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  1. yeah, but not in multiplayer. I have 36gb on SP..so.. and i'm not using any mods in multiplayer
  2. CrepOne

    Speed limit on external contracts?

    Cause its not NFS.
  3. CrepOne

    save game folder problem

    Both games saves on c:/Documents folder.
  4. Heavy cargo pack 2/8 kick (the locomotive and crawler bulldozer)
  5. CrepOne Released

    or delete car on Truck simulator.. srsly. idiot player always crashing me with car.. just learn to drive... Ps.: Thanks for the update.
  6. CrepOne

    TruckersMP crashes when I try to Play it

    Currently it works. Thanks:)
  7. CrepOne

    TruckersMP crashes when I try to Play it

    Hi! I have same problem. One night I played, it worked perfectly, but now as I enter 1-2 minutes after, the game crashes. http://pastebin.com/JccQkJFx