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  1. I just replied to a guy who asked what is more realistic at tmp and being happy about no speed limit at scs mode. the only difference that matter is ai and mods in the future. But other than that you can drive realisticaly in both versions
  2. Those people say scs is so great no point of playing truckersmp now. Ive seen now on twitch almost every player on scs drive like F1 driver and crashes with ai which is not good in this game. Really realistic.
  3. exactly. People keep saying things like SCS Convoy is more realistic yet i`m watching streams when they drive 140 km/h or more (and crash with ai often). So realistic the say. Its great to have both, more options to play is welcome to the players but i`m not a fan of new trend how people go to the truckersmp discgord and forum and they brag about it they are leaving tmp for good.
  4. TMP all the way. but from ive noticed on Youtube players use scs to do what trolls do on truckersm but they are too scared to do this on tmp;;)
  5. If i would play ai traffic id play single. Ai is boring and often more tiring than some random trolls. Plus i dont understand than last pros as a scs is better than tmp : If you are banned then 99% you deserved it. Plus you can say in tmp "hey" too and who will bother you?
  6. Sometimes i listen to podcast sometimes music, when i play ats i listen to country when ets2 ist mostly some pop music, electronic, hip hop.
  7. Id like to see Mars truck simulator. That`d be fun
  8. on multiplayer forum but i get it;) I agree with you about that road and surroundings is far from being extraordinary because its true. But i think it getting picked as boring because many people know that road very well. Something can be boring if you do it over and over. c-d road for me is just a road similar like some others. Not bad, not great. On single player can be boring, on multiplayer hell no:D Anyway i drive this road 2 a year because i prefer more peaceful drive;;) Kind regards Schnee.
  9. Promods is not a dlc. But of course promods is great. I like of course all dlc even Going East is so outdated comparing to other dlcs is worse quality but still i like to drive there. Latelty I like Baltic states and Scandinavia the most.
  10. I havee Nvidia but mostly i use Trucky.
  11. What is boring that people writing here calais-duisburg is borin. 1st one made a good joke about it and it was funny. Now the copycats are not that funny. Worse thing that is if someone writes that seriously. If C-D road is boring then rest of the map is beyond boring. I personally drive there 2 a year because i dont like that mess but how can you say that road is boring when that is the road you have to be focused on the most, there is so many players there, many bad drivers you have to drive carefully becauce 1 mistake and you can have accident , even maybe a ban. On almost every other road you can drive and watch a movie and youre pretty safe but hey c-d road is boring... right. Plus scenery like c-d road is similar to some other roads of that type, like Linz - Leipzig for example. Its boring when you drive one road over and over but seriously who drive c-d road over and over and its bored?... I dont have road i hate. Maybe like others have said road from Hamburg to Denmark is too well known because everytime you drive to the scandinavia you drive there but i dont have nightmares about that road yet.
  12. I was there on 1.39. Have to drive again:D
  13. I am fan of Juventus but lately my interest in game cooled down and stopped watching games.
  14. Hello. Thanks for follow. How are you?

  15. 1 : International Lonestar 2 Western Star 3 Peterbilt 389
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