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[FORUM] How to use the forum search function

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Last updated 08/05/2018

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If there is any errors contact above

If you have a recommendation for a tutorial

Please contact KrazyMudkip


Search Function


Hi there!


This is a guide for all those people who want to know how to use the search function.



Go to forum.truckersmp.com and select the box indicated here:






Type in your question you need to be answered:






Click the little icon to search for it:






Check if the answer you have been looking for is somewhere to be found, if it is, use the information in that post. If you do not find what you were looking for - create a help section topic!







Notice for players


Hello TruckersMP!

I have decided to make this little PSA:


There are a lot of people recently complaining that there are not enough Game Moderator to deal with issues, some saying that their reports do not get seen or their ban appeals are left unread -




this may come to shock a few people but Game Mods are humans, too, they have lives, cats and dogs, maybe even goldfishes to keep fed.


All Game Moderators are volunteers, they do not get paid as they do it free of charge. They do this out of the kindness of their heart, to provide a better service to the players, the community.



When you submit a report, GMs do get around to them but there is a limited amount of Game Mods, and adding to that number would only cause more problems for higher ranks, I believe the Project Managers are already overrun by complaints, reports and all that stuff that comes with having a staff team, they have a lot on their plate trying to keep the staff and the project on the right path.


Next is the recruitment process, what has received a lot of criticism.


The way it goes right now is that you go from Forum Moderator, Support, Media Team, Translator or any other rank which is part of the TruckersMP team to the Trial Game Moderator Observer rank if you deserve it, which all the Game Mods had to do, they never got a free pass to that rank, all these people complaining that they would be a better Game MOds than so-so, they do not know what goes into being a GM, and frankly, they do not have the training that being, for example, a Forum Moderator provides (for instance, this provides the training on giving out appropriate punishments for certain offences, giving warning points, etc. - every team is worth to be in!).

All the gained experience will then be enhanced when getting the Observer rank. The future Game Mods will be professionally trained by their team leaders and receive necessary information what it needs to be a good GM.

So before you go saying that you know everything a Game Mod has to do, look behind what the red name and the tag say, there is a lot of work going into it and GMs do it for all the players of TruckersMP to try and make it more enjoyable.


Secondly, a lot of people complain about the "no bans" or no bans concerning a certain offence rules, if we had Game Mods who have enough bans to fill a jar of soup, the staff team would look quite bad and I think that is what they are not aiming for, the higher ranks want the staff team to look professional, not like some criminal gang. So if you were banned for hacking, of course, you would not become a Game Moderator, that is just common sense.



So again:


1. I strongly suggest not asking for becoming a Game Moderator, as it can lead to not becoming it AT ALL.

2. GMs cannot provide you with the rank, even if they could, they would not do it, that is the Game Manager's decision at the final mark.

3. Wait for a recruitment to be open, then apply, do a good job in the team and hope that you are doing a good enough job to deserve being transferred to Trial Game Moderator Observer.



Thank you for reading.


Former Game Moderator



Not being unbanned at time indicated


Hi there.


There are always so many threads about this, so...


The servers run on UTC time, which is one hour behind general UK time.


Which means if you stay in the UK, your ban will expire one hour ahead of what it says on the website.


Please stop spamming the forums.


Best Regards





Want to drive the police car? See this






Hi TruckersMP!

I am here to discuss the number of people asking about the police car.

Firstly, the police car is and will always be Game Mod (or above) only, that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

Secondly, the police car has nothing special about it, apart from a siren that is very loud and the beacons as well as skin, there is nothing special.

You cannot block roads with it, you cannot have your tag set as POLICE or any government agency.

It is pretty much just an appearance object for GMs, they cannot do anything special with it, and no, GMs do not pull people over

(unless it is a joke and the user is willing, they do not do it if the user is not wanting to, aka, if they do not pull over, GMs do not ram them).

And that is pretty much it, it is useless if you do not have the Game Moderator title with it.

Hope this answered your questions, if you have more, do not hesitate to contact me.


Best Regards,


Former Game Moderator of TruckersMP








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Guest DeviLee

First of all, welcome to TruckersMP  Forums!


I understand that you took one look around and thought "How am I supposed to find anything here?"

Well don't panic! Here you can find everything you need to know to get started.


Before doing anything here on the TruckersMP forum, you should accustom yourself to the Forum Rules and the In-game RulesAllowed mods / Mod guidelines. Once you have completed that task, you may like to introduce yourself in the off topic section of the forum, it's a really good way to meet people and let us know who you are.


Ok, so you've introduced yourself, now what?


There are lot's of topics on the forum, some may interest you, some may not. You can do a search for anything that interests you by using the search box at the top right corner of the forum. 3800dcbdc56daaad63131968f28dff65.png

The TruckersMP Team often share news with us, so check that out too.


Once you have dashed around the forum a little bit, reading and replying to the things that interest you, you may like to spice up your profile. You can do this by going to the top of the forum, and clicking on the downward facing arrow symbol beside your username and clicking on "profile".

If you'd like to add a signature, simply go to the top of the forum, and click on the downward facing arrow symbol beside your username and clicking on "Account Settings". Once you've done that, look to the left hand side and you will see "Signature".

"What's a forum signature?"

A forum signature is what will show below your posts, so if you have a VTC and would like to advertise it there, you can do so.

Please bare in mind, there are rules for signatures. You should have read these rules from the first step of this guide, so you will know what these rules are.


There are endless topics to help you navigate your way into the TruckersMP game it's-self, but if there doesn't seem to be a topic that answers your question, you can ask in the Help Section.There are lots of helpful members and moderators,suport staff and administrators that are always happy to assist you.


New releases of TruckersMP are released all the time, you can keep up to date with every release in the Development Announcements section of the forum.


Anything else you choose to do on this forum is completely your choice, the number one thing to always remember is to be respectful and have fun!


Once again, welcome! :)

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Guest DeviLee

thanks for your comments, sorry for late response, forgot to follow my own post and just decided to look up on the responses lol thanks though:)

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I've noticed a bunch of new players joining the forums which is great! 


But they join the forums knowing nothing about how the forum works. What I mainly see from the new players is that they create a topic on the help section without knowing that an answer has been given already It also happens in the suggestions section of the forums and could happen in general discussions. Basically anywhere on the forum it happens. This is why I have made a guide on how to use the search function properly. Now, before I started making this guide I did use the search function to see if there is any guide on it and I found nothing. 


Now, using the search function is really easy. But new forum users join and make topics without actually knowing that a search function is there. For example. On the Suggestions section I have seen 'Remove Scout Cars' or 'Remove cars' numerous times and what a new user doesn't realize they could be at risk of breaking a forum rule. So before I start this guide I want to quickly refer new players to this part of the forum here


Now, onto the guide. 


1) On the top of the forum you should find a tab which gives you things like: Browse, Website, Activity, Download, Support, Information and at the right of it is a little box which says 'Search' with a magnifying glass. If you haven't found it already take a look at this picture here


2) If you've got an idea like for example removing cars or adding more cars or anything then make sure to use this function as it could of been suggested already. If it hasn't been suggested you can make one. But if there is some made then make sure to look at those topics which I are made and see the responses to the idea. And maybe you could put your own opinion as well if a TruckersMP Staff Member hasn't locked it. 

Search Function use


3) Now, This search function has plenty of options to help you with finding the right topics you need. The way I see the search function is when you put a sentence or even a word in it will search every topic to see if there is the same word or the same title. But it also includes finding members who are apart of the TMP Forum. 


4) Once you've pressed on the search box a little tab will slide out to the left. It should say 'All Content' If you click that little tab an option section should show where you can either find content or find members. You can choose any of them. And search for the member or content you would like to find. 


5) Now, there is a more advanced search system. Using this will allow you to search by date, search by author, & much more! All you have to do is press on the magnifying glass and it will take you to the more advanced search. You can find the content search here & the member search here you could also find it on the little tab which slides out the left as you type in the search box. On the advanced search there is 2 tabs one is 'Content Search' and one is 'Member Search' Both of them will take you to the pages which is shown in the picture. 


And that pretty much sums it up at this moment of time. If anything needs adding then feel free to pm me via the forums and I will gladly put it into this topic, and to all the new forum users which have recently joined us.


Welcome and I hope you have fun exploring and interacting with the community via the forums! 


Thanks for reading :) Take care. 


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Thank you very much :)


EDIT: If any of you guys would like to include anything in this guide which can help people with the Search Function then feel free to PM me via the forums and tell and I will happily add it :) 

Edited by Smalley - Truckers.FM
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This guide is very helpful but I think people still don't know about it. I think you need to share it because people post suggestions without checking old ones and lots of other stuff. 
Anyway, great job @Smalley ;) 

TruckersMP Game Moderator Leader

Pries Logistics - Founder


Languages: gb.gif | ru.gif | ge.gif

Rules | Recruitment | Support | Feedback | Meet the Team | Knowledge Base



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