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  1. Happy birthday!:wub:

  2. That Duisburg Service Station is an aboustle   disgrace, and to make it even worse theres not one admin to be seen throughtout server

  3. that dlc looks excellent cant wait to try
  4. Pabandykite lyd paleisti iš administratoriaus
  5. Have to do them one by 1 which isnt good, hard work if you have loads, maybe suggest that?
  6. Bed time for me now, good night and god bless truckers.

  7. happy birthday bro have a gooden

  8. hahhaah i cant wait for this, gonna be some trouble lol
  9. Good few hours at go karting, came first over all, i am some driver boys!!

  10. Im off for tonight, good night and god bless everyone!

    1. Merengue4ever


      Good night and God bless you !   :)

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  11. Just back from pellet gunning, i can tell use that its pretty sore haha, roll on a bit of petrol go karting tomorrow nothing better:)))

    1. Hz3rd


      Go karting, oooo sounds exciting. Have fun! :)

    2. [TSRVTC] Janty

      [TSRVTC] Janty

      been a few times some crack it is mate i enjoy it and i will good man cheers.

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