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  1. Thank!! ONLYY 1 day left tell our 2 year event!
  2. Congratulations mate! :wub:

  3. Welcome to the TruckersMP Community!

  4. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

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  5. Thanks for the follow I will follow you back!

  6. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

    Will the speed limit of 150km / h be removed?

    Hello, Sadly the speed limit won't be removed any time soon I've seen people make suggestions in "new suggestion" page but there reply is "declined" Sometimes I ask why we have this speed limit but this really comes in handy when people are overtaking with high speeds, and it reduce the amount of crashes being created by high speeds in traffic.
  7. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

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  8. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

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  9. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

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    Good luck
  10. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

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    nah, xd
  11. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

    Overtaking speed

    Hi, Some users have a lighter load which makes then drive faster and possibly speedhacking.
  12. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

    less players on eu2

    Lol don't worry they will be back! Xd
  13. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

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