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  1. Update for those who may be having a similar problem: Alongside this post I submitted a help ticket, I understand from support staff who have kindly spoken with developers that this is a bug and will hopefully be fixed in the future. I shall persevere with the attempts to connect in the mean time. RB211
  2. Hello, I do indeed have the Iberia DLC - I have all the required DLC. Have checked that already. Promods works fine on single player, and when it actually does connect it works fine on TMP. My promods are in the my ETS mods folder and not ETS2MP folder, So that isn’t the issue.
  3. Yes the promods are in the mods folder and they are the correct version for TMP. As I said in my post they do work when it eventually connects. I have already reinstalled the game as my post says ? No i am afraid not, I have already tried a reinstall as my original post said so sadly this advice has already been tried ?
  4. Hi All, I have finally accepted defeat and decided to put a post on here to see if anyone is able to help with the problem I am having please. I have recently had problems getting onto the Promods server, I sign in as usual and load the game and after clicking drive I am preseneted with the connecting to promods server text and nothing futher happens. I have left this up to 30 mins before waiting and nothing happens. Only when I go back into the menus I get red text saying "Cannot initialize connection. You should restart the game." It is worth noting that this happens whenever I try and load into promods first time, bizzarly if I close the game and restart it several times after many attempts of the same error sometime it will connect. Evenmore bizzare is the fact that I can get onto any of the offical servers fine without an issue and always connects first time round. I have checked my game log and as you can see it appears to stop right before the connecting to the server until I go into the menu then I get this error. I have no clue what that is referencing as all the game files and game profile are there. It is almost like it stalls when trying to conenct to the IP. I do not know if this error is as a result of going back into the menus or the reason its not connecting but thought I would share below: [16:49:53] <info> SteamID: 76561198070174840 [16:55:10] <info> [net] Initialized successfully. [17:09:24] <error> [net] Cannot initialize connection! No local account data is present. [17:09:38] <info> [net] Shutdown successfully. [17:09:39] <info> [dx11] Device deinitialized. [17:09:40] <info> [net] [http async] Exiting detached thread... [17:09:40] <info> [net] Deinitialized successfully. I already run TMP as admin so moved onto the below steps. I initally thought it was a promods issue, so have reinstalled it from scratch but to no avail - its worth saying that the ingame promods works fine and that I have checked its the latest one. I have also checked I have the correct promods def file. On the occasions it has connected after several attempts, I can play the game and promods content fine. After that I thought it may be a TMP issue so have removed all the files and reinstalled as Admin to no avail. I have uninstalled ETS and reinstalled it again, creating a new profile then installing a fresh TMP and promods and the issue remains. I then thought it may be an internet issue or something on the promods server that my ISP/PC doesnt like so have tried: Restarting router, resetting IP, Clearing DNS cache, using wired / wifi, using a VPN, opening TMP ports. None of these worked. I then wondered if it was a Antivirus /Firewall issues, As such I tried: exluding TMP / ETS from both my virus program / firewall and also windows firewall / antivirus allowing. I have added the files to exclusions of those programs - still nothing. I have even tried connecting with all antivirus disabled and with all firewall protection off completley and the issue remains. I have now run out of ideas and all my attempts to troubleshoot have failed. Anyone able to help ? My full client log is here: https://prnt.sc/26k9rda Here is an example of how it doesnt show the error one time and then does the next: https://prnt.sc/26ka02k Here is the chat log which shows how sometimes it works and others it doesnt: https://prnt.sc/26k9s1w Cheers RB211
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