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  1. Congratulations to all winners.
  2. Thank you for telling me this good news.
  3. Cathy

    Spring giveaway

    erver:EU1 地点:法国 https://prnt.sc/muitfp
  4. Cathy

    Spring giveaway

    Good luck everbody.
  5. Good morning :D

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      Good Morning ^-^

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      Good morning Cathy, I hope you have a great day :D

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a nice weekend :) 

  6. 虽然很想参加,但是活动在睡觉时间,很遗憾,不能参与活动
  7. 经过我的测试,简体字体和繁体字体也可以使用,但是正真有效的字体很少 我现在使用的字体是:田相岳六朝小楷 这个字体百度可以找到
  8. 你好,我跟着你的教程修改了文件,在线上测试的时候发现它不起作用。输入的时候显示的还是??? 我使用的字体是华康简黑体,也用系统自带的宋体 常规测试过。 我使用的是Win10 64位系统
  9. I am used to 24/7 to turn on the low beam without turning on the high beam. For me, using a low beam light is fine. The high beam will only be used to remind those who are reckless driving.
  10. Suggestion Name: Turn off random events by default Suggestion Description:By default, random events are turned off to ensure safe driving, and players can manually turn them on. Any example images: https://prnt.sc/mje5a1 Why should it be added?:Sometimes random events are turned on by default when using new archives or when using single-player archives. It is easy to create a collision after forgetting to turn off the random event and being turned on. For example, random events are very dangerous when driving on a Calais trail or in other player-intensive areas. You may collide with other players because of the avoidance event. All random events should be turned off by default and can be manually opened when the player wants to open.
  11. Good morning! Today is the weekend, I wish you all a wonderful day.:D

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  12. Good morning! I wish everyone a wonderful day.:wub:

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  13. I only use winter mods, no physical mods. Because I often transport goods from Duisburg to Calais or to other busy areas, It's too dangerous for me it is too。
  14. This is a very good update that will allow us to solve the problem faster.
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