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  1. What is the sound of one troll crashing?


    1. LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      That'd be me shouting over the CB "karma" xD

    2. Joao Rodrigues

      Joao Rodrigues

      That was a very funny answer. Thanks for the good laugh!

  2. Ich fahre gerne lange Strecken, jedoch immer unter Berücksichtigung von Straßenverkehrsregeln um ein möglichst realistisches Fahrerlebnis zu haben. Pausen- und Ruhezeiten sind mir dabei ebenso wichtig wie Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungen. Meine Geschwindigkeit liegt dabei immer unter der maximal möglichen Höchstgeschwindigkeit auf den TruckersMP Servern. Daher stören mich die Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungen auf den Servern keineswegs. Für mich ist der Weg das Ziel.
  3. @JesusCharlie_, firstly may I express my regret that you have been banned for an inappropriate overtaking manoeuver. A safe overtaking process has to take a lot of factors into consideration. First and foremost, it is the responsibility of the one who overtakes to ensure that no other road traffic participant is endangered during the whole overtaking process. As @FernandoCR [ESP] has already pointed out correctly, another requirement is to drive at a considerably higher speed than the vehicle that is meant to be overtaken. You have failed to meet this requirement and got stuck at the same speed as the other vehicle and eventually forced your way back on the lane, causing a collision with the other vehicle. And this is a case of reckless driving.
  4. The speed limit is not meant to prevent trolling. It is a measure to decrease the number of accidents caused by driving at excessive speed. And in that regard the speed limit works quite successful. I noticed that you and many of the players that disapprove the speed limit state that they are bored by driving at a reasonable speed. But as a matter of fact, speed limits are part of road traffic and play a major role in road safety. Naturally, you do not have to like them. But then again I wonder why you refuse to switch to a server where you are not bothered by a speed limit (namely the arcade server). Drive safely!
  5. Grundsätzlich pflichte ich dir bezüglich der Abwechslung bei. Mehrere unterschiedliche Fahrzeugfabrikate würden den realen Straßenverkehr deutlich besser abbilden. Leider wurden bisher jedoch alle ähnlichen Vorschläge abgelehnt. D.h. es ist unwahrscheinlich, dass TruckersMP in naher Zukunft über weitere spielbare Pkw verfügen wird.
  6. Learn to program, join the team and help minimizing waiting times.
  7. I have not seen such reckless behavior for quite some time. Hopefully you reported both of them via the website report system for reckless driving.
  8. This game taught me even more respect for the real truck drivers out there day and night. If I can, I observe fascinated how they manage to manoeuvre their heavy "babies" into the smallest entries and roads.
  9. If you are bored by driving a vehicle at a reasonable and safe speed I suggest to you to drive on the arcade server or, if that does not suit you neither, find another game genre. The majority of the TruckersMP community wants to get the job done. It all depends on how you define the job. For some the job is to haul cargo from A to B considering game rules and real life road traffic laws to get the most realistic experience of it. For "others" the job seem to be to ruin other players game play by behaving reckless and ignorant. I count myself naturally to the former, as for me the journey is the reward. Your disrespectful comparison to autistics however is proof enough that you belong to the "others". Drive safely! (If you can.)
  10. The speed limit is not always a safe speed.

    Did you know?
    Even under ideal conditions, a safe speed is usually lower than the allowed maximum speed limit.

    This is caused by other conditions that have to be considered, such as

    - vehicle control
    - road condition
    - traffic condition
    - weather condition
    - personal (driving) skills
    - vehicle and cargo properties.

    In other words, this means that a speed limit must not be taken as as safe speed in all conditions.
    And this is especially important in the upcoming winter season. ❄️

    Drive safely!


    1. antrax737


      Fun fact? People who should read this and think about it, couldnt care less about it :P

    2. Joao Rodrigues

      Joao Rodrigues

      "Hope is the last to die", as the saying goes.

    3. antrax737


      Lets hope then :)

  11. The next map DLC I am most looking for is definitely the Iberian Peninsula DLC!
  12. You seemed to have missed the announcement "Road to Simulation" in July and the discussion that followed on the next 38 pages. Enjoy! Please explain in detail who you refer to as "us". The TruckersMP team has kindly provided several different servers to satisfy the many different preferences of the majority of their community. If you have an idea on how to improve the mod you are entitled to create a new suggestion in the corresponding part of the forum. But please use the search to see if similar topics have been already created BEFORE you create a suggestion. The reasons of the changes made are also given in the link provided above.
  13. Nobody forces you to play ATS in single player. If you do not enjoy to play single player, do not play it and do something else instead. For example, learn programming and join the TruckersMP team as developer to shorten downtimes of the multiplayer after an SCS update. Patience is still a virtue, it seems...
  14. Hallo @[ Marco [GER], soweit ich weiss ist noch kein offizielles Release Datum bekannt. Letztes Jahr war der Winter Mod ab dem 27. Dezember verfügbar: https://truckersmp.com/blog/136 Ich nehme an, dass es dieses Jahr ähnlich sein wird.
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