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  1. I don't mean I don't like them but they are danger for many users at those speeds. Personally I think they adding small realism to game. But when they roll over because of trolls who been racing then I hate them
  2. Idea is how we going to inform them. I think about idea of noticy when you buying car saying "BE CAREFULL SCOUT CARS ARE LOOSING THEM STABBILITY WHEN SPEED IS OVER 140 KM/H" but questrion is who going to read that most of the people will just press okay until developers of multiplayer going to make for example 30 secound waiting button to close window down.
  3. I think people in skoda's are tend to be troll because is easier to make your truck flying by scoda rather than truck
  4. @HapengCat We are not talking about top speed but how to limit numbers of trolls in the cars
  5. Yes laying down country road, blocking. I usally driving south and east of the europe and scandinavia. I hate when there is not traffic at all in game otherwise I litteraly can fall a sleep I don't know when I was last time in there I avoiding this place miles away
  6. Yes indead I misunderstood it But now think about your self, lets say you are driving 160KM/H, you got a bend front of you then just 20 metres front of you there is scoda which just laying front of you. You got 3 options as follows 1. Drive into it damage truck + trailer 2. Try to missed by overtaking (other line) chance of you getting down on the floor and chance of getting ban because you are blocking because as the same time admin comes in and bans you 3. Going on the hard shoulder (in some cases into row which you would be able to go out where again you are blocking and admin could be there
  7. Read very carefully I said for cars
  8. 140 KM/H is not slower than trucls but is going to decrease amount of cars that are laying upside down around the bend. If you drove skoda you will know what I mean by it because around 145KM/H there is no stability in cars
  9. Suggestion Name: Maximum Speed for cars Suggestion Description: My suggestrion is to make speed limit for cars about 140KM/H Any example images: Sorry don't have any Why should it be added?: Many users and me have enough players in cars which overtaking trucks mainly down country roads and then they lose stability; and rollover; and then they blocking all road; and then making traffic jams. This idea was mentrion in this thread https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/30483-police-public-car-update-info/&page=27#comment-416343 and user @[GB]pete_agreatguy said its not bad idea Other reasons why should be added is amount of trolls will decrease same as amount of swearing words that ussually happen in those kind of traffic jams.
  10. DiZiO

    Wintermod for ATS MP

    Pesonally I think states that we have availible to drive on are quite warm states even over winter seasion but wait till we go more states such as washigton state alaska (might have canada) snow willl be there all the time (and there could be proper snow snowing not like in mod). Yes I know I live in the UK and I can see snow up to 2 hours a year but multiplayer gives more than is suppost to.
  11. @The Virus Its me on convouys
  12. @[ST-B] T.Rucker You are not only one here In make case is 1. Switching on ETS 2. Driving for an 3 hours 3. Release that I haven't put music on 4. Playing some rock/metal music 5. After 2 hours of driving falling a sleep front of wheel 6. Vibration from logitech wakes me up when I hit something 7 Playing other 2 hours to finish load and fighting with tirdness (I am night player) 8. Finish load 9. Go to sleep
  13. Thanks to this link I found out that this is 3rd link to look for pedal covers in google
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