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  1. What do I do? The same as every reasonable participant in road traffic would do: stop and wait until it's green and only then continue my journey.
  2. It seems to be a misconception to believe that accidents just happen. As a matter of fact, accidents (as well as everything else) always have a cause, be it something, somebody, and/ or combinations of them.
  3. I quite do not understand why you refuse to use the arcade server, as according to your preferences and opinion it would perfectly suit you: # you want to drive faster than the actual speed limit, which is met by the increased speed limit of 150 km/h, and # you regard both simulators as games, which is met by the decreased realism aspect of non-collision. What is it that you and your kind keeps you away from the arcade server?
  4. Boring or not, the TruckersMP team stated several times that they will not increase the speed limit. One of the reason of the reduced speed limit is that the TruckersMP team wants to emphasize the simulation aspect in their mod. Another reason is to reduce the number of accidents caused by driving at excessive speed. As driving skills vary a lot between players, not everyone is able to control his/ her vehicle at excessive speeds which consequently bears a higher risk of causing accidents with other players. I suggest you give realistic truck speed limits a try and consider real driving time and rest periods during your journey. It will likely change your experience for the better.
  5. Há uma probabilidade de 50 por cento que depara-se com um troll...portanto muito cuidado!
  6. Combine this with a map scale of 1:1 and you have my attention.
  7. The tale of the Autobahn where everybody is allowed to drive as fast as they can is simply spoken a myth. The few areas without a speed limit are not even worth accelerating because there are so many road constructions on the Autobahn that will limit you to 80 km/h or even 60 km/h for countless kilometers. Driving at 180 to 200 km/h is therefore far off realism and dangerous.
  8. 🇺🇸 Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

    My recently purchased Peterbilt 379 in a classic maroon and creme paint scheme. ❤️




    1. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      Beautiful Photo! ❤️ 

  9. it is a catch-22 if you think about it this way: As a vast majority of players are attracted by high populated areas, it is only natural that they will not join an (in comparison) empty server. But by staying away from it, the number of players does not raise. You get the idea.
  10. Es stellt sich zuerst einmal die Frage, ob es im betroffenen Streckenabschnitt erlaubt war zu überholen. Danach muss geklärt werden, ob ein sicherer Überholvorgang gewährleistet werden konnte, d.h. ob die Gefährdung anderer Verkehrsteilnehmer über den gesamten Zeitraum des Überholmanövers ausgeschlossen werden konnte. Erst dann ist zu beweisen, ob der überholte Fahrer seine Fahrt beschleunigt hat und ggf. ob dies vorsätzlich geschah. Kein Unrecht rechtfertigt anderes Unrecht.
  11. As you already stated, a weak engine combined with a heavy load results in a low velocity. To You would need to prove that the driver either intentionally drove at a slow speed or intentionally picked the weak engine power and heavy load to provoke a slow velocity to successfully report him for blocking and the like.
  12. As long as all DLCs are required to join the Promods server, I strongly doubt that this will change anytime soon.
  13. Ich finde, dass der Skoda durchaus zu einem realistischerem Abbild des Straßenverkehrs beiträgt. Allerdings sind seine Audio- und Fahreigenschaften fragwürdig.
  14. Die Verwendung von Schallzeichen (Hupe) als Warnsignal als auch zum Grüßen ist in TruckersMP nicht verboten. Da es jedoch in der Vergangenheit des Öfteren zum sog. "Horn-Spamming" gekommen ist (die dauerhafte Verwendung von Schallzeichen ohne Unterbrechung über einen länger als üblichen Zeitraum) wurde die Option eingeführt, dass diese und andere Signaltöne (Rückfahr-Warnsignal) im Client deaktiviert werden können. Ich vermute, dass Fahrlässigkeit oder Vorsatz nur eine Rolle bei der Verhängung der Länge des Strafmaßes eine gewisse Rolle spielen. Natürlich hängt das Strafmaß auch davon ab, wie oft ein Spieler bereits negativ aufgefallen ist, wieviele Bans er bereits in der Vergangenheit kassiert hat und wieviele sich davon noch in der Cool-Down Phase befinden. Die vorsätzliche oder fahrlässige Herbeiführung einer Kollision erfüllt jedenfalls den Strafbestand nach In-Game Regel §2.2 und kann entsprechend geahndet werden. Grundsätzlich gilt, dass kein Unrecht ein anderes Unrecht rechtfertigt. Hier in TruckersMP hälst du dich besser an die drei R: Record, Report, Relax. Gute Fahrt!
  15. Basic road traffic regulations put into an easy way to understand. Thank you for that valuable contribution, @Koneko. (PS: If I got a dime every time a player crosses a red light while I am waiting for it to turn green, I would have earned already enough money to buy a real truck.)
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