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  1. I dont know if this happened with anyone else but, of all the workers I have working for me, they dont level up, it just said "Player Ralf W Leveled up" and his level was still the same, I have a guy thats for over a month now on 7.5 and doesn't move from there.. I guess this is possibly a bug? Just want to know if this happened to anyone else
  2. Problem is solved, it decided to work all of a sudden, thank you for your help and tips. Feel free to close this thread.
  3. Any idea why this shows up? I cant place the picture because its max total size is 210kb and its worked before decide just not to today.. i suppose this is due to late autumn mod? what if i dont want that, i cant play? Also tried downgrade to 1.42 for incompatible mods but doesnt work either. any tips please?
  4. So I just need to purchase ATS and install the launcher again and play?
  5. In order to install this I do need to buy the game on steam, my question is, through the launcher, instead of selecting ETS, I choose ATS and can play right away on multiplayer? Or do I need to also get 2h on the normal version?
  6. I had been playing for a few hours now on the morning, got out of the game, was trying to go back in and I have this message popping on my screen.. I dont know why, for how long, what can I do regarding this? I only had been banned once and for a few hours, like I said I was just on for a few hours and nothing happened...
  7. I got told to use this ( https://mods-generator.com/ ) but apparently not available anymore.
  8. Well, today I saw 2 unusual trailers I never saw before my long journey on ETSMP, a big yellow trailer (dirt, mining, rocks transportation mostly), also how do I get the trailers? By reaching a certain level? I also saw a truck with a cement trailer on, how also do I get that? Thank you! Is it needed a garage on Finland? As far as I saw it only allows for 2 trailers, I even saw people with 3 of them at once which I cant buy one in-game.. I copied most of this text from my previous thread I made few months ago but now it says its not supported anymore, any tips please? Thanks.
  9. Yes I have some doubts cleared, however I would like to ask if someone could direct me with a link for the server rules and punishments, if possible? I once read that after 2 bans or something like that it gets permanent but I aint finding it anywhere, thanks for all the help.
  10. So pretty much, its simple, im tired of these players who have nothing to do but ram others with their trucks/cars when someone is passing them, happens to me alot, and I cant do anything because I dont know how to record it, thats where I need tips/help for it, how is it I record in-game? Using "Fraps" or "Bandicam" (for example) or theres other ways? Im simply tired of it and im gonna start making reports here on forums against these players just so they get a punishment, because reporting in-game, NOTHING EVER HAPPENS, this is the saddest part, I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE GETTING BANNED IN-GAME SINCE I PLAY HERE, how is this possible? Pardon me but this is a joke, unacceptable admins care only about updates and forums and regarding the game and punishing the rule-breakers, NOTHING HAPPENS, its no disrespect, not being rude, its frustrating because I have to always "roll-back" my game so I dont get my truck damaged, my load damaged (which doesn't give me all the exp and cash when I finish it), and they just do it all day long and nothing happens.. I hope a high ranked admins or multiple read this and decides to make a change. Also thanks to those willing to share some tips and help towards this noble cause (not being ironic), we must get rid of these players who are here only to cause problems and not letting others enjoy the game.
  11. I dont know if this has been happening to anyone lately, but when I try to go to a Renault stand, my game crashes. I bought myself a DAF, costumized it and all worked fine, however this happened a few times already, curiously, ONLY, when I choose Renault stands to visit, has anyone experienced this also? And if so is there a way to fix it? Thanks in advance for any help and have a good day everyone, cheers!
  12. I also noticed today, a few people with the "Michelin" toy (not the paintjob or tire writing) on top of the roof, or on the front bars, anyone knows how can I get them? Bought this DLC and searched everywhere but cant find it. Also sorry for so many questions and special thanks to all for the help, appreciate it. Have a great day/night!
  13. Yes, however, and pardon my ignorance, I have one more question, if possible of course, once bought the DLC, I can just go in-game to a mechanic shop and install ir or how does it work?
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