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  1. IMO, This will only be beneficial if this works by clicking on the vehicle of the player. I could imagine that trying to click on the username in a crowded area would be very difficult to impossible.
  2. If I can find the time, I prefer to drive long distances. I put the European driving times and rest periods into game time to gain the most possible realism out of the simulator.
  3. Mainly because the area in and around Calais and Duisburg is contaminated with incompetent, rude and ignorant players whos main goal seems to be to become the next main actor in one of the "idiots on the road" videos.
  4. I wouldn't remove it entirely, but as long as Game Moderators don't manage to respond in the given time, the in game report system seems quite useless to me. Which is the reason why I solely report over the website.
  5. I place a bet on how long it will take this time until one of the dead-from-the-neck-up players crash into my vehicle. The record in this category currently stands at 43 seconds!
  6. More passenger vehicles would increase realism of road traffic. Maybe they can be added as AI, be it non-collision or not.
  7. Speed is a controversial topic in this community. IMO, driving at excessive speed doesn't belong into a truck simulation. I drive according to real world road traffic rules and also follow European driving time and rest periods, because I want my experience to be as realistic as possible. My driven speed depends not only on the above but also on road condition, weather condition, visibility, and of course on my truck, trailer and cargo. I follow the slogan "better safe than sorry".
  8. Could you elaborate how a "ban by mistake" is related to "Road To Simulation" ?
  9. Frankly, I don't care if other players can't recover their game. I am interested in adding more realism to the simulation. Which is why I think that server-sided profiles would be a huge improvement. Players will learn that nothing comes for free and that their actions will have consequences. Time pressure, insufficient sleep, poor payment - these are the things that truckers face nowadays. Imagine you had to face these and nevertheless succeed in delivering your cargo - wouldn't that feel more rewarding than just driving around like a maniac with unrealistic vehicle settings, knowing that y
  10. Welcome to the life of WOT players. That has happened several times to me, literally ruining an uneventful 2k+ kilometer ride just 5 minutes before arrival with no chance of loading an auto save. So no, the Road To Simulation should not taken back but instead be tuned for the benefit of this community. I second the suggestion that @FernandoCR [ESP] has made earlier in this post. Server-sided profiles with preset stability and braking settings with no possibility of tweaking these nor changing experience level, money balance, etc. That would end the hist
  11. ETS2 and ATS both bring the aspect of detailed systems (simulation) and a fun user experience (games) with them. I therefore tend to say that they are hybrids with an emphasis on simulation.
  12. Yes, I am excited for its release! I plan to drive from Bordeaux (France) direction Spain to cross the border at Irun (Spain), continue my way direction Portugal over Burgos (Spain), then Leon (Spain) to eventually cross the border to Portugal at Chaves. After that, everything can happen!
  13. Let's just remove the incompetent drivers for now. That will help already a lot!
  14. Before starting to expand even further to the east into areas that are not even geographically belonging to Europe, I would like to see beautiful Greece to be added and rework all areas that are still on vanilla game level.
  15. As a matter of fact, I prefer to play ETS2 / ATS in single player, because the amount of traffic is way more realistic than the empty roads we face in multiplayer.
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