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    Very well, out the most important event H64, I have completed satisfactorily 46 hours in total, I like your organization and its travels, thank you very much @.::Cheetah::. #Wish64 @McGamer @Djinsomnia #Wish64 and Team FlagShip, @K??V?TI? @TrademarkGamer @InvasiveSpark #Wish64 @Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner @FozzyGuy #Wish64 and more people. Thanks Photographers @TSRVTC - CheeseOnToast #H64 @Sir Smokey - #24S and more Photographers. I also saw the support of some administrators, also great thanks @PHL | WelshGaz @Louie G @immortal766 @krazymudkip @Bonnm @MrHarv #Wish64 and more Admins. THANKS FOR ALL
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    Well, that was it with H64 for me. In total, I completed a little over half of it. Really enjoyed it!
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    That's was an H64 day ! @SpeedySuliHD @FirestarteR93 @[ConSecGroup]SAlfer @pedke @Anthony [FR] @Smalley - Truckers.FM @Jaffa-VTC I Mirko9 I FME @Mirrland It was cool to drive with you, see you ! Oh i've forgot krivitie @K??V?TI?
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    This is what i call heavy cargo
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    Have really enjoyed H64 Its been fantastic Route 2 + 3 Friday didn't go too well for me and got a bit annoyed due to the speed limited server and not being able to catch up after having to f7 Some route/cc issues but noting too bad and well done to all the admins, CC and everyone from, FSE, they/ye have all done a brilliant job I'm finished with H64 now and probably won't make it back before it ends Very sad that its over (for me) Will still be going until the morning Got perma banned by mistake thats the 2nd time thats happened to me NP tho as it was sorted literally within a minute Few photos from today Pretty happy with these @.::Cheetah::. #Wish64 o/ @Mr Jakeeee #ForCorrine <3 o/
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    Image uploading has been fixed. Sorry for any troubles!
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    Thanks for the follow much apperictae
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    Hellooo truckers today is my TruckersMP account second birthday
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    Dont forget to donate! https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/haulage2017
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    Trying to get my forum rep points up so I can apply for a few more things!
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    Here are all the photos I took at H64 Was my first H64 and loved it http://imgur.com/a/9j0YN
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    Congratulations Best of luck with your promotion!
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    YAYAYAYAYAYA Congratulations!!
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    i like how 90% of H64 CC are professional then there is me judging every truck who goes past oh well 14 hours (ish) of cc done
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    Enjoyed H64 so far! currently waiting in Cardiff for the next step of the convoy
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    Heyo, juste pour te souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire A+ sur la route SCANIA ALSACE
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    13 hours to go with haulage 64 and loving being surrounded by grat members of the TMP community
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    Well Played @Tuxy Fluffyclaws
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    Really really enjoyed H64 today Was fantastic Did about 8 hours and had noting to eat or drink during that time Finally jhad food tho - Just finished a pizza During an hour long break I put rain on and went around taking plenty of photos Actually quite happy with how they turned out Heres a few (can't remember who those 2 police cars infront are ) @MrHarv #Wish64 o/ Will post all the photos I have of H64 when its over Not sure when or if I'll get back to H64 tho, I know I won't be back tonight but not sure about tomorrow Might be away for awhile tomorrow but hopefully I'll be able to make it in the morning or when I get back (if its still on) All the admins and FSE staff are doing a brilliant job If you have not yet gone to H64 I'd highly advise going
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    Hello good morning all, can you all be aware sending me a ban appeal via the forums, discord or steam profile will not get it deal with any quicker! Please send and appeal to www.truckersmp.com/appeals and make an appeal to me there I've asked you politely please follow this!
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    Nothing gets better then a Monday. Lol, just relaxing and playing games as per usual.

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