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  1. Yes, this is another thread about AI Traffic in TruckersMP, which people have been waiting for since it's teaser last year. I think it's understandable that syncing ai vehicles amongst hundreds if not thousands of players is a monumental task to do, both development and hardware-wise. With the release of ProMods, that adds to thousands more kilometers where you won't really see any other truck for hours on end. And for me, that's the reason why AI Traffic appeals to me, because it's boring to drive on an empty freeway, and it would have been better to play SP instead in that scenario. But we want to see actual players on the road, so we keep on chugging at TruckersMP servers on more populated areas, right? I've been reading threads about AI traffic, and people are actually saying that it's a "bad idea", as it's easy to be manipulated by trolls who block off roads, or again, the hardware requirements for the server to sync up these cars, etc. So why strive to sync up these AI traffic to online players, where you can just use it client-side instead? Simple idea: If there's no player within 1km radius from your truck, AI traffic is generated solely for you, collisions and everything. Just let ETS2 or ATS generate the traffic like in SP. If there's a player incoming within that radius, AI traffic simply fades/disappears. Once that player is gone, and you are alone once more, do the same thing again and start generating AI traffic. That's it. There's already calculations being done when a player is adjacent to your position, so it's a simple trigger to disable/enable AI traffic. And since there's no syncing involved, there's really little to no load on the server, making it really viable. Frankly, it'll make the game more lively if you're alone driving on that east part of Europe with little to no players around. What do you think? Should AI Traffic be implemented as client-side only?
  2. Is it not possible to find the way how the game does it on the world map? If not, I think the other possible solution is to get all the route distances through an existing job logger. There should be more than enough data to calculate the distances for most of the trips.
  3. I've also experienced the same thing when generating a job from Cologne - Calais. When I decrypted the save file and checked the distance, it was set to "5". Upon changing it to the correct distance, it shows the correct output. Hope this can be fixed, this is a great tool that I've been using a lot.
  4. Steam Sale? Time to get all DLCs!

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