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  1. please give account back !

  2. Can't wait for truckersmp to support the 1.37 :) 

  3. Happy Birthday to me, byebye 22 :) here i come 23 .. :D

  4. Did WinterMod get disabled??

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      nope it was still there for me today

    2. Mircea97


      its dosent work

      for me..

  5. anyone playing with a ps4 controller ets2??:D

  6. Volvo?or Scania??:)



    1. Mircea97


      Is the truck driver ok ??oh Scania driver :)

  7. dxt11 creating problems, any fix??

  8. TruckersMp dosent work for me... OMG im so angry, no beta version selected, when i enter truckersmp i get crash !!

  9. Will truckersmp work today with the full update??

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    2. Mircea97
    3. Skorpion_TMP


      Scrie ticket la support. Altora le merge.


    4. Mircea97


      Works Thank you, they updated the truckersmp now, 


      PS: let's meet in Romania :) in-game !

  10. ets2 update or truckersmp update?and what is it about?wherre can i see?

  11. anyone know how can i delete the writing 750XL on volvo??

  12. hi anyone knows how i can lower the volvo front i have seen on some volvo.. it's like an added bar.

  13. Doees Nvidia Shadowplay work after update????in ets2?

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    2. iBrachoO


      Yesterday I updated Nvidia Experience + gpu drivers because i had very weird problem. My game doesn't work on dx 64bit :/ Now everything is okay + i have more fps

    3. AppleSan


      Upgrading ets 2 blown up your gpu. :D

    4. Mircea97


      i fixed it, the in-game overlay was not ticked, when i updated, weird .. fixed 

  14. Why can't i see the duration of someone else of ban??

    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      After new TMP update you can't see someones punishment history and others can't see yours. 
      You can see only your own history.

    2. Mircea97


      It was better before :D

  15. Just me??or people have it 0:39  !



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    2. SgtBreadStick


      I think a lot of bugs were fixed in 1.32, don't know though

    3. Mircea97


      is it truckersmp or scs bug?? 

    4. SgtBreadStick
  16. Ets2 askes for update is it the 1.32 ?? but i didn't update ..

  17. Who can i travel with in Scandinavia?or Italy or France?? ..


    PS: not looking for trollers, just fun, having a discussion, fun, etc :D 

  18. Hey guys, want to change something in game???? fill survey 





    i made today a test, how is the quality a 970gtx nvidia . i5-6402

  20. Scania V8 just sound??can't understand a dif. between Volvo and Scania V8 vs V6 


    Yes the V6 pulls better..

    1. ScaniaFan89


      There isn't a V6, Volvo have I6 engines ( Inline / Straight 6 ) & Scania have V8 & I6 engines. With scania anything under 500hp or exactly 500 hp is I6 & anything over is V8, Volvo are all I6 engines same as in the Renault trucks!

    2. Mircea97


      Just V8 sound, that's it.. 

    3. ScaniaFan89


      Urm no they are actual engines

  21.  Still don't know what to choose between Volvo fh16 or Scania 2016 ... 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The choice is easy...


      DAF Euro 6. :P

    2. ChinosMasta


      Hello!  @Mircea97 :D 


      I would have chosen Volvo fh16 because I like the acceleration more. And the engine sounds are more isolated. That's what I think at least

      Drive carefully.




  22. hi guys should  i set my mirror distance to ultra?or not nessesary?or medium or high?some ideas??

    1. Aragon


      Mirror distance can play a significant part in the performance of your game client - but there's no right answer.


      You should test each value, and see what works best on your system, while having the least impact on frame-rates. 

    2. Mircea97


      @Aragon how do you have it set? 


      what pc specs ?


      mine: gtx 970 turbo oc asus, i5-6402p :D 8gb ram 

  23. i am getting 120fps on c-d road, i dont need 120fps just 70 or 80 .. what can i do?is v-sync good?mouse lag?

  24. Guys what are the best setting for an i5-6402p, and a nvidia 970 gtx oc asus 4gb, 8 gb ram, best setting?ultra?high?medium??

    1. H4ppyPT


      You have to test it...

      With that specs I would play on High, if I got a lot of fps brakes, go down to medium settings.


      With the best regards.

    2. Haulvoc


      Should be enough for maxed out settings with decent FPS @ 1920x1080.

  25. I will buy NITRO 330. 


    Please pick a color, tommorow i will buy, but i don't know .. please pick :) 


    please pick a color banner-Nitro3301.jpg                                        


    1. Savage.


      Blue one is very nice :)

    3. Mircea97


      got the green one :) very good :)

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