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  1. When was the Kenworth trailer added?
  2. Actually fun fact, the new doubles that got added in 1.35 work inside the restricted zone currently like the double (not HCT) logging trailer, container trailer, etc.
  3. I wanna take my triples down C-D as well, that'll be fun
  4. I like the idea, it's simple and easy
  5. Happy birthday buddy! Have an awesome day <3

  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your Night! :mlg_doge::thisisfine:

  7. Congratulations! :love:

  8. Congratulations :wub:

  9. Thanks, still can't wait for this and I'm a very patient person so no worries
  10. Also another handy tip to reduce sliding is to change the tires on your truck for something that has an A rating for wet weather, it should give you a bit of a handling improvement and if you have the Michelin DLC then you've got a good selection there
  11. My dream car that is achievable would be a Subaru Impreza STI kinda like this one
  12. My plans are just to game and sleep as well as using my new Christmas present a lot cough RTX 2080 Ti cough
  13. This TruckersMP staff have been amazing with keeping the mod up to date and also running the forums and keeping the game enjoyable for everyone. A clear exam of this is the game moderators taking care of Paris over the past few days and also I sent in 6 reports yesterday and they were all responded to and delt with accordingly within 24 hours and this is 2 days before Christmas and they’re this active.
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