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Dear LIPtoH when changing a truck from a vehicle tol program, the game crashes after 20km.


1 hour ago, < STC > Enigma said:

Уважаемый LIPtoH, при смене грузовика из программы транспортных средств игра вылетает через 20 км.



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I think I’m experiencing the same custom freight bug as this one below , minimal euros for for a 5 hour in game drive 


If if it helps 


 Is the details of the route and we had “small roads “ set as the satnav route - with two ferry rides 



On 2/27/2019 at 1:03 PM, Melvinkooi said:

I've found a custom Freight Market job bug yesterday.


When i made a custom job from Bialystok to Turku. The program only calculate the ferry length that's between Tallinn and Helsinki and not the whole length of the job itself. So the job only gives me around 732 euro's and 2 hours in-game time to complete the job instead of thousands of euro's and more than 10 hours to complete the job which makes the job impossible to get any money and XP gain out of it.


I haven't tried any other jobs with any other ferry yet so this bug might affect those jobs with a ferry in between too.


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