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What is Windows Game Bar?
Windows Game Bar is a feature implemented by Microsoft. It can for example record the last 30 seconds of the game. This can come in handy for reports. 



... if you have a slow Computer or a Quadro Graphic Card you might have come around this Error message:




You can go around this error message and force Windows to activate Windows GameDVR. But keep in mind that you might lose a few FPS and that the recorded video clip might judder a bit. But for reporting it should be fine.

Step 1 - Close all games 


Step 2 - Download GameDVRConfig 


Step 3 - Move GameDVR out of your Download folder so you can find it again (e.g. Documents) 


Step 4 - Run GameDVR_config.exe


Step 5 - Select these options: 





Step 6 - Just close the program there is no save button. 


Step 7 - Restart your PC (Optional - always worked for me without restarting)





In Windows settings, Windows Game Bar is still marked as not supported but it is activated.


To further configure Windows Game Bar start ETS and press Win + G.  


Then go into settings:  


Link to picture: https://imgur.com/fWiaxoi


Click on shortcut so you can change the standard shortcut:




If Windows Game Bar still gives you the error message in Game that your computer isn't supported you can try:
1. using the standard Shortcut WIN + G even though it tells you that GameDVR isn't activated.  
2. restart your computer and repeat the steps. 


I hope I could help.




Since English isn't my first language there might be a few spelling or grammatically incorrect sentences in there. Don't be shy to tell me (or PM).

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