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  1. No I don't get the answer on my Question, all that from Nightwish already done. So why is my Ping to high for the server, is that because I have an good connection perhaps better that the other people
  2. How come you get kicked because you have too high a ping. I mainly have that when I am streaming, but without streaming it also happens. And how come others are not bothered by streaming at all. both with Youtube and with Twitch And what can be done to prevent you from having too high a ping. I have a fiber optic connection
  3. You don't just get ticketed when there are too many players online. you can also get ticketed if there is no one around and you will see that your ping is too high. It would be nice if they also had an explanation of how you can prevent such a thing. How come the server can't handle your high ping. And it would be nice if there would be a certain button where you would be taken directly to the start page instead of having to save, then exit and start all over again. this is very annoying when you are recording or streaming
  4. Madmex  NL

    Winter mod

    Soon you can choose whether you want to drive with or without a Winter mod. Isn't it more convenient that it is standard that everyone drives with winter mod during the winter period. If not, it is no better that those who use winter mod than put TAG snow by their name so that everyone knows who uses winter mod. Because there will of course be more collisions and then it is more convenient to see if someone uses a winter mod.
  5. Update 1.40 - New HDR Light Processing | Graphics Improvements | New Update for ATS & ETS2 - 2021 What will this mean for TruckersMP, many people with a not too strong PC will have problems in SP, but what are the consequences for TruckersMP will they be able to cope with this and will the noise problem be solved if you join 4 trucks are each other. Anyway ok it will certainly be more beautiful.
  6. How come I had never kicked for a to high ping. Now with the new Update TruckersMP 1.39 I was kicked 2 times for an high ping. in ATS no prob at all. So how is that possible. Thanks
  7. Is it also working with the latest update 1.39 and is it possible to use it on an second monitor I use only PC so no use with mobile device
  8. Madmex  NL


    So in other words, you can only use it if you don't stream yourself or join someone who is streaming. So someone who is streaming and is on, for example, Discord and someone on Discord who has TruckersFM on while driving. then once that person is talking you should ask if he turn off the music. because you will hear it in the stream. How ridiculous is that really
  9. Madmex  NL


    When you are streaming on Youtube and you have TRUCKERSFM on, what will happen because when you play music on Youtube you get always an message that your video is banned because off the music. So my question is will that also happen when you use TRUCKERSFM in your stream ??
  10. We seen many mods on sites that say it can also used in MP. but is it allowed by TruckersMP ? Cistern Food ore Road Train ore HIBRIT HCT ect ect
  11. When you go to the Trailerdealer we see no Tank Trailer, I think its time to have some new trailers
  12. Sins the last update on TruckersMP for ets2 I cannot go online ,when I start i get the message your kicket because [System]unreliable connection. Never I had this message with any update
  13. Go to Steam click om Euro Truck Simulator2 then right click with mous on Euro truck simulator 2 then go to property , you get now an nw popup screen. push on BETAS look for temporary_1_36 - 1.36 x for incompathible mod push on it. now you will see that Euro truck simulator2 is installing , when it is ready you can play
  14. Why try running vannila game when steam ets2 version is and to truckersMP is going to then what is the point. yes you can downgreat but its better to play then Sp so you can drive also the new DLC Road to the Black Sea. Because TruckersMP is not ready for the new DLC
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