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  8. Aurora x 666 -Private Convoy
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  9. ➤ 16/06/2023 tarihli Szczecin (Polonya) konvoyundan.. 「 ● We're kings of the roads. 」
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  11. Hello. Welcome to my gallery
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  13. Enforcing rules and banning players who are caught breaking them in plain sight, without relying on the in-game reporting system, as well as handling reports and appeals on external websites, is an incredibly challenging task. It requires a great deal of effort and expertise. Even so, I agree with your mate's suggestion that the in-game reporting system could benefit from some enhancements.
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  14. Hello @ROMANISTA [ITA], Thanks for the question. I will answer your question based on what I experienced.. Yes,you can send your pm if you know his/her ID also is far from you. For example if you're in Germany and the other ID is in Italy,he will receive your PM and you can answer him/her. Instead if you are a few meters away and you see him/her from the TAB, and then it disappears from the range that goes beyond 700m the does not highlight the name of the player but the number of the mentioned ID. For example you're the ID 788. When you're in the range of 600/700m when you mention someone appears his/her name (@788 > ROMANISTA ITA.) If he go away from you for more than 700m and disappear, when you type his ID will remain that and appear only (@788). I don't know if I explained myself, if you have any doubts or questions do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards, Rosso. | Aurora Driver.
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  15. Congratulations for accepting your content here. I'm looking forward for the new photos.
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  16. The command works map wide, regardless with both of you are playing. It's only local chat that stops working when out of range. Usage: /pm id text Caution: Check the id with /pinfo or the live map as it can be super easy to send to the wrong player. Recommendation: Just make a discord group for you and your friends. VC and done.
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  17. First of all, Hello! If that player is far away from you, of course you can throw You can start chatting by typing /pm 520 in the chat section. Example: /pm 520 nice truck We usually talk with this command when my friends are away I hope I could help. Best regards ΛRDΛ K~
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  21. Grazie per il Follow carissimo
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  22. Hello! @Tense35 Welcome to TruckersMP Forum, and thanks for your support! I hope you have a great day
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  23. I like so much your pics!
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  24. Thank you to everyone that took some time to wish me happy birthday
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  32. Your truck is very nice. I like it..
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  36. Congrats! @Lyta Moon Have a good day!
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  37. Hello! @The HitMan Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your day
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  38. Happy birthday @Robi47 Enjoy your day!
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  39. Doğum günün kutlu olsun hayatımda tanıdığım nadir iyi insanlardan birisi. Senin gibi bir arkadaşım olduğu için kendimi şanslı hissediyorum. İyi günde kötü günde beraberdik. Geçirdiğimiz tüm güzel günlere yenilerini de eklememiz dileğiyle...
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  44. Cool idea but horrible place where to do it. TMP biggest problem is that almost all players driving only on Calais-Duisburg road and thanks to that there is big traffic jams and mega fps drops and players moving like 10m per 1min lol. Same time its so boring to drive around anywhere else on this huge map because u will never see anyone else. Hopefully one day u have enough balls to close Calais-Duisburg road like for month. Just to see, where all these 3000+ players will go who usually likes to sit on these traffic jams. Maybe that will help to move players more around the map so people can meet another truckers anywhere else too. Like these SCS Events or TMP Event like this right now, its perfect to motivate players to go and see other cool countrys and roads aswell. But here we are again, all action coming to calais-duisburg area and lets all sit 5h in these traffic jams with 10fps. Hopefully one day AI traffic coming to the TMP so its not will be so boring to drive around alone whole day if you are not in mid map area. I know some of you will say that if i dont like these traffic jams, go play SCS Convoy mode with my friends and Ai. I have been done that and its cool but it also cool to drive around with thousands of real players. Just that sitting around in Duisburg-Calais is not my thing and theres not enough players around anywhere else to make it worth it to go and explore other countrys. But keep doing what u are doing TMP team, hats off for your hard work what u all have been done.
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