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  1. Thanks! I want to be honest. I wasn’t paying attention at all time. Especially while driving on the Autobahn or Highways (just a straight road) I was just watching Netflix while driving. I have developed a special skill to drive and to watch Netflix! ( look at my damage ). but obviously I was paying attention in curves, when other player were nearby or in crowded areas. I have never put any other player in danger! (Tap list is always open) This “skill” shouldn’t be used in Real life btw
  2. My longest job: 7576 KM (without ferriers)
  3. I use a Virtual Trucker Company Software that tracks everything. It’s pretty much the same as Truckersbook. (I use SpedV) They have a 150 € / km limit. You cannot invoice/ bill jobs that are higher than 150 € / km. so the price was actually 150 € /km. i actually don’t know how much a truck gets paid per kilometre. But it depends where he is from. A polish or a Romanian truck driver doesn’t get so much paid as a German or an French truck driver.
  4. Yeah. Sometimes I also drive on Acrade to “speed things” up. The 7000 KM trip was brutal.... I took me 5 hours.... But my VTC got 800.000 € (1,4M before tax). But I don’t think that I will do such long trips again. My maximum right now is 5000 KM. But about the speed limit: I think that the discussion only exists because of the D-C Road. If I‘m honest: I also like moderate traffic. During my long trips i sometimes miss traffic. And I don’t even care if everybody follows every single rule. I don’t report somebody just because they ignored the way of right. That’s
  5. That is actually a very good point! I actually didn’t thought about it yet.... Trucks do have speed limiter due to EU law. But I still don’t think that we need to lower the general speed limit to 90 km/h. Don’t get me wrong: I do strongly agree that we need a speed limit. But I think that 110 km/h is a good sweet spot. Again: Just because some trolls on the C D road we want to change the speed limit? The people who are complaining about these trolls just shouldn’t go there. I like driving long distances (between 3000 - 7000km). I barely have problems with trolls during t
  6. I didn’t read every post yet. Sorry if this was mentioned before. I don’t agree with a general speed limit of 90 km/h. Because in some countries you are allowed to drive faster than 90 km/h such as the UK with 97 km/h or Bulgaria with 100 km/h. Yes you could set individual speed limits / caps for each country but I don’t think that this is necessary. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to drive faster than 90 km/h in Bulgaria while 100 km/h are allowed? Just because some trolls on the Duisburg-Calais road?
  7. Josh115

    Upload Websites

    Yup. I also use YouTube. But I upload the video as Not listed
  8. Well I love to listen to Rock / classic Rock music. Normally I listen to RadioBob (the best German rock radio station in my opinion) or an Amazon Music Rock “Radio” station / playlist. The music must have a good rhythm. songs / bands I like : -a few meatloaf songs (I would anything for love, By the dashboard light etc) - Scorpions (Wind of change etc.) - Live is a highway - Fury in the slaughterhouse and many more
  9. That is true. Then they should just apply as an developer. I actually don’t really see a reason to publish the code.
  10. Well than they could just offer a paid rental service. But as they already mentioned: the code goes deep. So if they would release the code today it won’t really make it faster since people have to learn and understand the hole code first. But it might be useful for future updates. But that probably wouldn’t happen. I respect and understand that.
  11. well as far as I know they have a agreement with SCS not to release any code but don’t quote me on that. I have read that a few times but I’m actually not sure if that is correct
  12. Gebannt, weil deine Garage in Köln ist. Grüße aus DÜSSELDORF!
  13. Hi, Hoffen wir mal das die Lösungsansätze von Templa funktionieren! Falls nicht müsstes du uns ein paar mehr Informationen geben Kannst du uns einen Log / crash log von ETS und von TruckersMP bereitstellen? (Z.B. Auf Pastebin hochladen) Kommt das nur im Multiplayer vor? Und wie sieht es mit eigenen Trailer aus? Zudem welche Grafikkarte und Grafik Treiber hast du? Spielst du mit DX11 oder mit OpenCL (steht oben Rechts beim Anmeldebildschirm im MP) Joshua
  14. Hi, This is normal even after the first installation. It will load long when you switch between Single Player and Multiplayer. Also when you switch between the normal ETS Map and the ProMods it will also load long. And sometimes if you haven’t played for a long time!
  15. Hi, das ist merkwürdig. Also seitens TruckersMP kann es ja nicht liegen, da du anscheinend einer der wenigen bist mit solchen Problemen. Kannst du uns mehr mitteilen? Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, bist du über LAN verbunden? Direkt an den Router oder sind dort Powerline bzw. Reapter dazwischen? Welchen Provider hast du ? Kannst du uns einen LOG bereitstellen? Von TruckersMP und von ETS? In welchen Regionen kommt es zu Verbindungsabrüchen? Wenn viel los ist ? (Z.B. Auf der Calais Duisburg Route) Zudem welches Betriebssystem, Antivirus Software oder sonstige spe
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