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  1. Und damit die Kerze auch richtig hell wird, gibt es von mir Streichhölzer.
  2.  HAPPY  W Ξ Ξ K Ξ N D ! 🙂

  3. @Mo1993, how in particular do you plan to raise the funds to donate with the convoy?
  4. Enjoy your sunday, fellow truckers! 🙂


  5. @StateCA (NL), To summarize your content: You are fine with the present server configurations, but you continue to ask/ suggest to change it to one server with a speed limit and one server without a speed limit. (editors note: this setup exists at present.) You do not see a relation between collision zones and reckless driving behaviors ("wanting to ram people"), but according to your view collisions and reckless drivers "make the experience so much fun". I
  6. @StateCA (NL), do you care to explain further and in detail how your solution differs from what you are provided with at present: One server with speed limit = simulation server One server without speed limit = arcade server
  7. Sadly, this is not the end of the story. Because some players will not get tired to continue asking to raise the speed limit or even to lift the speed limit. Do yourself a favor and browse the forums for exactly this topic. You will find literally c o u n t l e s s discussions and suggestions about it. The screenshot you provided in your previous does not prove at all that players do not like the speed limit. If that would be true, the arcade server would be packed right now. But it is as good as empty. And why is that? Because these kind of players no
  8. Try to read and understand in context. Otherwise it does not make much sense to me to try having a serious discussion with you. You are asking for a server without a speed limit and with collisions enabled. The combination of these were the base of numerous rule violations caused by reckless driving players in the past. Why do you need both? In my previous post I gave you an explanation why this is unlikely to happen. You are off course free to create a new suggestion in the corresponding part of the forum.
  9. You expose yourself to great suffering if you continue to want what you do not have and do not want what you have. Revealing the true reason of your desire ("what makes online fun is the collision zone") combined with a no speed limit server gives the impression that you are a potential reckless driver. As you might remember, reckless driving players in turn were the key reason for the TruckersMP team to introduce a reduced speed limit. If you now put two and two together, you will hopefully understand and come to the conclusion that the TruckersMP team can not bring back a server wit
  10. Your suggestion has already been put into practice. TruckersMP provides a simulation server with a speed limit and an arcade server without a speed limit.
  11. Since its first release in 1991, I have taken great joy in playing Sid Meier's Civilization and its successors.
  12. You should adapt your driving behavior to the road conditions, even more so if they are unfavorable. Failing to do so can be reason to be punished for reckless driving.
  13. That would be me... I do not take offense in you losing your temper. You are just one of the impatient kind of players. Impatience however is often the true reason of reckless driving behavior, including (but not limited to) dangerous overtaking maneuvers. Drive safely!
  14. 1. Yes, it is considered to be fair to be banned permanently for this offense. 2. It does not matter if your friend violated the game rules for pleasure or for his work. It remains a violation of the game rules, which he agreed to follow by joining TruckersMP.
  15. So far, the players that ask for a higher speed limit failed to provide reasonable grounds for their concern, especially in light of the fact that the arcade server already meets their demand. To put the argument forward that the arcade server does not have collisions enabled has the unsavoury aftertaste that their true intention is that of reckless driving.
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