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  1. @Drache123 Vielleicht wird dir dieser Beitrag deine Fragen beantworten: Road to Simulation Gute Fahrt!
  2. As a last resort, I could imagine stricter bans. However, my last rides on the simulation server were so enjoyable that it seems that the road to simulation met its goal. Imagine, I even dared to take a job to Calais and got there in once piece without any damage. That's worth being marked in the calendar.
  3. IIRC, the idea of a ban is to temporary or permanently prohibit a perpetrator from participating in activities on any server. This timeout is given to make the perpetrator aware of that he/ she has violated to rules. It also gives the perpetrator the chance to reflect on and eventually understand his/ her violation to eventually improve his/ her behavior. I think I understand that the basic idea of this suggestion is to separate perpetrators from the rest of the community and to prevent them from ban-evading, but I do not agree on rewarding them with their own server.
  4. On July 2, @Wheezy stated in "Road to Simulation" that "We have decided that we want to put a greater emphasis on the simulation side of things and really bring the game and mod back to the roots of creating a simulation or arcade environment for all of our players to choose from". Who do you refer to as "a few" and who do you refer to as "all of us"? And how in particular do you think "a few" managed to ruin the mod for "all of us"?
  5. I do not text and drive, simply because it is not safe.
  6. Three years ago today, I joined the TruckersMP forum. :D

    1. Snorlax.


      Wooow, great to see that you have been sticking to TMP for so long! 

  7. I am happy and thankful that the TruckersMP team continues to improve the mod and our game experience.
  8. The general definition of reckless driving is to operate a vehicle and willfully disregard the substantial and unjustifiable risk that your behavior may result in harm to another or another's property. In contrast to that, careless driving is the careless disregard for the safety of persons and property. The difference therefore is the mental state of the driver.
  9. I very much regret that you failed to understand the meaning of my post. However, I would like to take the opportunity to clarify the obvious. First off, you mistakenly define ETS2/ ATS as "game simulations", which they are not as they do not simulate games. They are video games meant to be used as truck simulators. To what extend is another matter of personal preference. IMO, "The road to simulation" seems also to be an attempt to approach real life, hence my comparison. Furthermore, players that did and do more than "always following the game rules" were/ are mainly responsible for the situation we face at present. As you do not seem to be too happy about the recently introduced speed limit, this kind of behavior apparently did not turn out to be such a great "advantage" at all, does it? If you had carefully read my post however, you would have noticed that I did not omit your statement of regarding yourself to be a safe driver while driving at an excessive speed of 150km/h. I will certainly not try to shake you in your belief. It is quite obvious that in a simulator things can be done without the same consequences as in real life. But that also takes away a bit the aspect of realism from the simulator. Frankly, if you want to drive faster than it is actual possible on the simulation servers, why do you not try the arcade servers...?
  10. History repeating.

    With the slight difference of 110 km/h instead of 150km/h, but likely the same players complaining with the same arguments.
    As these players are still here, the changes in the past were apparently not THAT bad. :lol:


  11. So if the police stops you and asks you why you were driving too fast you will answer that you are in a hurry...? Lack of time is definitely no valid reason to endanger other road traffic participants. If you do not have the time or do not want to spend so much time to finish a job with a long distance, simply choose a job with a shorter distance. Or, taking realism into account, split your journey into several days. Real truck drivers do not drive 3000km at once neither, they are actually forced by law to make breaks (see: driving and rest periods). The past however has proven that there are apparently more players NOT being capable of driving a vehicle at excessive speeds safely, which is why speed limits have been implemented in the first place and recently reduced from 150 km/h to 110km/h.
  12. From what I understand from your description, it seems that the error occured after you have installed the VTC client. I therefore suggest to direct this problem to the creator of the VTC client.
  13. ^^ I think that "idiots on the road" videos promote a very wrong picture of what TruckersMP is all about. These kind of videos give the idea of a multiplayer that mainly contains reckless players and trolls and consequently attract the like. But as most of us know, that is actually only true for a very tiny area of the map, namely the infamous road between Duisburg and Calais. I agree that some incidents in these videos seem to be provoked, likely to increase the number of views and likes, which apparently is more important nowadays than anything else...
  14. I tried it, and I must say that it is surprisingly accurate! i especially like that I can hide the map and still get voice directions. Nice!
  15. Interesting, thank you for sharing! The design looks promising, and I think that it would make a nice addition to our beloved ETS2.
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