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  1. That is true. Then they should just apply as an developer. I actually don’t really see a reason to publish the code.
  2. Well than they could just offer a paid rental service. But as they already mentioned: the code goes deep. So if they would release the code today it won’t really make it faster since people have to learn and understand the hole code first. But it might be useful for future updates. But that probably wouldn’t happen. I respect and understand that.
  3. well as far as I know they have a agreement with SCS not to release any code but don’t quote me on that. I have read that a few times but I’m actually not sure if that is correct
  4. Gebannt, weil deine Garage in Köln ist. Grüße aus DÜSSELDORF!
  5. Hi, Hoffen wir mal das die Lösungsansätze von Templa funktionieren! Falls nicht müsstes du uns ein paar mehr Informationen geben Kannst du uns einen Log / crash log von ETS und von TruckersMP bereitstellen? (Z.B. Auf Pastebin hochladen) Kommt das nur im Multiplayer vor? Und wie sieht es mit eigenen Trailer aus? Zudem welche Grafikkarte und Grafik Treiber hast du? Spielst du mit DX11 oder mit OpenCL (steht oben Rechts beim Anmeldebildschirm im MP) Joshua
  6. Hi, This is normal even after the first installation. It will load long when you switch between Single Player and Multiplayer. Also when you switch between the normal ETS Map and the ProMods it will also load long. And sometimes if you haven’t played for a long time!
  7. Hi, das ist merkwürdig. Also seitens TruckersMP kann es ja nicht liegen, da du anscheinend einer der wenigen bist mit solchen Problemen. Kannst du uns mehr mitteilen? Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, bist du über LAN verbunden? Direkt an den Router oder sind dort Powerline bzw. Reapter dazwischen? Welchen Provider hast du ? Kannst du uns einen LOG bereitstellen? Von TruckersMP und von ETS? In welchen Regionen kommt es zu Verbindungsabrüchen? Wenn viel los ist ? (Z.B. Auf der Calais Duisburg Route) Zudem welches Betriebssystem, Antivirus Software oder sonstige spezielle Software für Netzwerkeinstellungen hast du (falls vorhanden). Joshua
  8. Might not quite fit to this topic but ETS had some influence on me. On my first driving lessons (Volkswagen Polo) I wanted to pull out a bit to get around the curve like I had a big trailer behind me. My driving instructor didn’t like that
  9. What is Windows Game Bar? Windows Game Bar is a feature implemented by Microsoft. It can for example record the last 30 seconds of the game. This can come in handy for reports. But... ... if you have a slow Computer or a Quadro Graphic Card you might have come around this Error message: You can go around this error message and force Windows to activate Windows GameDVR. But keep in mind that you might lose a few FPS and that the recorded video clip might judder a bit. But for reporting it should be fine. Step 1 - Close all games Step 2 - Download GameDVRConfig Step 3 - Move GameDVR out of your Download folder so you can find it again (e.g. Documents) Step 4 - Run GameDVR_config.exe Step 5 - Select these options: Step 6 - Just close the program there is no save button. Step 7 - Restart your PC (Optional - always worked for me without restarting) Done! In Windows settings, Windows Game Bar is still marked as not supported but it is activated. To further configure Windows Game Bar start ETS and press Win + G. Then go into settings: Click on shortcut so you can change the standard shortcut: If Windows Game Bar still gives you the error message in Game that your computer isn't supported you can try: 1. using the standard Shortcut WIN + G even though it tells you that GameDVR isn't activated. 2. restart your computer and repeat the steps. I hope I could help. Joshua Since English isn't my first language there might be a few spelling or grammatically incorrect sentences in there. Don't be shy to tell me (or PM).
  10. Hi, Unfortunately, I have trouble using DX11. I wish I could use it. So I’m actually not sure what Graphic Card ETS is using. I have 2 cards in my Laptop: Normal Intel Graphics and a Nvidia Quadro 2000m. I think it is using Intel Graphics because my CPU load is always high and these Quadro card doesn’t support a lot of games (BUT DX11!!!). So when I start ETS 2 from steam I can select DX11 but the game immediately crash. I don’t know why. I have this problem since I updated to ProMods 2.45 (I think???). The normal / stock Map still works. But it is definitely a graphic card / driver problem (I think). Does actually anybody know how to get ETS running with Quadro cards? (I already tried through the Nvidia Control panel)? Or how do I know what card is being used? Thanks
  11. Hi, Yesterday I used my ProMods Profile to play on “Simulation 1” with all works fine. Then I wanted to switch back to ProMods. It loaded without a problem (all my garage and Trucks are still there). I’m able to drive around in areas without any traffic (or heavy traffic). But when I drove onto to the Kirkenes Road my game crashed. When I switch back to Simulation 1 it all works again. So was this caused because I switched over to Simulation 1 with my ProMods Profile? I also bought the Mighty griffin tuning pack at the same day (I already tried disabling it). In my Crash Log I can see that it doesn’t pick up my GPU memory which is kinda weird. I do use OpenGL. I searched the forum but I couldn’t find anybody who has the same problem. Reinstalling TruckerMP and ETS 2 didn’t solve my problem. I will try creating a new profile next. Thanks, Joshua
  12. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    ok I do agree that these were bad examples. But I have seen very nasty assault. And I don’t thing that they should be allowed. I don’t think that it is very complicated to develop such a system. (Well I’m not an expert but I still know a few things about filtering systems - depends on what Chat system they use) But idk. It was just an idea. I think you are right. The system would chat Bann without knowing the context. That wouldn’t end good
  13. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    My Idea: The System has a “Blacklist” with all kinds of assault (for example ALT F4, can’t drive, idiot etc. ) which can detect those automatically. When somebody enters one of those words you will get a warning. After 3 warnings (in 1 session) you will get Chat banned for the next two or three hours. Or the system just filters everything out...
  14. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    Really? That’s crazy? I actually did not expect that! I would expect from them to drive normally! Just an idea: Can you get Chat banned / kicked? I know that you can get Chat kicked / banned (for the next hour) in other games if you will type words that are on a blacklist! But only after you get 3 warnings. What do you think guys. Should I create a feature request?
  15. Josh115

    Pi**sed off

    Maybe (this is just a speculation!!! I do not want to disrespect anyone) these are kids. I remember when I was a younger that I was only allowed to play 1 hour or so a day. Maybe are these kids under time pressure and want to get their job done before their time is up? These kids are probably also not mature enough to follow traffic rules (also because they might not know them) and to share the roads. However. This is just a speculation. This might not be true for everybody. Others might be just Trolls. I don’t want to disrespect anybody.
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