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  1. @Zakxaev68, I totally understand you. Everybody else FLIES past me while I TRAVEL down the road with 80 kph. Road communication? A waste of time. I doubt that these players even know what the exterior mirrors are meant for. It seems that they try reach speed of light, for whatever reason. I guess they have to compensate something...
  2. Joao Rodrigues

    Where are you guys from?

    From that beautiful small blue planet that is our home and that we call earth.
  3. I only went there occasionally if a job would lead me there. My last visit ended with my truck, trailer and cargo heavily damaged. And with about 4 players enjoying bans from 3 days to 3 months. Mission accomplished.
  4. I would like to see SCS expanding to the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Andorra).
  5. Joao Rodrigues

    Hot topic #9: TruckersMP continuous improvement

    ^ How do you tell an intentional caused incident from one caused by mistake? Your example is obvious, but there are cases that can not be differentiated that easily. As the in-game rules apply everywhere on the map, players are entitled to report incidents that happen on the Calais - Duisburg route. Even if the route is infamous for its reckless drivers. But I agree with you that the effectivity of in-game reports are still insufficient at present. Because of that, I only use the website report system.
  6. Joao Rodrigues

    Videos from Multiplayer

    @GameOnJon, I am aware that we can not control other players behavior. But we can control our behavior and react to others. You on the other hand insist on your right on several occations and fail to initiate evasive manoeuvres to minimize damages. As you are aware that the recently updated physics make it harder to stop your vehicle, why do you not increase your safety distance accordingly? Following I listed which incidents in my opinion could belong to the category "reckless driving". 2:00 - ramming 2:37 - lack of situational awareness; driving with nearly twice as much speed as recommended and resulting incapability to initiate evasive manoeuvres in time 2:48 - lack of situational awareness (lagging vehicle in front) and resulting insufficient safety distance; driving faster than the recommended speed 3:15 - insufficient safety distance; increasing speed while being overtaking; fail to let overtaking vehicle merge back; ramming 3:56 - ramming 4:22 - ramming 4:28 - ramming 5:35 - lack of situational awareness (no evasive manoeuvre initiated); ramming 7:03 - ramming 7:25 - increasing speed while being overtaking; fail to let overtaking vehicle merge back; ramming 7:48 - lack of situational awareness 8:00 - lack of situational awareness; insuffient safety distance 8:13 - driving faster than the recommended speed and resulting incapability to initiate evasive manoeuvres in time
  7. Joao Rodrigues

    Videos from Multiplayer

    @GameOnJon, your video proves that you are a reckless driver.
  8. Joao Rodrigues

    Game "Cities"

    Amarante (https://goo.gl/maps/gY5S146mfdE2)
  9. Joao Rodrigues

    VS Game

    Tesla Dog vs cat
  10. Joao Rodrigues

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    The content of your suggestion clearly shows a lack of discernment. Key phrases like "small mistake", "small accident", as well as using excuses like the brakes and sleepiness do not show any maturity at all. You should use the time of punishment to admit and understand that you made a mistake and find a way to improve your behavior. The ban system however works perfectly fine, as your ban history clearly shows.
  11. Joao Rodrigues

    Militär (Military)

    Ich finde, dass das mir bekannte europäische Straßenbild nicht übermäßig von Militärfahrzeugen geprägt wird. Und Wegerechte haben diese Kolonnen im zivilen Straßenverkehr meines Wissens auch nicht. Außerdem halte ich das Bewerben von Kriegsmaschinerie jeglicher Art für sehr fragwürdig.
  12. Joao Rodrigues

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    Let us not forget the fact that the TruckersMP team are people that voluntary provide this service for us. That is why I think that three days waiting time is not too long.
  13. Joao Rodrigues

    How to Make a Special Trailer Skin?

    These modifications are not visible to any other player in multiplayer?
  14. Joao Rodrigues

    RiP C-D road

    @GalaxFR I just went there to see if the situation has improved. Usually, I avoid this area like the plague.
  15. Joao Rodrigues

    RiP C-D road

    @StackerOfWheaT, you were right - the route between Calais and Duisburg on the EU#2 server is NOT safe. On my attempt to reach Calais I got rammed several times until my truck and load were a total wreck. At least all of my reports from that day were accepted, which resulted in time-outs for the perpetrators from 3 days to 3 weeks.