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  1. Flight Simulators

    Laminar Research X-Plane 10/ 11. Everything else is just a game.
  2. In mindfulness, the grass seems to be greener, the water seems to be clearer and the air seems to be purer.

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      sound great :rolleyes:

    2. SharpVTC-TruckerGR-Driver


      And the Pizza box is square  the pizza is a circle and the pizza slice is a triangle. :)

  3. Dynamic AFK/Idle kick time

    I am neutral on this suggestion. I think a truck does not necessarily need to be configured in multiplayer mode. That could be done in singleplayer mode as well without any time limit. I understand that with free slots available on the server an AFK-kick would not be necessary. But on the other hand, re-login would be fast as there would not be a waiting queue.
  4. Better Warning Driving Without Light

    @XioPlay, the reminder window that was mentioned by the OP:
  5. Admin /fix command

    I do not mean any offence by this, but how in particular does an admin know that a user's vehicle has a malfunctioning engine and is not just blocking traffic for fun?
  6. Client Hotkeys

    I agree to this suggestion and would welcome a more modifiable key assignment.
  7. Better Warning Driving Without Light

    How about placing the red reminder window in the middle of the screen?
  8. Traffic light and junction chaos

    I would like to point out that a green light does not relieve a driver of the obligation to make sure that it is safe to enter the area of the road intersection. That means in particular that you have to check if all cross traffic has come to a complete stop before entering the road intersection area.
  9. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    My words are always well considered. You should not twist them as you please. Stupidity is a lack of intelligence, whereas naivety is a lack of experience or judgment. So no, calling someone naive is neither calling someone stupid nor dumb. As stated in my earlier post, I do not force anybody to agree to my opinion. I Never did, and I never will. What you seem to lack to understand is that another persons opinion that differs from yours is not meant as a personal attack on you. Also, there is a difference between acceptance and agreement. Well, my offer stands. It is up to you if you want to take it and clear up possible misunderstandings. I for one will abide the forum rules and stop posting off-topic content at this point. As the rest of your post seems to be a repetition of previous contents and therefore contributes nothing new to the discussion, I will disregard it. Disregard. Not ignore.
  10. garages

    My main garage is located in the beautiful city of Marseille in France.
  11. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    In case you were not aware of the acronym IMHO, it means "In My Humble Opinion". And in my humble opinion, it is naive to make such a choice. Naive, not stupid. I do not expect everybody to agree to my opinion and I certainly do not force anybody to agree to it. I simply state it. And like it or not, but I will not change my opinion unless somebody has reasonable arguments that convince me of the opposite. On the other hand, if you have difficulties to understand my points, I will gladly explain them to you again. In the interest of the followers of this topic however, I cordially invite you to contact me via PM for a further discussions of this matter. I think it is quite the opposite. As a speed limit applies to all road traffic, it levels different velocities and consequently minimizes the risk of accidents drastically, if enforced. Also, slower velocities give more time to react. Whereas horn spamming is simply a lack of respect and not necessarily a specific sign for slow moving traffic. You can hardly argue on one hand that slow speeds make one more vulnerable, and on the other hand that speed in general is not a big contributor to accidents. Excessive speeds make vehicles more difficult to control and can lead to failure to maintain lanes, dangerous overtaking manoeuvres, the inability to slow down a vehicle in time, and more. Speed is often underestimated and goes almost as often hand in hand with an overestimation of one's own skills.
  12. Mute system

    Is this suggestion motivated by your punishment history? Profanity or abusive language is not a minor offence. Against the background that a community like TruckersMP has also very young members, it must be our first and foremost goal to protect them from all sorts of gross misconduct. Although a mute system would stop the continuous distribution of profanity, it would not give the perpetrator time to repent his mistake and learn from it, as it would still allow him to continue to play the game. Therefore I do not agree to your suggestion.
  13. Traffic light and junction chaos

    According to this post, traffic lights issues were fixed:
  14. What is the next upgrade planned for your PC?

    Same here - a complete new one. I have already listed the equipment I need and want, and follow their price development over the past months. Will still cost some 2k in total.
  15. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    It seems that your understanding of "notable inclines" differs a lot from mine. Let us be clear: You suggest a speed limit that is based off of a truck with the lowest performance engine combined with a heavy load trailer to ensure that it is able to pass any incline on specific routes and in specific areas. Considering the above, what would you like to set the speed limit on alpine passes to? Probably 250 km/ h? IMHO, it is simply naive to select a 310hp truck and try to haul a 60t locomotive, challenge or not. How could such a combination be considered by a speed limit? I know. You are a realistic driver. Where did you say you got that 560hp engine for the DAF from? Anyway, I think it is more like that most new players tend to tweak their save games for multiplayer to be able to start with good to best equipment. My choice of performance and equipment depends on the weight of the cargo. I have recently purchased a truck with 410hp for longhauls. It will likely pull most loads (heavy cargo excluded), but certainly not always and everywhere at the maximum allowed speed. Still I do not feel treated unfairly if a speed limit forces me slow down and gives me a challenge to climb an incline. I could not agree more. Distractions in all their forms (phone, chat, radio, GPS, food, drinks, etc.) are a severe danger for the safety of road traffic, in addition to excessive speeds. Their combination will sooner or later end in an accident.