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  1. Hi What about Frosty Physics 8.02 ?? And the Season Effects , dosen't work for long time now !!
  2. Hi @ShawnCZek in the Next version , then please too Support for : Frosty Wheels Addon , Dimmed Headlights Addon and Darker Night Skies
  3. Hi @Gamedevs It seems , the TruckersMP Server App. have some issues , every when the Server is filled and the Queue is filled , some Players lost the Connection to the Server The Same on , was Yesterday @Sim2 avg. lost 200-300 Players the Connection
  4. Hi @TheBlob Winter Mod Physics : makes the Roads , Slippery but it no problem , to drive with 65-70kmh/h @Gamedevs But an support for Darker Night Skies , will be nice , this small Mod , was Supported before , with some Grimes Weather Mods.
  5. Re @Bears | Respekt Yes i know and Middle East Addon , but i mean , future Support for ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack Compatibility update 1.09 , like Trailers and Company Addon !
  6. Hi Pleast too Support for this , i have find this in Addons from the ProMods Site. https://www.promods.net/addon.php
  7. Re @Tumleren Yes , this i had yesterday in Osnabruck near Service Station , after Game Restart . and a TruckersMP Update , was all Normal It was like a Invisible Wall ! I have Disabled this for sure , also the Slieder full to Left ! @Devs Or is that Synced now after the Last Updates ?? Or for the next comming Updates , Synced Weather , that will be nice
  8. Re @Kid Fabi then you must wait for more Updates , but i don't have this problem Or make a Video , then i can try to reproduce this better .
  9. Re Here Watching for comming Updates , who it not know https://stats.truckersmp.com/history A new Update is out since 8Min. @pile120 Sennless First Post XD
  10. Hi all @PM90 and .: Yuuki :. I don't have this problem , i did yesterday Drive the Event 12 Good Year Trailers with the old Scania R730 til 03:30AM ^^^^ (EU1) And Today 1 Tour with Standard Trailer and the new Scania R730 , no problems. (EU2) Or is mayby a problem which have not everyone , or it is a special Standard Trailer. @ Both , make some Videos , that is better than Screenshots , and better for reproduce something
  11. Hi @Xavoux How you can Edit the Colours for the TruckersMP Main Menu ? TP555
  12. Re No problems for me , i was 1 Hour Watching is Duisburg , for Test if it is all Stable. Ok , but post your problem now in the Help Section , or search an Exist Thread there before you Create a new Thread ! THX Anriandor
  13. Re hmm WTF , so many have problems , i will Patch in a half Hour too , and see if it works. But on all , Start some Times the Launcher , mayby is an Update aviable , it comes most Updates , when a new Version is out !
  14. Re i saw that before But you said , you did Run the Desktop Shortcut , which start the 32Bit Version. The Multiplayer force the 64Bit Version , but mayby is here your Error too , because the Multiplayer dosn't Detect the wrong Version. Yes do it all Reinstall , good luck so far !
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