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  1. CrepOne

    Speed limit on external contracts?

    Cause its not NFS.
  2. CrepOne

    save game folder problem

    Both games saves on c:/Documents folder.
  3. Heavy cargo pack 2/8 kick (the locomotive and crawler bulldozer)
  4. CrepOne Released

    or delete car on Truck simulator.. srsly. idiot player always crashing me with car.. just learn to drive... Ps.: Thanks for the update.
  5. CrepOne

    TruckersMP crashes when I try to Play it

    Currently it works. Thanks:)
  6. CrepOne

    TruckersMP crashes when I try to Play it

    Hi! I have same problem. One night I played, it worked perfectly, but now as I enter 1-2 minutes after, the game crashes. http://pastebin.com/JccQkJFx