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  1. hello today i was trying to connect to the eu1 server for over 1 hour!!!!! why is it so long it doesent really matter weather there is lag so please change the server slots to 3500 for eu1 thank you.
  2. hello my name is mrfarlie007 i was kicked 2 times today because of blocking and recless driving byb easyrider18 and both i think are unfair because the amount of lag that you get in europoort when there are 3000 people on the eu1 server is unbellievable so apparently i was blocking but i was not i just slowed down to say hello to admin rootkiller because he had just come round the corner and the second one was because you cannot see when the people infront of you have stopped because the ammount of lag. i have been kicked 3 times and i think i will start getting banned so please take off these kicks so they do not show up on my reconrd thanks happy trucking
  3. hello everybody i would just like to say thank you to the developers for all the hard work they have dont just to make this possible. thank you
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