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Updates to the VTC System #2

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Hello VTC Leaders,

Today we are happy to announce there will be some changes to our VTC System. We will be adding new content and also updating existing content within our system as we keep on listening to your feedback.

Introduction of the Validation system:

We are introducing a new rank within our system which is to help recognise aspiring VTCs that do not meet the Verification requirements yet or similar. In addition, this is to try and ensure not as many VTCs are being limited by our system.

What does this rank do for my VTC?

It will include some similar features from what already exists within our system but will exist in a more confined manner as to not be confused with the Verified status.

Validation is aimed at being a smaller status that can still be beneficial to VTCs so they can stand out more in the community as we recognise not all VTCs will be able to reach Verified and there is no recognition within our system that is a compromise for those other VTCs.

What are the requirements for being Validated?

In order to get Validated you must meet the following criteria on your VTC page:

  • At least 10 members

  • At least 5 news posts, of which 1 must not be older than 1 month

  • A professional looking VTC page with appropriate information filled throughout all sections. (Rules, requirements, information, logo and slogan)

  • A working and professionally presented website which says what the VTC is about or does and a contact page which contains a link to Discord, TeamSpeak or Slack. You could also use other communication programs, but your page must contain at least one of the mentioned programs.

What are the perks once my VTC is Validated?

  • Featured near the top/start of the search page when someone enters criteria matching your VTC

  • Gold colour name on the VTC search page and when viewing the VTC page itself

  • VTC Leader role on our Official Discord

How do I apply to get my VTC Validated?

This process is identical to the Verification one, you need to head over to our feedback system here and create a ticket under the “VTC” category. Once you have done so, one of the Community Managers will claim your feedback ticket, review it and give you an outcome. To find out more about how to get Validated please head over to our Knowledge Base Article here which explains everything said above in more detail.

Updates to the Verification Requirements:

After reviewing community feedback in regards to the Verification Requirements, we have altered some of the requirements. You can find the altered rules below:

  • Your VTC MUST have at least 20 news posts on the VTC system of which 3 must not be older than 1 month. These posts cannot all share the same information, for example, you cannot just post your weekly event information, you must post other news too.

  • Your VTC MUST organise at least 1 private event and 1 public event and attend 2 events per month.

We have now reduced the number of news posts (that are not older than 1 month) from 5 posts to 3 posts. We understand some VTCs felt they did not have any content that was worthy to post and some VTCs posted similar/useless content so they could reach this requirement. This is why we have altered this rule to include the fact that you must have a variety of news on your VTC page.

In addition to this, we have also altered the rule in regards to events. Previously, the requirement stated that you must organise and run 1 private event and organise or attend 1 public event (either TruckersMP official or community organised). We have now extended this rule to include attending 2 events AND organising 1 public event per month.

What do you think?

Do you want to give us feedback about these changes? Then please head over to our feedback system here and create a ticket under the Community Management category to give us your thoughts on the changes made. We are always looking to improve our services so we love hearing what you think.

Kind regards,

TruckersMP Community Management

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Guest -RiPuZ- Style

Great Updates.

I believe this will be a great and cool Truckers Multiplayer

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