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  1. Can't wait for truckersmp to support the 1.37 :) 

  2. Happy Birthday to me, byebye 22 :) here i come 23 .. :D

  3. i have everything set, but winter mod dosent appear??
  4. 1+ sound of skoda's need to be changed or lowerd.. it's impossible .. they sound like airplanes, and too many in Simulation
  5. Did WinterMod get disabled??

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      nope it was still there for me today

    2. Mircea97


      its dosent work

      for me..

  6. Mircea97

    About report

    yes, but why did the other player report me?see in chat :))
  7. Mircea97

    About report

    What do you guys think about this report?? i am the victim and yeah, should i get in trouble for?
  8. Mircea97

    Daf to Volvo

    hi guys do you know a mod that i can use, like b_grill from daf to volvo, that fits perfectly?i did save, thingy but theres a little gap that bothers me ..you know??
  9. ì got the newer version of ds4 windows, amd i have rumble only on side of road vibration not in middle like steam, but if i use the steam what are the pros?and cons?
  10. hello guys i think the topic says it all, what program should i use for benefit?? in steam im afraid that my controller goes out of battery and i crash into people, and with ds4 windows i dont know how to make it rumble, or which is better, i got a ps4 controller and a bluetooth, please help me
  11. anyone playing with a ps4 controller ets2??:D

  12. Volvo?or Scania??:)



    1. Mircea97


      Is the truck driver ok ??oh Scania driver :)

  13. How do you guys think the winter mod from last year was it better?because for me i think it was, when i accel, i dont skid in 2019 without trailer, but in 2018 i skid.
  14. dxt11 creating problems, any fix??

  15. yes, but dosent work properly for ex, if i cant see truck in main menu, and at service, and i cant see the radio, number if i press f7 it gets stuck and i have to relog, any fixes??
  16. But wont i be able to play with dx11???later??fixed i entered game, when i pressed f7 i got me freezed with the menu press f1 to pause bla bla bla Edit: when i enter game a get kick, because sistem reability
  17. hello, Truckers Mp dosent work after the update. and when i enter i keep getting crash, i've done everything, my drivers are up-to date, i restored windows same, i done the tutorial on how to fix same, reinstalled ets2 and truckersmp same..heres the crash ----------------------------------------------- Crash log 06.12.2019, 16:09:33 Game name: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer, version:, renderer: dx11 OS: Windows 7, NT: 6.1 CPU[1/4]: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6402P CPU @ 2.80GHz CPU[2/4]: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6402P CPU @ 2.80GHz CPU[3/4]: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-64
  18. TruckersMp dosent work for me... OMG im so angry, no beta version selected, when i enter truckersmp i get crash !!

  19. Will truckersmp work today with the full update??

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    2. Mircea97
    3. WhiteTiger_TMP


      Scrie ticket la support. Altora le merge.


    4. Mircea97


      Works Thank you, they updated the truckersmp now, 


      PS: let's meet in Romania :) in-game !

  20. ets2 update or truckersmp update?and what is it about?wherre can i see?

  21. anyone know how can i delete the writing 750XL on volvo??

  22. hi anyone knows how i can lower the volvo front i have seen on some volvo.. it's like an added bar.

  23. The Winter slippery road is very very nice. PS: A nice thing would be to make it for a people. slippery roads.
  24. Doees Nvidia Shadowplay work after update????in ets2?

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    2. iBrachoO


      Yesterday I updated Nvidia Experience + gpu drivers because i had very weird problem. My game doesn't work on dx 64bit :/ Now everything is okay + i have more fps

    3. AppleSan


      Upgrading ets 2 blown up your gpu. :D

    4. Mircea97


      i fixed it, the in-game overlay was not ticked, when i updated, weird .. fixed 

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