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  1. Hahahah kids GM!

    1. FullM00n


      That's why all it retards online....

    2. FullM00n


      Don't worry do your job, I take pause maybe week or two.

  2. Can I ask who's translate this app? Is it Google Translate? Because some words isn't translated or it's translated so funny in my languages. Can I manually translate it and how? Second question is how or can I change one line manually because I play window mode and can't see all "for game info window mode" when choose horizontal? Can't see tempomat speed, speed limit and want destination without company name. Thank you for answer.
  3. Problem with it players is because they drive 110kmh on road with 60-70kmh speed and then roll-over on the road. I hope DEVS change it and TMP launcher show speed notifications on every road not just in the city, the speed of the truck is reduced.
  4. You can have low loader, but when you take special transport you will be kicked. Example: if you take Metal Centering or Locomotive from Heavy Cargo it's ok, but if you take Huge Tyres or Industrial Condenser it's not ok, because it's special transport. If I am wrong please fix me. If you never save/edit why worry about prohibited trailer?
  5. Why can't use wheels for Scout car and get Kicked from the server. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Sorry, you cannot use police accessories! (NetTruck).
  6. Are you still have beta in settings for game? Because your game version is, please check first if you got "Properties - Betas - NONE" update the game and then run TMP launcher.
  7. First deactivating steam cloud in steam settings for game (if you got activated) and in game option for cloud save too. After it save your qame with keyboard button for quick save, exit the game and open your profile folder then find quick save folder with "game" file. Open it game file with SII_Decrypt application, now you can edit and save it. When you finished with editing start the game and load quick save. How can you know if you search in right folder (if you got more than one profile)? Use "Hex to Text Convert" put your profile folder name here: https://www.du
  8. High Power Cargo; https://truck-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/High_Power_Cargo_Pack Heavy Cargo: https://truck-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/Heavy_Cargo_Pack and Special Cargo (need pilot): https://truck-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/Special_Transport_DLC
  9. Turkish Tool Stations answer: I think you crashed truck because path is narrow, I try today and have same problems, use last one. 🙂

  10. Yes, I need slippery too, because it's hard for stop and need use distance etc. ________ Last year they cry this year too... I never had problems with physics mod but looks like need "fix" and we need waiting... here is dev answer.
  11. I think they need just disable function "Season effect" and that's all. But noooo... now driving on dry road with snow.
  12. We lost physics from player like you, thank you again. And who cares what I know and what not.
  13. Saaad, you can't or don't want? But can delete physics, because kids wanna drift.... they got Drift game for it! No comment...
  14. Try change settings for steering in real life you have same problem just look how much your steering wheel "dancing". About flying when drive on grass, I never have problems, but I will try.
  15. Why Frosty Wheels Addon (Michelin & Goodyear tires added) not added for TMP?
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