopath

    What coding languages do you know?

    HTML CSS JavaScript (some) MyQSL C#
  3. Black Cats Inc. (VTC Convoy)

    Heavy Loads and People with LAG drive in the back of the convoy line
    Keep minimum 50 – 100 meters distance with the truck in front of you!
    No requirement for cargo/trailer.
    DLC’s Required: None

    Server: EU#3 (20.10.2018 at 20:00 | EEST +3h)
    Radio: #10
    Departure: Klagenfurt, Hotel
    Destination: Poznan





    1x Halloween Paint Jobs Pack – Top VTC Formation

    1x Valentine's Paint Jobs Pack - Top Trucks Design







  4. Mr.Psychopath

    Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    ETS2 has a much larger map than the ATS and perhaps would die because it has a very low rating and licenses are expensive ...
  5. Mr.Psychopath

    Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    I hope they will not leave the 1.32 beta, there are more things to add.
  6. Mr.Psychopath

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Ако има амбициозни играчи с които да играем, ще се радвам да се присъедините в VTC Black Cat ^^


    What the **** how long I have to wait?!?!? they kill my desire to write guides here! :thinking:

  8. image.png.6be594ab652efc6482e50b426fdc318f.png

    Black Cats Inc. is official VTC of BG-GAMER Community. 
    We play Single Player and Multiplayer mode (TruckersMP).
    We will be happy if you become part of our family! ^^


    We accept players from all countries, the requirements are very simple:
    - you have to make 10 000 kilometers per month.
    - be helpful.
    - respect everyone's and no hate speech or bullying.
    - you must be able to speak English, Bulgarian or Russian.

    Guides (The Most Common ERRORS)