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[ARCHIVED] New to ETS2 Multiplayer? No problem! Come check here!

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If you are new to ETS2 Multiplayer mod, you should read this guide which'll help you.


We'll start with the rules you need to read.

You should read all the rules carefully before proceeding to the game, as you can get banned or kicked if you break rules.


Next, you should know the rules of the streets. There is an useful guide which'll help you.


"I did read rules and the rules, what now?"

Next, you should proceed into the game. Download the setup from here and follow on-screen instructions. Once you have installed the mod, you'll see shortcut on desktop (I hope you didn't selected to not create shortcut on desktop). You should always run it as administrator. Now, select with which version of the game you want to run, the best option would be DirectX. Now, launch the game. Once you are in the game, enter the email and password you used to log in in main page (not forum), then, select server and press Login. Talking about servers - my preferable server is Europe 2. I'm warning you now - in Europe 2 there is no 90 km/h limit and there are cars. Some of the drivers often drive at high speed disobeying rules of server and streets, but you may report them, we'll talk 'bout that later! If you don't want to see cars and have 90 km/h limit, choose Europe 1. Now, press Login. You will be taken to the normal ETS2 screen, just do as you do in singleplayer and get into the game! Don't have truck? You can take the quick job which isn't limited on multiplayer and you can do jobs with it too. Many of the things in game are client-sided - trains, weather, DLCs, garages. Remember - places such as where you get the job, sleeping places, repair services are no collisions zones - this means you drive trough cars. Feeling weird seeing someone in garage drive trough fence? That is because you don't have the garage upgraded while other player has - as I said, it is client-sided. If you see people driving trough blocked roads, that may mean that player has map DLC, while you don't. Congratulations, you are playing multiplayer!


You might want to chat with others too, or report them if they're breaking rules.

  • "Y" - open chat
  • "F9" - hide/show chat
  • "F11" - toggle name tags
  • "TAB" - shows players around you, you can use this window to edit multiplayer settings, mute players, open their Steam profile and report. To mute/open profile/report, you must press on their nickname and options will appear - choose the preferred. To report press button "Report" and choose the options that player did admin will review the report as soon as possible.
  • "V' - talk on CB radio. Only players that are showed in TAB menu will be able to hear what you say. You can change the channel of CB radio look at the radio while in first person (in trucks above your head, in cars right in front of you), press TAB to open player list window and right click to enable mouse, then click on the stack around the place where largest knob is and it'll change the frequency (channel). You should not spam, play music trough microphone at is may result in ban.


There are also commands in chat which may help you, to see them, press Y to open chat and type in "/help".







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@MushroomLTU Thank you very much for the information you taught us. A lot of players are reading the ANNOUNCEMENTS. If many players read this share , will have very useful information about the game. Giving useful information is always the best:thisisfine::check:

Kind Regards,

TruckersMP Game Moderator


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On 22.03.2018 at 23:09, NeonLeon said:

Cb için: "/ channel [number]" ile cb kanalını değiştirebilirsiniz. Örneğin, 9. kanala geçmek istiyorsanız, "/ channel 9" yazabilirsiniz. Eğer cb'yi kapatmak isterseniz, "/ channel 0" yazınız.

We're writing to the game console, right? Although I was experienced, I didn't know this conversation, thank you.

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