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  8. Maaan, i'm still waiting on the dirt roads they will be adding someday, i hope at least. it could bring so mutch new emotions to the game, the potholes the dirt, litle mud and so one.. but from my experiance being whit the game for so long, idkn. i kinda feel they could do more but in the same way they have done a lot to improve...
  9. the one who has the most people but the tiniest line in waiting.
  10. i like them all, its a bit of shame that game developers only focuse on 2-3 brands.. there is so mutch potential for all of the brand trucks and those costumations.. but they make packs only for few of them and for eaven less they make new cars..
  11. oh man, when the game launched i was driving golden VOLVO for a long period of time, then i drowe Latvian flag collored (chery red) volvo but after that i started to mix up the colors and also trucks, then green then purple then pink then black. ii think the only colour that i haven't used are brown...
  12. Hello all, i understand that this isn't the main games forum, but im sure you all can help me out. The problem i have is that on my account i have too mutch money, it has reached the point that i don't get joy of playing. i have collected 1,200,000,000+ money whit no cheats or mods, i have unlocked all garages, recently sold all my cars and drivers but understood that it will take super long time to get rid of the money in buyng and selling trucks... I have tried reseting it true console and eaven from game file, but it doesnt work. I would like to know if for example i start new account will all my progress in truckers will be lost or it will count eaven when i start a new account. And second, is it somehow possible to reset my money so that im left whit all my levels but no money? Thank you all, -burkanss
  13. Happy Birthday ❤️

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  14. Suggestion Description: SCS could implement physical damage, like cracked windscreens, exhaust smoke, engine smoke (when damaged) or body damage, etc. Why should it be added?: That would improve the game realistically. And I'm sure many people would like these things.
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