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  1. radio px nao esta funcionando

    Você não pode ouvir ou falar no rádio? Tenha certeza que você selecionou o dispositivo correto no Windows e no jogo.
  2. Dream cars!

    The Mercedes Maybach 6 Convertible looks pretty neat. Source and more information:
  3. Is profanity a rule?

    Profanity is not a rule. It is a rule violation.
  4. New report options

    ^ To spawn in the middle of the road does NOT happen by accident. All players have the choice to log in multiplayer mode or singleplayer mode. If a player is in doubt of his last saved position and/ or if there might be a risk of endangering other players when logging in, the player MUST choose singleplayer mode and, if necessary, put his vehicle in a position that is safe for him and others, before returning to multiplayer mode. Therefore, a player that logs into multiplayer mode whether out of ignorance or against better judgment of the above mentioned risks, willfully disregards other players safety, which must be regarded as an act of reckless driving which is a violation of in-game rules.
  5. New server with enforced traffic rules

    Unfortunately, red light violations became a common everyday sight. They are likely caused by impatience and the blind faith in the players positions visible on the GPS screen. As much as I would like to see this proposal been put into practise, I am afraid that we neither have enough players that are interested in a realistic simulation nor enough administrators to face an additional wave of reports. As suggested before, one that longs for the maximum realism just sticks as close as possible to the national traffic rules and adjusts his simulator settings and hardware accordingly. For me, deactivation the visibility of players position on the GPS screen and players names (F11) is a crucial step to not only increase realism but also increase safety. Combined with useful hardware (Steering Wheel, Pedals, Shifter as well as TrackIR (or similar)) it lays a firm foundation for a more enjoyable experience of simulation. But that everyone must decide for himself.
  6. Inform Truck Drivers of Cars (skoda) approaching

    I find it way more realistic and safe to drive with disabled players visibility on the GPS. It forces me to look out of the windows for traffic (#iheartTrackIR) instead of getting distracted by little moving icons on a map. I do not care what kind of vehicle is approaching, and I definitely do not want a warning sound for that.
  7. If you have problem with trailer ..(when you have speed)

    It's not being angry at you, @[SK] - TeR*NOYAN28 You just could avoid flipping over your trailer by driving slower...
  8. I am interested in your attempts to get the mod running on Linux, @LazyDev.
  9. If you have problem with trailer ..(when you have speed)

    Speed limits exist for a reason: they ensure safety for all road users at all times. If you deliberately chose to drive at a a velocity above the maximum speed limit, you drive in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property (even if that person is only yourself, mind you). And that is reckless driving. One may argue that the server EU#2 does not has speed limits in place. That is true, but it does not defuse the course of the road nor physics. Speeding is never safe. No matter how often you persuade yourself of that you can control your vehicle at high speeds. Drive safely!
  10. Released

    ^ @mrguy300 Police skin and beacons usage is only allowed by in-game administrators.
  11. Restrict/Blacklist Cars

    And after they have been blacklisted from driving cars, they continue to cause mayhem in trucks... This will unlikely change their behavior, but only change the tools they use.
  12. A video that will break your mind

    In addition to what @FernandoCR [ESP] correctly stated, the overtaking driver also disregarded the preannouncing arrow on the middle of the street that indicates to switch back to or stay at his lane. Also, he could not oversee the traffic situation as they were approaching a curve of the road. All in all a reckless maneuver that fortunately did not cause any casualties or material damage. It leaves me behind in horror and disbelief.
  13. Is it possible to disable the visibility of player names in MP?

    1. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Yes sir. F11 is your answer. 

    2. Joao Rodrigues

      Joao Rodrigues

      I always thought F11 will only deavtivate the TAB command showing the list of players. I was not aware it will also disable visibility above the trucks.


      Thanks @Texas Transports LLC, I will check that out.


    3. Texas Transports LLC
  14. Auto Kick Cars

    @megadethsteve666 what you describe is what I refer to as "defining".
  15. Großveranstaltung

    @Marco Sungen bzgl. anstehender Events empfehle ich, regelmäßig in folgendes Unterforum zu schauen: Es wird voraussichtlich in Zukunft weitere Events des TruckersMP teams geben.