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  1. New Country Bar?!

    IIRC, you will pass two national flags when crossing an intereuropean border: the flag of the country you are leaving, and the flag of the country you are entering.
  2. Click to report

    This suggestion does not consider players that steer their vehicle with a mouse. Besides of that, if you can see the perpetrators truck to click on it, you will also be able see his/ her four-digit number, which should not be too hard to remember.
  3. ats trucks update (mack)= ?

    Ich würde eine Erweiterung der Fahrzeugflotte in ATS sehr begrüßen. Wie wäre es mit Freightliner, Mack, Volvo und/ oder Westernstar?
  4. Read rules and then ask questions about them?

    I do not see a direct connection between a player answering questions related to the rules and his/ her driving behaviour. It is one thing to understand the rules, but another thing to respect them and put them into practise.
  5. Globaler Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzer

    @White Wolf., wieso propagierst du die freie Auswahl des Servers um sie dann in Frage zu stellen? Jeder Spieler kann frei wählen, auf welchem Server er fahren möchte. Realistische Fahrten dürfen folglich neben dem EU#1-Server auch auf allen anderen Servern durchgeführt werden. Realistische Fahrten sind aber mehr als nur die Einhaltung von Höchstgeschwindigkeiten. Sie berücksichtigen ebenso ein möglichst realistisches Verkehrsvolumen. Und das findet sich nun mal auf dem EU#2-Server. Wenn Unter Berücksichtigung des vorher Gesagten und besonders in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass du als Game Moderator agierst, finde ich die Kundgabe deiner Meinung an dieser Stelle fehlplatziert. Was nützt dem Spieler, dessen Spielvergnügen durch das rücksichtslose Fahrverhalten eines anderen zunichte gemacht wurde, deine Binsenweisheit "er müsse damit rechnen, dass so etwas passiert"? Es erweckt in mir den Eindruck, dass du die Sorgen der Spieler nicht ernst nimmst. Niemand sollte damit rechnen müssen, dass sein Spielvergnügen gefährdet ist. Folglich kann die Reduzierung der Höchstgeschwindigkeit nur ein erster Schritt sein, um dieser Gefahr entgegenzutreten.
  6. VTCs simply need to be required to publish their list of members on their website (preferable including the players TruckersMP ID). By that, everybody can check if a player in question is a member of that VTC or not.
  7. Your opinion about New Drivers

    Suggestions to increase the minimum playtime requirement have been made numerous times before, and to my knowledge, all of them were declined. They simply lack the possibility to control what the player does during that time period.
  8. Ich bewerfe @LSPD Gamer mit "Duden, Band 4 - Die Grammatik: Unentbehrlich für richtiges Deutsch".
  9. afk timer

    No offence, but I believe that 30 minutes is far beyond any reasonable time period for being away from keyboard. It also makes no difference where (e.g. non-collision area) the player is afk, as he/ she will occupy a slot the same. If a player needs to attend to other things, he/ she should simply log off.
  10. What's your favorite chocolate?

    My favourite chocolate is chocolate that does not contain animal products.
  11. The attitude of other drivers

    Sadly, the content of a players tag is not related to his/ her driving skills or driving behaviour. I find these tags highly suspicious.
  12. in City 80 km/h good or bad ?

    Build-up areas have an increased traffic volume which makes fast vehicles a grave danger to other road traffic participants. Also, crossroads, driveways and tight curves are not designed for high speeds, so better drive slowly! I for one drive at 40 - 50 km/h in build-up areas. At that speed, I have more time to react to traffic conditions.
  13. I believe, to report is mainly a question of experience and rational judgement. Experience helps to separate the wheat from the chaff, rational judgment helps to decide if an incident is worth an report at all. To reduce distractions from traffic events, I disabled the honking sounds in the multiplayer settings. Maybe that will help you too. I undestand your feelings. I have been there, too. Try to understand a damaged trailer not as a failure of yours, as you do not have control over other players' behavior.
  14. None of them. As soon as someone involves me in an accident, I save a video (for a later website report) and continue my way. Frustration or anger however will not make anything undone. Drive safely.
  15. Is it a "must" to slow down and let other player cut me off?

    The video shows the perpetrator ramming you, for which he should be punished. It is the responisbility of the player overtaking that the overtaking manoeuvre is done in a way that is safe for all road traffic participants.