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  1. I just imagined that most of the trolls and reckless drivers would not wanna miss the chance to cause mayhem without being punished for it.
  2. IMO, that server has the potential to diffuse the situation on the infamous route between Duisburg and Calais for good.
  3. Joao Rodrigues

    Bann die Person über dir [German Edition]

    Gebannt, weil du ebenfalls auf EU#2 fährst.
  4. Joao Rodrigues

    How would YOU cope with this?

    No it is not. What you describe is maybe discrimination, but certainly not racism. I would of course NOT like to be banned. And that is exactly the idea of a punishment.
  5. Joao Rodrigues

    How would YOU cope with this?

    Do not mistake racism with collective punishment. If multiple members of the same VTC intentionally violate the rules, I think it is fair to ban the VTC until they are aligned with the multiplayer requirements again.
  6. Joao Rodrigues

    How would YOU cope with this?

    What would I do? Record, report and relax. However, I would like to see the possibility to ban the complete VTC from multiplayer.
  7. Joao Rodrigues

    [Poll] Possible ideas for a new congested road

    I like Route 2 (Innsbruck and/or Zurich to Milan) best, mainly because of the slopes and turns and the beautiful view. But why would we want to pollute a beautiful route with reckless drivers? As for me, they better stay on the route between Duisburg and Calais.
  8. I hardly overtake anybody, because in contrast to many other players I stick to the speed limits. If however I have to overtake, I will only do so as prescribed by real world traffic laws.
  9. Joao Rodrigues

    Bann die Person über dir [German Edition]

    Gebannt, weil es Montagmorgen ist.
  10. Joao Rodrigues

    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    EU#1 is officially the simulation server. Most of the few players you find there will follow the traffic rules, including stopping at red lights. Unfortunately, the server does not shine with a high number of players. My advise is to never let others make you violate traffic rules. Let them honk all the way they want, because if you cause and accident by crossing a red light it will be you and not them that will be punished.
  11. Joao Rodrigues

    im curious

    I think that passenger vehicles in general increase realism of the simulator. However, I would rather leave their control in the hands of the AI instead of some players. Though this would compromise their unpredictability, it would also literally remove a "weapon" from the streets.
  12. Compassion arises when you regard every being as yourself.


  13. Joao Rodrigues

    im curious

    If you replace the Scout with another vehicle, would that new vehicle not become boring the same after some time?
  14. Joao Rodrigues

    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    I NEVER run red lights.
  15. Joao Rodrigues

    The things you witness in TruckersMP

    Glad to see you following the speed limits.