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  1. Happy Birthday ❤️

  2. Suggestion Description: SCS could implement physical damage, like cracked windscreens, exhaust smoke, engine smoke (when damaged) or body damage, etc. Why should it be added?: That would improve the game realistically. And I'm sure many people would like these things.
  3. Tev Singlplayera arī jabūt ir vismaz divām stundām lai varētu cip aktivizēt.. cik atceros.
  4. Back At The Road!!!Back at the Road... If you want to see this picture in better condition visit my WorldOfTrucks Account  Thanks!

  5. Interesting, But what would it give for us? Well, I suppose if there's and simulator server, then it would be very useful because its simulator driving whit all rules, forthath server it would be cool yea but for others . Myb, I personally don't drive faster than 150km h
  6. I really liked this design Hope this ends up in game.
  7. The idea is really good just need to come up whit multiple of ideas you know what's the point of one new if you can add 5 new
  8. The idea is nice. Hope this goes farther
  9. Thank You all for the support It helped a lot!
  10. I just wanted to know, How can you get better rank in truckersmp forum and does it give something and does it change something? Is it just for looks? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been trucking a long time now in cracked thou... Not so long in steam. And about this forum found out recently.. So I'm new to
  11. Kas sīčiem vainas? nejau visi ir pasisti un stulbi Vienkārši aktīvi vajag banot utt.. tak var uzlikt bridinajumu punktus. Bez mācīšanās,darīšanas nekas nemainīsies
  12. Uzlabotvar vienmēr. Manuprāt,derētu izraibināt smago mašīnu kompānijas,neticas ka eiropā ir pieejami tikai tie kravas automašinu uzņēmēji kas ir spēlē. Derētu Ets uztaisīt Globalos turnamentus.Viņiem vajadzētu atļaut visām tām valstīm kas ir ets 2 piedalīties tajā. Sākumā Valsts turnaments pēctam labākie no valsts iet uz globalo/eiropas turnamentu.. Turnaments varētu sastāvēt no sarežģītām parkošanām līdz sarežģītiem maršrutiem. Starp citu.. Ets speleju ļoti ilgi.. uz steam gan ir 300h bet pirmstam bija krakotais kur bija 2k h Taka pieredze mazliet ir. Arī pirmo ets bi
  13. In trucks, there is thath thing called air bundles or something., It's for brakes or something, but thath is a real thing. so better don't change it ;)Just hold on gas and your air tanks will be filled
  14. Suggestion Name: Trucks Suggestion Descriptio: Suggesting on adding moor Trucks to the game. I have been trucking since Euro Truck, And I feel like there need to be more trucks. Maybe not the truck companies what are in-game, but a different type . Just so people can get more choice. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: More choices, and realistic game!
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