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  1. Hi Товарищ If it's a Chinese character profile name like this profile_name: "\xe9\x85\x92\xe5\xbe\x92\xe8\x87\xaa\xe7\x94\xa8" i think this Hex String need to UTF-8 String and this Simplified Chinese language pack.rar have been repaired and support cargo translate
  2. 0.1.5 If I had a job in the freight market TS SE Tool load save will be errors but its ok 如果我在游戏货运市场中接到货物保存 再使用软件载入档案时会出现图片中的错误 但是0.1.4.1就没有这个问题 and this is Simplified Chinese language pack.rar
  3. Thanks all for your answer and this topic can close.
  4. GM didn't tell me which part nonstandard. can anyone tell me. THX
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