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  1. Joao Rodrigues

    ETS2Map Megathread

    ^^ I think that "idiots on the road" videos promote a very wrong picture of what TruckersMP is all about. These kind of videos give the idea of a multiplayer that mainly contains reckless players and trolls and consequently attract the like. But as most of us know, that is actually only true for a very tiny area of the map, namely the infamous road between Duisburg and Calais. I agree that some incidents in these videos seem to be provoked, likely to increase the number of views and likes, which apparently is more important nowadays than anything else...
  2. I tried it, and I must say that it is surprisingly accurate! i especially like that I can hide the map and still get voice directions. Nice!
  3. Joao Rodrigues

    New IVECO S-way

    Interesting, thank you for sharing! The design looks promising, and I think that it would make a nice addition to our beloved ETS2.
  4. Joao Rodrigues

    What you think about Skoda?

    Can you not use a truck to video record?
  5. Joao Rodrigues

    Bright Headlights

    If necessary at all, I use high beams only according to real world traffic law. Basically, it forbids using them in built-up areas, and they should be turned off if upcoming traffic approaches or if closely following traffic. As on the simulation servers national traffic laws have to be considered, I think your question about a rule can therefore be answered with yes.
  6. Joao Rodrigues

    Cars ?

    The reasons for the addition of passenger vehicles have been given above. Additionally, passenger cars are a major part of road traffic and therefore I think that they increase realism.
  7. Can we now stop throwing server stats back in each others faces and do what this multiplayer is meant to be for, namely driving a truck?

  8. Joao Rodrigues

    Update 1.35 release

    @Andy2790, maybe your guess is right. There are not many other multiplayer mods out there, let alone working ones. IMO, a good slogan can attract players but certainly does not guarantee a good multiplayer. It is easy to say "We are the best" without anything to verify it.
  9. Joao Rodrigues

    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    @InsaneCallum, in an intersection you can never only go only in one direction. Have you ever thought about the possibility that other road traffic participants could do a u-turn in the intersection? With you entering the intersection ignoring your red light, you would pose a risk to them as they do not expect you to be there.
  10. Joao Rodrigues

    Should TruckersMP change their ban system?

    @SupergirlFelix, can you estimate in which area the perpetrator was driving at? Could be worth a try to visit and record him on your own. Eventually, somebody will report him which hopefully brings him one step closer to a permanent ban.
  11. Ich bewerfe @Steelbuddie [GER] mit geräuchertem Tofu.
  12. I think with its recent improvements, the TruckersMP team fulfilled their communities needs and wishes.


    Simulation fans and arcade players are given the possibility to play in their favored style.


    For example, if one does not feel like sticking to the national speed limits, one can drive up to a speed of 110kph on the simulation servers, or drive even faster without any restrictions on the arcade servers.


    In my experience reckless driving has already been significantly reduced. This of course depends on which areas one drives at.


    IMO, the TruckersMP team made the right decision and is on the right track.

  13. Over 3000 kilometers (Palermo, Italy - Plymouth, UK) without any major incident!
    The recent changes made by the TruckersMP team are already beginning to bear fruits. :)


  14. Joao Rodrigues

    PINFO command

    I think that is a very useful suggestion and hope that it will be put into practise soon. +1
  15. Joao Rodrigues

    Benefits to Veteran Drivers and superior people

    Rewarding long time members does not seem to be a bad idea in general. However, being a member of TruckersMP for more than one year is certainly nothing that I regard as something special. Especially in light of the fact that you are not required to actively participate in the multiplayer after registration.