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Community Answers

  1. Hello. Congratulation 😉 😉

  2. Happy Birthday.   Big Fan 😉 

  3. I would not. I play only on tmp even when i drive alone. ai cars bore me.
  4. Thank you for follow!

  5. I can advice you wait for steam sales, when is christmass or other occasions like halloween or something dlc can be discounted and price is sometimes very good.
  6. I managed this year suprisingly to attend every event this year but sadly i could not be on festival for long due to work.
  7. Map dlc are most important. Always worth to buy. I`m buying every map dlc and i play a lot on promods
  8. I will definitely watch it. Great fun
  9. wtf? what can be wrong with map? especially with the best mod map for ets2? Choice is simple. Either play on sim1, arcade or promods. simple.
  10. happy birthday 

    1. SpeedyTMP


      Thanks Buddy ❤️

  11. Happy Birthday!🎂

    1. schneeanzug


      Dziękuję bardzo 😉

  12. Happy Birthday! 🥳

    1. schneeanzug


      Thank you vety much 😉

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