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  1. Hey, can dev explain me how this function works (mean how long TMP need to connect back etc.)? When I lost internet connection and got this msg in chat "Connection with server has been broken. You will be automatically reconnected."... Hmm because this function never reconnected me and I need really quick connect my connection back, then TMP auto reconnected, if I am slow, then need exit game and again connect to TMP server. Today I really quick connect back and got this msg "You have been kicked from the server. Reason: Too high average ping! (Current: 71ms, Average: 1959ms, Max: 600ms)". Don't know why I got high ping but see this first time, after connect my internet connection back. Thank you for answer.
  2. Thank you for update.
  3. Agree! They can make own mp launcher and do what they want. "ets2 idiots on the road" is just one of Youtube's craps. Don't worry ETS2 and ATS is just simulator game but thanks TMP team we can play with other players online. You know when someone lag or having an accident because it's funny for him. Just watch on ping (ms).
  4. FullM00n

    How CB works?

    First click right button on mouse to show cursor, then you can click.
  5. Check if you got installed or updated .NET Framework, better if install AIO.
  6. No offense but you're exaggerating. Next time take snow plow.
  7. You got old game version,  ETS2 Properties - Betas - change to "temporary_1_36 - 1.36.x for incompatible mods" ... update it and then run TMP launcher.


    Hint: Today update comes out and don't select NONE because launcher doesn't work (you need downgrade it, wait on TMP update, then you can change to NONE)

  8. Hey, can someone tell me how I fix it? (see screenshot) First time I installed promods 2.42 in game version 1.35 promods map works fine and see all map, then update for 1.35 come out and maps no more like before. Now in game version 1.36 promods version 2.43 looks like last time. I installed promods like first time (watch on youtube how installed it).
  9. Hey.


    you got old drivers you can see it Release Date:2018.9.10 https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/137727/en-us

    please update drivers from this link https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/155645/en-us Release Date:2019.12.10


    For "Cannot create temp crash log file!" error try run TMP Launcher as administrator.

    1. Nan-Cheng



      I tried your suggestion to "run as an administrator" and I've already ruled it out, thank you very much.

  10. I'm not sure but I think you can't use every skin from paint job DLC, only if they updated it. You can see here TMP supported Bulgarian paint job too. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/103
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