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  1. This would probably be very hard to implement into the game. Some of my thoughts on it: What would happen with people who appealed and are accepted, or the ban was accidental? A 400 HP engine makes it much more difficult to haul some cargo, and that would just end up leading to more trouble on the road from people behind. If the person is that much of an issue, then they'll find themselves banned permanently anyway. And if cars are removed, all the trolls would come in trucks; the cars are not the problem, but their drivers. -1
  2. ^ You can move your garage if you don't want to be in Duisburg anymore; I also have my garage set there. Frankly I don't mind the traffic, most people that downloaded the mod wanted to be able to interact with other users and now they get to, even if it's through traffic. Just drive patiently, and so what if there's crashes and damage? It's a game, just move on! That being said, the idea sounds simple on paper, but it'd be very hard to enforce for the reason already stated above by others (enforcement).