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TS SaveEditor Tool | [alpha] [1.49]

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  • LIPtoH changed the title to TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.2 (alpha)

Translation guide
Folder structure
In root folder you have a folder called "lang" containing all translation including base ones.
To make a custom language you need to create a folder with name of Culture Info "xx-YY" where xx is a two-letters language code (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes) and YY is two-letter Country code (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_alpha-2)
In that folder you need to create a file with UTF-8 codepage or copy existing file from another translation or base_lngfile.txt from "lang" folder.

If you want you can include a flag icon with a 16x16 size and in png format. You can find a source one here - http://flagpedia.net/

File structure
First line is  a same Culture Info "xx-YY" but in square brackets like so "[xx-YY]".
Next is a lines for translationin structure like that:
xxx=yyy where xxx - you don't need to translate, and yyy - you need to translate.

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6 minutes ago, LIPtoH said:

要制作自定义语言,您需要创建一个名为Culture Info“xx-YY”的文件夹,其中xx是双字母语言代码(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes),YY是两个字母的国家/地区代码(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_alpha-2
在该文件夹中,您需要创建一个包含UTF-8代码页的文件,或者从另一个翻译中复制现有文件或从中复制base_lngfile.txt “郎”文件夹。

如果需要,可以包含16x16大小和png格式的标志图标。你可以在这里找到一个来源 -  http://flagpedia.net/

xxx = yyy,其中xxx - 你不需要翻译,yyy - 你需要翻译。

At present, the only problem is that the name of the goods can not be translated and the rest can be translated.


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1 minute ago, [Dragon] *LaoMeng said:

At present, the only problem is that the name of the goods can not be translated and the rest can be translated.


Yes, because it isn't a priority right now and minor features like translation is a byproduct. And as you can see not all of the cargo have Initial string, but only Translated. For now it is a bit of a waste of time to translate it.
For example right now i'm working on two major features - trailer "editing" and cargo market and if i will be bored of it i will try to add cargo\city translation.

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例如,现在我正在研究两个主要特征 - 预告片“编辑”和货运市场,如果我对它感到厌倦,我将尝试添加货物\城市翻译。


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Encourage your contribution to the game and hope you will do better.


   China Chenxi VTC COO --- 中国晨曦俱乐部首席运营官

  Chinese  --- English     

*Asia's first TruckersMP official verified VTC*

Our goal is the stars and the sea  

寻求帮助 I 规则 I 中文板块 I 封禁申诉 I 反馈 I 招聘


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11 hours ago, BiaoDian said:

How to share GPS with friends


Then you click Copy button data was copied to clipboard, like then you do Ctrl + C, so if you Paste data using Ctrl + V, for example in chat you will see somthing like this
So your friend need to copy this text and Press Paste GPS data in the program.


1 hour ago, thomasdavid097 said:

I keep getting errors..

I fix a bug that lead to this error

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Thanks so much for updating/fixing it, do you accept suggestions? if so is there anyway you could add away to share the same jobs with friends in freight market?


with cargo market how would we go about getting the same job as a friend with using our own trailer? if you can do that atm.


(sorry new to the tool and unsure about how to use any of this stuff)

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29 minutes ago, thomasdavid097 said:

do you accept suggestions?

of course i accept sugestions. About what you ask:
- Freight market is big by itself (for whole map i think it is more than 1500 entries) and each entry is pretty big and don't forget about mods\dlcs.
- Cargo market generates cargo from numbers(seeds) and in first place needs to be decoded (not posible wright now) and also depends on dlcs, mods, ingame time, etc., but more dramatically.

So none of it possible.

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That's a very good tool but why the 'TS SE Tool.exe' Repeated generation cities and cargos dataes  when to load  file.

I have used it many timesr,It takes only about 20 seconds for the first time.but now will be up to 90 seconds......



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