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  1. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    ok I do agree that these were bad examples. But I have seen very nasty assault. And I don’t thing that they should be allowed. I don’t think that it is very complicated to develop such a system. (Well I’m not an expert but I still know a few things about filtering systems - depends on what Chat system they use) But idk. It was just an idea. I think you are right. The system would chat Bann without knowing the context. That wouldn’t end good
  2. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    My Idea: The System has a “Blacklist” with all kinds of assault (for example ALT F4, can’t drive, idiot etc. ) which can detect those automatically. When somebody enters one of those words you will get a warning. After 3 warnings (in 1 session) you will get Chat banned for the next two or three hours. Or the system just filters everything out...
  3. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    Really? That’s crazy? I actually did not expect that! I would expect from them to drive normally! Just an idea: Can you get Chat banned / kicked? I know that you can get Chat kicked / banned (for the next hour) in other games if you will type words that are on a blacklist! But only after you get 3 warnings. What do you think guys. Should I create a feature request?
  4. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    Maybe (this is just a speculation!!! I do not want to disrespect anyone) these are kids. I remember when I was a younger that I was only allowed to play 1 hour or so a day. Maybe are these kids under time pressure and want to get their job done before their time is up? These kids are probably also not mature enough to follow traffic rules (also because they might not know them) and to share the roads. However. This is just a speculation. This might not be true for everybody. Others might be just Trolls. I don’t want to disrespect anybody.
  5. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    Hi thank you for a the reply’s. What I just wanted too add: I don’t swear or start discussing with the people (I ignore the chat but I still read it). I just try to get out of the situation quick. But I trying to be too quick and usually get more stuck. Also I really like driving on dangerous and crowded roads. But the people are just nuts sometimes.
  6. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    Hi, thanks for your response. I don’t understand why people are trying to rush. Especially during an Traffic Jam. After they overtake me they will be stuck again. They will only save a little time but also waste others people at the same time because they usually only make it worst. I also usually drive with the server map. But the Kirkenes road is only one way so it doesn’t really help. I also handle those situation like you do. I don’t swear or discuss with them. But sometimes I’m just to stressed that I give up. And I use Windows DVR to record. You can setup a shortcut that it only saves the last 30 seconds.
  7. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    Hi, I downloaded last week ProMods. I’m impressed! It’s awesome. I really like driving tight Roads and routes. That why I decided to go to Kirkenes. I drove this road a few times without any “problems”. You just need to be patience and not selfish. Most people stop for other which is actually great too see. But yesterday I got so pi**ed off that I immediately exit the game after waiting 1,5 hours in a traffic jam and only driving an kilometre (I will explain further later) I’m fine with only driving an kilometre and waiting 1,5 hours in a traffic jam, I’m just angry about the people who think that they are the best drivers. I’m really patience. When somebody is stuck in front of me (which happens quite often there) I will wait and will make some space if necessary! (Because this person could also be me) I won’t be honking or typing: “idiot” , “learn too drive and go back to mummy” , or “just press ALT + F4” or “F7 you idiot”. It won’t make it faster! It will make the person, who is stuck, more nervous! I really really don’t understand why people do this??? Can please somebody explain me why? The best part is when these people who type this kinda stuff get stuck themselves. Now here is why I was pi**ed off: I was coming from the company “Stein”. I wanted to take the curve onto the second bridge. Unfortunately I took the wrong angle and got stuck. So I tried to stay cool and to reverse to correct my angle. I was completely stuck and locked up! There was also a big traffic jam ahead so I had time. After only 30 seconds people where spamming that I should just F7 / ALT F4 /don’t know how to drive / go back to mummy etc. Normally I don’t care about those people but in this situation I was so stressed and pi**ed off by them that I just quit. My question to you: How do you handle such situations? (Again I’ m not complaining about other peoples driving style or the long waiting time. I’m complaining about the sloppy tone in the chat. I wish that there would be more Admins who would kick people for sloppy tone (I know that they already have enough things to do))
  8. Good evening, I just wanted to thank all staff for this amazing Event! It was fun and challenging! I have some clips for those people who unfortunately couldn't participate! You missed a lot! Calais was VERY congested! Over 130 Players! It was a mess! An example for an accident! Rushing to the operation site! Thank you Staff for that AWESOME event! Joshua
  9. Wow that’s amazing. Congratulations! I have been here since 2015 and it was always fun to be around here. Thank you to all the staff that made all this possible! #3milliongiveaway For everybody who wants to enter the giveaway: Don’t forget to add #3milliongiveaway Good luck everybody!
  10. I just had this situation. I had my first ban last Sunday. I didn’t even noticed it because I didn’t had any time to play last week. I got banned because I unintentionally rammed somebody. It happened On the busy C - D Road and my FPS was low because of the busy traffic. For those people who want to see the evidence Video just take a look at my punishment history. there should be a Link to the evidence Video(NOT MY PERSPECTIVE) where I rammed him. BUT please also take a look at the comment section where I explained everything and apologized. There is also a Video Link from my perspective! I have already created an ban appeal, which was declined because the ban expired. I have already created an Feedback ticket. Joshua
  11. Good morning together, I hope that I'm right here. I bought the Special Transport DLC ( Steam Link ) yesterday. Now I have read somewhere that if you have over 50t cargo that you have to add "50 t" in your Game Tag. Is that true? I read the rules and the looked through the forum but i couldn't find anything. Also how do I change my Game Tag? I see a lot of people driving around with the Game Tag "GER" , "RUS", "FR" etc. Thank you very much, Joshua
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