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Maximum Speed for cars


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On 11/02/2017 at 17:11, Anriandor said:

Então , @DiZiO , você está nos dizendo que você quer fazer carros mais lentos do que caminhões que serão capazes de ultrapassar carros com aproximadamente 20 toneladas de carga?

Muito interessante, mas eu suponho que isso nunca vai acontecer. Pelo menos não para velocidades tão baixas ...


Esta é apenas a minha opinião, mesmo que não seja tão ruim assim.


Atenciosamente ;)


I think it's pretty funny, this topic. More and more people think that cars are trucks ... What I mean by this is that cars can not be slower, because then the game made no sense and would not be a simulator. If we want to emit the real life, it must keep me as it is.


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I disagree, I think it should be left for players to drive responsibly on their own. This would just make the game less fun. I actually would prefer the speed limit to be raised, at least to 200 km/h for this reason, as well as the fact that it's sort of immersion breaking when you're on a motorway and you want to accelerate but you're already at 150.


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@Joao Rodrigues That would be ideal... But it's also a utopy. Most players now drive trucks at 150 Km/h on 70-80 Km/h limited roads, tell them that they will be limited to the RL speeds and there would be a revolution. IRL you don't see trucks doing 140 Km/h on a rural road and cars trying to overtake at 150 Km/h, that's insane. But that's just the "default" in EU#2... IMO it would be a lot better if trucks were limited to 80-90 Km/h and cars to 120-130 Km/h. More powerful or less loaded trucks would still be able to overtake the slower ones which haul heavy trailers with regular (400-500 HP) engines. Cars would be able to overtake trucks. Just like RL. The problem, as always, is that most players don't see TMP as a simulator but just as another driving game and most driving games are about going faster than the other guy.

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Since the last scout car re-work , we have changed the engine power of the cars so it struggles to get about the global speed limiter [150/KMH]


think it is fair to say that you suggested this before we implemented the changes so...



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