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  1. Birthdays don't come everyday! Let's celebrate this special day of your life! :tmp:


  2. Hey and happy Birthday ;)

  3. I definitely listen to Spotify a lot more. There are some amazing tunes on TFM late at night.
  4. My biggest fault is definitely when my wheel unplugged and smashed into a wall at a convoy
  5. What is everyone's best cargo to haul on MP?
  6. The restriction for the double trailers are perfect. Just imagine how much more chaos it'd be getting out of them places.
  7. Cartwright are an amazing business and hopefully bring a new potential trailers
  8. Tbh I love to drive a range of trucks! The one I love is definitely the scania! Such an amazing truck and great for convoys!
  9. I like both trucks. I’d like to see a Volvo modification pack! The scania definitely stands out more in my opinion
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