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  1. EU2 seems to be out of control

    Lolz i totally understand that part but i think maybe that team will be open when the active teams are closed. -Arctic Wolf
  2. The Last Post Wins!

  3. The Last Post Wins!

  4. Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because you have more reputation than me XD
  5. Answer the question above you

    I love playing this game because i enjoy it, and most likely because im in viva i love trucking with drivers in my own VTC. Question: what is 1 thing you do everyday? -Arctic Wolf
  6. EU2 seems to be out of control

    You have to remember there are more than 2million accounts registered on TruckersMP and we only have a few full Game Moderators trail Moderatord don't have permission in game to ban people. Full Game Moderators have website, appeals, & in game reports to do that's a lot of work mate Pluse ETS is a big map there are not enough Game Moderators to be everywhere watching every single player in the game. Also don't forget about ATS other game mods have to manage that server only if they have ATS so they can't be in 2 games at the same time. Moderators can't just manage the busy places all the time they have other places to manage as well. Please remember, there are more thann 1000 players on the EU2 server and sometimes EU3. Think of how many reports just being submitted into the system yeah thats a lot and like i said above admins have to do appeals & website reports so they can't be in 2 places at the same time. Yeah my report has not gotten reviewed in game but we can't change that. Game Moderator have thing outside of TruckersMP jobs (work) so please be patient i suggest doing website reports instead. Kind regards, -Arctic Wolf l Viva Trucking
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    -Arctic Wolf 

  8. Thx for the follow!


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  10. Thx for the follow back!


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    1. Mr.Wolf_**CZ** =)

      Mr.Wolf_**CZ** =)

      Likewise! ;) However your profile is great ;) Not a problem why I would can not follow 


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  11. Thanks for the follow, i have followed you back, sorry I forgot to follow you earlier :wub:


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    1. [Viva] Ryannm
    2. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

       profile pics & background lools awesome BTW

    3. [Viva] Ryannm
  12. Welcome back to the team m8


    -Arctic Wolf 

  13. New troll server

    I also forgot to mention, TruckersMP will not change that we have rules that everyone has to follow, everywhere you go there are rules even in real life driving the same way you see people drive (following the traffic rules) is the same way you should follow the game rules. Kind regards, -Arctic Wolf l Viva Trucking
  14. ^ Ok, gotcha but why click on Viva Trucking just to say that? When someone clicks the "company advertising" section they go looking before clicking a apply link. Just because viva is a big VTC doesn't mean we have a spot light. (Just saying) Kind regards, -Arctic Wolf l Viva Trucking
  15. Lag / Stutter?

    Hi again, Have you tried troubleshooting it? -Right click on TruckersMP -Click Troubleshoot Kind regards, -Arctic Wolf l Viva Trucking