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26 minutes ago, PandaSimTv said:

I think Trucky's staff should fix some unknown bugs :(


@PandaSimTv if they are unkown how we can fix them? :D

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Overlay released



Added ALT+L to open Trucky Live map following you (only MP)

Added specific settings for unity system in ATS, current one is for ETS2

Moved replay settings in separate tab

Added auto replay on collisions with various settings. Video capturing is fired when collision (damage) is detected (default >= 5% damage on chassis, trailer or cargo if considered)

Added settings to specify past duration and future duration of replay registered (default before 30 secs, after 5 secs)

Added setting to hide header in servers and friends screen (default is true)

Fixed no show “entering area” when disabled

Added Arab translation


See more here https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/overlay-release-auto-replay-on-collisions/

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Smartphone app update

- Events screen revamp

- New weekly routes engine and Promods routes


See more here https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/app-release-events-screen-revamped-and-new-weekly-routes/

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Trucky has now a Public Trello Board for suggestions, changes, bug reports and whatever you have in mind useful to improve the platform!


Read the announcement here: https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/public-board-on-trello-for-suggestions-and-bug-reports/

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Recap and detailed changelog of latest Overlay and Mobile app updates: https://truckyapp.com/blog/releases/latest-changelog-app-and-overlay/ 

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Can I ask who's translate this app? Is it Google Translate? Because some words isn't translated or it's translated so funny in my languages. Can I manually translate it and how?


Second question is how or can I change one line manually because I play window mode and can't see all "for game info window mode" when choose horizontal? Can't see tempomat speed, speed limit and want destination without company name.


Thank you for answer.

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@FullM00n the app is translated by humans. but i cannot exclude someone use Google Translate.

If you want to fix your language, go on https://translate.truckyapp.com, find your language e translate or change them. 


about the second question, do you want to hide some informations from the horizontal bar?


if yes, it's not yet possible but it's planned to choose what you want to see where.

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