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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. When was the Kenworth trailer added?
  3. Happy birthday buddy! Have an awesome day <3

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your Night! :mlg_doge::thisisfine:

  5. Congratulations :wub:

  6. Thanks, still can't wait for this and I'm a very patient person so no worries
  7. Also another handy tip to reduce sliding is to change the tires on your truck for something that has an A rating for wet weather, it should give you a bit of a handling improvement and if you have the Michelin DLC then you've got a good selection there
  8. My plans are just to game and sleep as well as using my new Christmas present a lot cough RTX 2080 Ti cough
  9. I’d say that this sounds like a great idea. It definitely will not eliminate 100% of the trolls but will at least reduce the amount of them and also will make it harder for them as trucks don’t accelerate nor turn like those cars so it’s a +1 from me
  10. Haha, it's okay, guess you tried to put them in the normal shared folder
  11. Hmm did you make the correct folder and put the files in with the correct names? Because you can't put in the "shared>fonts" it has to be in "shared_mod>fonts" that's probably why it's doing it all the time is because your replacing the existing fonts
  12. @xTH3xMoDsZx Did you name the files correctly, make sure they're .ttf versions and also I don't know if you need to, but have you installed the font's by double clicking them and clicking install?
  13. That's the game crashing not the launcher crashing though, would you still be able to upload your crash.log to a website such as pastebin please? It'll allow us to help you somewhat
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