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  1. Speed 110KM/H is just fine. Better for some players to start watch on mirror and using indicators.
  2. Are you got latest graphic drivers installed on your computer?
  3. Hey! Anyone can help me how I attach Bottom Dumper Trailer both trailers? If select "None" or "First player trailer" for "Trailer cables" in Gameplay options, attach only one, if select default "Player trailers" attach only 1st and 2nd with cables (see screenshot) Thank you for help.
  4. Of course I know it, but can't ask in this topic that's why I create new.
  5. Ping is so high, try change spawn location and then click drive, maybe helps.
  6. Hey, is possible to change size of text and icons for Trucky In-Game Overlay? Because line bellow not in one row (screen is not widescreen) ? Is it normal when you run Overwolf and exit game everytime crash game? Thank you for answer.
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