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  2. Amazing to see how the team has grown compared to the last time I fully remember it. Keep it going friends!
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  4. Cant really tell you about the process. As i dont know what questions you will be asked and what happens during training is that you get trained to be a moderator. Is it difficult? It can be. And we do quite a lot of reports, which is a lot of the work we do. Cant really tell you what a typical day looks like as there isent really one. Its not like when you show up to work in the morning and you do the same job every day. Some days you might not do anything as you have other real life things to do. And other days you do a lot of moderator work. There is no typical day. Being a moderator is not the glamorous thing some people think it is. Sure you get access to the police car but you dont really drive around in that a lot. And you really should not want to become a moderator because of the police car. And does it make it all more fun? Sometimes but i wouldent say it elevates Truckers MP to be super funny and much better than if you are just a normal player, as it is a lot of work and when driving in game you are always a moderator. And so yes you can just go driving like anyone else, but if something happens near you, you have to act on it. And so its never just a drive, there is always stuff to do.
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  6. Suggestion Name: Show supported version number if installed version is unsupported Suggestion Description: Currently, you have to look up the supported version on an extra tab in the new launcher. Many people don't know that you can find it there. Maybe it could be helpful that when you see the hint "Unsupported Version installed", the supported version also appears. Any example images: Before vs. After: https://imgur.com/a/r2jpEE2 Why should it be added?: As you can see on Discord, for example, many people are confused that they can't launch TruckersMP anymore and ask why that is. Maybe as a workaround you can also give a hint that SCS has released a new update so that people are not confused anymore.
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  15. /disconnect this should help to you
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  16. Thanks for the follow guys @Austin1203, @Juliia, @Andreweber2003 and @Knidos35
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  21. China ACC Team One Year Anniversary
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  22. Thanks for the follow! Could I ask from where did you get that banner? Cause its really similar to mine... As well as the PFP
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  23. Hello poopingcorn, I just want to answer your two questions that you have also a view from another Game Moderator . Of course, it can sometimes be quite stressful and a lot of work at once. It is, as @MrSirViking said, not only just driving the police car, there is a lot more work behind it. We deal with website and in-game reports and helping to keep the roads safe for everyone. For me, there is also no typical day. It can be that you have more to do and many people break rules at the same time. But there are also days when you go on a relaxed tour with friends or take part in an event. Every day is different. Personally, I have a lot of fun helping other players and doing my tasks. It is a diverse position. As already mentioned, it can also be stressful from time to time. I hope I could help you with my answer and good luck with your application! Kind regards, FastTV TruckersMP Game Moderator
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  24. this might be helpful for you to reset jobs.
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  25. Testing 1.47 on TruckersMP is in progress | New MAN TGX From several hours you can spot the staff on the online players map on the "Unknown server". It is easy to judge that they are using the new version because the online map has not yet been updated. SCS asked: "New MAN when?!" https://twitter.com/SCSsoftware/status/1646564231934820355 I answer: In my opinion in coming week with dedicated presentation in Twitch live-stream. It seems that this is the depot:
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  26. Thanks for the follow
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  27. Hey, I also recommend you to teleport between cities, because it will change your time in game, so possibly change your jobs. Regards, RedWolf_Plays
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  28. good morning all
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  29. Good Evening Everyone!
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  32. Good luck with your new job, man. Congrats.
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  33. [PLAYER] @Pauitø. joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee. [PLAYER] @Tommy~ joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee.
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  35. Hello! This thread will list updates made to the launcher. v1.1.6 - 2022-12-09 - Added automatic retries to most network requests - Added ability to type or paste in directory paths in settings - Fixed a rare logging-related error pop up when closing the game - Fixed every version prompting for desktop shortcut creation; you will still get prompted on this version - Fixed some elements being inaccessible without a mouse or other pointer device
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  36. I think i'm one of the first people to do a roll over a train...with a truck
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  38. Thanks for the follow !
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  39. really hope these cow trailers are still in 1.47
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  40. I am honored by your kind words. I'll be here with better ones.
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  41. Too bad you have left the team, thank you for your GM work @SpoonyUK
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  42. Happy birthday!
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