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Experiencing kernel error or random crashes on TruckersMP Island? ×


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  1. Sarah explained it mostly but in short, the ID you see in game for a user in automatically assigned to them, and when you report someone in-game, the ID that pops up is their actual TruckersMP ID, not their auto-assigned ID from the game! Hope this has cleared the confusion!
  2. Sounds like a corrupted hard drive from the issue - have you scanned them to make sure they are working properly?
  3. Do you mean the list that shows up the player list? If so then the button to hide it is the '.tab' key! Normally what I'd do if I've done something that bought something up that I had no idea how to, I'd start pressing all my buttons until it worked. Another thing I'd do is exit and re-launch the game.
  4. if the evidence was made by you and you still have the file on your computer, then by all means use that but if it's from a different user and the video is deleted, then unfortunately there is nothing you can do I'm afraid.
  5. I'm not just going to deliver one cargo, I'm not going to deliver a couple of cargo's, I'm gonna do ALL OF THEM!
  6. Strange suggestion but have you tried to play standard ETS2 on single player since and does it work or not? If not then I would suggest uninstalling then reinstalling the entire game, which I know sounds like a pain but the only thing I can suggest. If it works, then it must be an issue with how you installed TruckersMP. Firstly, I would ensure you have opted out of all betas on ETS2, as you should be on that option unless the TruckersMP website say otherwise. Where have you installed TruckersMP? It could be you installed it onto a now corrupted hard drive, and you made need to move the game onto a different hard drive in order to run it. If none of these options work, then I unfortunately do not have any additional advice but I hope you find your problem!
  7. Best advice I can give is just type in the ID or username of the offender followed by ban report or something, and not insult/use offensive words against them in the title!
  8. Are you able to join the standered TMP servers, or is this issue only when you join the TMP servers? If you cannot join either, then you could have been banned for some reason (highly unlikely) If you can then I do not know what else to suggest I'm afraid. Hope you find three issues soon!
  9. There are a few other companies in vanilla ETS that haved named trailers, are you sure it's not over of these?
  10. Ha e you ensured that the Promods files are in your ETS2MP 'mod' folder, and are they the latest version/correct Promod files for TruckersMP? If not then I would suggest re-installing the game, might not make a difference but worth a try! Hope this helps :-)
  11. I wish I could join but due to the amount of people that may be on the server, it will cause my game to lag like mad. Also, the convoy will take place when I stream anyway!
  12. Ok, I will try this now! I followed all the steps correctly and still no result. Not yet however I need to try something!
  13. Hi there! I am having a slight issue trying to install the winter Mod on American truck! I have downloaded the right version and made sure it's working fine as it works on ets2 fine, and I made sure I put the mod in the correct location under the 'mod' folder in ATSMP. I did however have to create the folder as I didn't originally have it - could that be an issue? Another issue I thought of is do you have to run the mod in single player before then going into TruckersMP? Because I played on ets2 a bit with the mod but never on ATS, and whenever I do try and play the mod on ATS single player, the roads disappear! Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance! Features_Gaming
  14. Yes I did thanks you! Not the answer I would have liked to hear? but helped out a lot!
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