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  1. Suggestion Description: SCS could implement physical damage, like cracked windscreens, exhaust smoke, engine smoke (when damaged) or body damage, etc. Why should it be added?: That would improve the game realistically. And I'm sure many people would like these things.
  2. Before I had this game on steam I had close to 2k hours... now I only got 331h.
  3. Tev Singlplayera arī jabūt ir vismaz divām stundām lai varētu cip aktivizēt.. cik atceros.
  4. All of them, but I can proudly say thath 80% of all garages I bought before the update where you could buy them virtually. + I didn't cheat any of money.
  5. Back At The Road!!!Back at the Road... If you want to see this picture in better condition visit my WorldOfTrucks Account  Thanks!

  6. Interesting, But what would it give for us? Well, I suppose if there's and simulator server, then it would be very useful because its simulator driving whit all rules, forthath server it would be cool yea but for others . Myb, I personally don't drive faster than 150km h
  7. I really liked this design Hope this ends up in game.
  8. The idea is really good just need to come up whit multiple of ideas you know what's the point of one new if you can add 5 new
  9. The idea is nice. Hope this goes farther
  10. Nop 150 is fast enuff. drive 90km h for like 1h and then drive 150 for a 20 min.. you will feel like you're flying.
  11. Well, I agree whit you, kinda. Yea there are people who say sorry, but they could troll.. it is very difficult to know if they really mean thath sorry. if there Just could be a chance to see how much damage they have got in past 2h or so. or just h.
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