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  1. Hello, According to rule 1.5 it states that you are able to use mild insults such as idiot or noob and the word on the video said idiot. Please help me understand this because according to the rules I have not done anything wrong and I do not see how the word idiot can be seen as offensive. Any help will be great. Many thanks, That_Logic_Guy
  2. yes my question has been answered thank you
  3. Hello, I didn't know which section to put this in but quick question, where is the promods server? Is it under maintenance to support the new 2.60 promods or has something just happened?
  4. I was banned for ramming and reckless driving and I had made a question on the forum about it as there was no evidence given so everyone told me to wait it out for a bit for the moderator session to end as they put evidence after their session has ended and also that I should appeal my ban by asking for evidence but it's been about 12 hours now and nothing has been given which is really frustrating because I wanted to take part in the convoy today and it looks like I wont be able to because of what has happened. If you can tell me anything that can help it would help a lot.
  5. Normally when you get banned there is a link next to the banner showing why you've been banned but this time there is nothing there so I don't know why I've been banned. I have attached a file that shows where the file should be but isn't. I really want to do the convoy tomorrow so could someone please help as soon as possible. Many thanks, That_logic_guy
  6. I have done everything that I need to which is putting it into the ETS2MP folder and creating a folder called mod and I've also deleted the folder and reinstalled the mod twice. I haven't had them in together. Please if you can help with this so that I can experience the snow in the game and have some more fun. many thanks
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