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  1. Merhaba @EnGiNeMTR Bilgisayarınızı yeniden başlatmayı denediniz mi? Sorununuzu çözmenize yardımcı olmazsa, Truckers MP'yi bu web sitesinden yeniden yüklemeyi deneyin: https://truckersmp.com/download Sorry for using Google translate.
  2. Suggestion Name: UTC time display. Suggestion Description: I wish you could add a digital clock (or something) to top-left-corner, or somewhere. Why should it be added?: It will help video reports, and more...
  3. Hi @quazarvoid, 1.Go to this website: https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings , scroll down, until you see big title "Edit Account". 2.When you successfully found it, then fill into field inder it your current password. 3.Under that field you can see another field under title "Username" -write there your future username. 4.When you have it done, leave all other fields blank (if you don't want to change anything else) and click on "Save". 5.Now you have successfully changed your username on web and also in game. Please consider that, you can change your username only once per limited time.
  4. Hello, Are you sure in that, you are using the newest version downloaded from here: https://truckersmp.com/download ?
  5. In wich state and city do you have that default garage, if I can ask? I have mine in Czech republic (also known as Czechia) in Brno
  6. Hello, Did you try to set the settings to default, maybe it could help, but I dont have high amount of experience with that.
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